0C124BPS45T695 Altec lansing mini h2o – wireless bluetooth water resistant speaker, floating, ip67, transportable, strong bass, rich stereo gadget, microphone, 30 toes variety, light-weight, 6-hour battery, aqua blue (imw257-ab)

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  • ensure this suits
  • by using entering your version wide variety.
  • bluetooth speaker with an impressive wireless variety performs track from up to 30 feet away for indoor and outside amusement
  • floating ip67 water-proof certified speaker is the precise accent for the seashore, poolside, or an addition on your car, boat, trekking, golfing cart, atv, utv, and bike activities.
  • extremely portable layout with integrated carabiner is relaxed to carry, light-weight, and suits effortlessly into a backpack.
  • palms-free tool helps you to continue to be energetic outdoors at the same time as freeing up your hands to hook up with circle of relatives and pals.
  • features a 6-hour battery lifestyles to preserve your jams playing all night
  • included add-ons: carbineer clip, cables

from the producer

since 1927, we have been imagining new approaches to experience sound. Our innovations have rocked song and given a voice to generations.

altec lansing imw257 mini h2o

the altec lansing imw257 mini h2o bluetooth wireless speaker functions an ultra compact design, voice confirmation and an onboard microphone for clear, fingers-free communique. The rugged mini h2o is ip67 water resistant/dustproof/shockproof rated and it floats! With 6 hours of battery lifestyles and an included carabiner the mini h2o will take your track anywhere you want to move.

  • with a licensed ip67 rating, it is constructed to face up to harsh environmental conditions.
  • capabilities abuilt-in 3. 5mm aux input.
  • included carabiner lets you hook it in your clothes, messenger bag, or backpack.
  • certified ip67 rated: climate and vicious environmental conditions received’t come among you and your tune. The imw257 is absolutely waterproof, shockproof, sandproof, the whole thing evidence. We engineered it to face up to tough environments. The versatility of the imw257 also lets in it to float on water.

    powerful audio overall performance in a pocket length. Light-weight and compact, it also features an integrated carabiner that you can effortlessly hook in your garments or backpack.

    coping with cellphone calls is less complicated than ever with the imw257. Constructed with an onboard microphone and voice affirmation, you can immediately enjoy the ease of hands-unfastened communique. Virtually pair your bluetooth-compatible device to reply your phone calls in crystal-clean exceptional.

    the imw257 is absolutely loaded with a rechargeable lithium ion battery to play your track for up to 6 hours on just one price. It can be small in length, but the imw257 is filled with large dynamic drivers to deliver wealthy, clear audio.

    product description

    the altec lansing imw257 mini h2o bluetooth speaker features an extremely compact design, voice confirmation and an on-board microphone for clear, arms-unfastened verbal exchange. Constructed with true wireless pairing, pair up to two speakers simultaneously for a bigger and better sound! The rugged mini h2o is ip67 water-proof, dustproof, snowproof rated and it floats! ! With 6 hours of battery life, aux-in port and an incorporated carabineer the mini h2o will take the track anywhere you need to move.


    Aqua, Black, Blue, Grey, Mint, Orange, Red

    8 reviews for 0C124BPS45T695 Altec lansing mini h2o – wireless bluetooth water resistant speaker, floating, ip67, transportable, strong bass, rich stereo gadget, microphone, 30 toes variety, light-weight, 6-hour battery, aqua blue (imw257-ab)

    1. Rebecca Thacher

      Great volume for the size. A little dicey powering on and off and pairing at first but worked through it. You have to hold the power button down for a good amount of time. Otherwise, love it!Side note: So my husband is brilliant. Like rocket science brilliant. My son had one of these and I noticed when in my husbands car that his little speaker was mounted on the cell phone magnet base, playing awesome tunes from our favorite Pandora station. Genius!So I ordered one for myself, adhered the flat cell phone magnet to the back, installed a second magnet base to my dash and now have the same in my car owing to the fact that my daughter blew my speakers playing crappy rap music a year ago. Now I can listen to my music on the go, charge easily and take it with me if need be. Winning!!!!Read more

    2. star

      It broke in a few months, great speaker. I got a 3 year warranty on it, but they will not honor it. Do not buy from this thieving seller.Read more

    3. Oregon Native

      Same price as the ankor but way louder! Waterproof, smaller, lighter, and all around better so far. Time will tell which one last longer. I bought 3 of these, I definitely recommend.Read more

    4. Eve

      There’s a pretty obnoxious blue light that flashes every 10 seconds on the face of the speaker. This light flashes directly toward you if you have the speaker facing you (which is the best way to hear the sound). I tried to use this speaker to watch a movie on my laptop and it was too distracting & incredibly annoying. It was a dealbreaker for this otherwise pretty cool speaker.Read more

    5. DaniH55

      I don’t have much to say on these yet because I haven’t had the chance to test their true abilities. But I bought 2, hoping to sync them and the life jacket together. I have yet to figure out how and haven’t called customer service for help. So I’m not going to knock it down without first trying customer service. I’ve used one in the shower and fell in love. I’ve tried other speakers in the bathroom and couldn’t hear them over the water. These I can put in the shower with me and they’re so loud I have to turn them down sometimes. I’d highly recommend these. Even if it ends up I can’t sync the two of these and the lifejacket they’re still worth the money.Read more

    6. Mathew Jimenez

      So I bought this based off my previous experience with this brand. I have the larger one for family bbqs and the sound quality is just as good. It really bumps for a little speaker which is great because I needed something small and loud for work (I work in a cooler&freezer so it’s nice I can hear my music or podcasts over the loud noise. But first day using it and the mesh frame pops off within 20 minuets of using it. Real bummer because I don’t wanna return it and wait for another one. Definitely a disappointment. I can fix it with glue but it’s just a real inconvenience to have to do that with a product that is suppose to be “life proof”, other than cosmetic faults this speaker is great. 10/10 on the sound. Interface is solid. Very self explanatory quality Bluetooth connection. Does exactly what it’s suppose to do. Just a real bummer the front mesh popped off. I’m giving it 3 stars because it does what it’s suppose to do without a doubt. But it suppose to be life proof and it’s already cosmetically damaged first time using it. So I don’t understand in what other way down the road it may break.Read more

    7. Kay

      I’m really happy with this purchase – I got the red which is super pretty, it’s tiny and light, has decent sound (even a little bass as another reviewer said) and hopefully will prove to be durable. With the volume turned up all the way you’ll hear some crackling but I wasn’t expecting perfect sound quality at full volume and I didn’t buy it to DJ with or anything – I bought it because playing music in your hotel room when you’re away is great and I wanted something this size or so to travel with. It would also be nice to use at your work desk. I like that it has a loop to hang onto your bags etc but you’ll need a better quality carabiner or small strap because I’d be afraid to rely on the carabiner it comes with. Overall definitely worth the $20 price tag.Read more

    8. Don Pedro

      I bought a pair for myself and my wife to use on the side instead of having our phones out from time to time. This speaker are great if you are in a small room, or if you are in the water and do not want to get your phone wet. This speaker is great if you want to have the volume loud for your own personal listening in a wide space without bothering other people around you: note when I am saying this, the speakers are loud but they will not blast if your going that route. I took these speakers to the Santa Cruz Beach to try them out. I could hear the speakers but they were not loud to beat the waves of the ocean. My speakers on the Moto G7 Power and my Wifes Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge are equal to louder than these speakers, but the sound quality is much better on this portable speakers and I can get wet in the ocean without worrying about my phones getting wet so I was ok with the loudness letdown in return. I would recommend these speakers if you are using it for indoor small room use or laptop use for its sound quality. If you are looking for outside use, if you want these speakers to listen to loud music in your own personal 5 feet bubble than these speakers are great. If you want to use these speakers for others to listen to than you might want to look into other products.Read more

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