0C1229TQGDL810 Brostrend ac1200 ethernet-2-wifi universal wi-fi adapter for printer, smart tv, blu-ray player, sport console, ps4, xbox

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  • connect your stressed out device to wi-fi: through the use of this brostrend twin band ethernet to wi-fi adapter, your etherent-enabled gadgets can get right of entry to the internet through wi-fi connection, powered by way of electric outlet
  • work with any ethernet enabled gadgets: this wireless to ethernet adapter supports clever television, sport console, blu-ray participant, network printer, raspberry pi, ethernet switch or laptop and so on., no driving force installation or update wished
  • ac1200 quicker wireless pace: as much as 867mbps on 5ghz wifi or 300mbps on 2. 4ghz wi-fi, superb for online video streaming, gaming, excessive best song and fb by way of using this 802. 11ac wifi ethernet adapter for clever tv, 4 x velocity of n300
  • better wifi sign: brostrend ethernet wireless adapter comes with 2x attitude adjustable outside smart wifi antennas which select up more potent wireless alerts than internal ones

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product description

brostrend 1200mbps wifi to ethernet adapter – flip stressed gadgets into wireless gadgets

by using using this brostrend ac1200 twin band wifi to ethernet adapter (wifi bridge), you could enjoy the satisfaction and freedom of wireless connectivity for any of ethernet-enabled devices inside the office or at domestic. Brostrend ethernet to wi-fi adapter can permit your stressed devices which includes network printer, smart tv, sport console, ps4, ps3, xbox, blu-ray participant or pc… To access the net through wi-fi connection. That is the good solution for those gadgets which do no longer include integrated wifi card and is completely like minded with any device that have an ethernet port. Ac1200 twin band brostrend wi-fi to ethernet adapter for laptop can run as much as 867mbps on 5ghz wifi connection or 300mbps on 2. 4ghz wireless connection, and your stressed devices will experience the net video streaming, gaming, high first-class track and fb… Say good-bye to the out-of-date hardwired statistics connection technique now and pick our brostrend well-known wifi ethernet adapter.

brostrend general ethernet wireless adapter is well suited with any ieee 802. 11ax/ac/a/b/g/n wifi routers or wifi gateways.

to be able to offer high degree protection safety to your precious records and the existing wifi network, this brostrend ethernet-2-wifi regular wifi adapter supports wpa2 / wpa / combined wpa2/wpa encryption.

  • press wps button on the present wifi router to prompt wps pairing feature, wps led popularity on router should change.
  • press wps button on brostrend ac1200 ethernet wifi adapter within 2 mins.
  • wait till signal led of wifi extender turns strong on, effectively paired, preliminary setup finished.
  • notice:

    be aware: to start with please setup the brostrend ethernet wifi adapter in the equal room with your existing router, then circulate your brostrend to different electric outlet which is halfway among your router and vicinity with negative router wifi signal. Please do not deploy the brostrend in wifi lifeless spot in which router wifi sign isn’t to be had.

    users also can deploy this brostrend ac1200 ethernet to wifi adapter for television through web interface in several mins if the stressed devices do not help wps.

    brostrend wifi to ethernet adapter is one hundred eighty stages horizontally rotate-able so that you can get ideal wi-fi signal connection for your spot via using this wifi-2-ethernet adapter.

    sincerely plug this brostrend ac1200 wi-fi ethernet adapter to any energy outlet and works, no want to use extra strength adapter or usb charging cables. Hold your region neater.

    installation recommendations 1: ideal location

    for receiving optimum wifi sign from your wifi routers, we suggest putting in your brostrend 1200mbps wi-fi to ethernet adapter to an electrical outlet that’s 2. 5 ft or greater faraway from the ground.

    set up hints 2: best pace

    even though this brostrend customary wi-fi adapter additionally works as a wifi range extender, we suggest connecting handiest your stressed tool to the ethernet port of it. Please do not join different wifi gadgets to the prolonged networks created by using this wi-fi adapter. In any other case, the relationship velocity of your stressed out device may be decreased.

    Wireless Type

    5.8, GHz, Radio, Frequency, 802.11a/b/g/n, 2.4, GHz, Radio, Frequency





    Item model number


    Operating System

    Windows, Linux, MAC, OS, X, Android

    Item Weight

    0.32, ounces

    Product Dimensions

    2.68, x, 0.91, x, 0.35, inches

    Item Dimensions LxWxH

    2.68, x, 0.91, x, 0.35, inches



    Power Source

    AC, Power, Adapter


    230, Volts





    Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


    Date First Available

    September, 8, 2015

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    4.2, out, of, 5, stars, 1, 598, ratings, 4.2, out, of, 5, stars

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    8 reviews for 0C1229TQGDL810 Brostrend ac1200 ethernet-2-wifi universal wi-fi adapter for printer, smart tv, blu-ray player, sport console, ps4, xbox

    1. J. Caridi

      Plug it in to power, press the WPS button on your router and then the WPS button on the extender. That’s it. I used the extender to add a non-wifi, but ethernet capable printer. Previously I had to have the printer next to the router. I was able to move the printer to the kid’s computer across the house. Much easier than installing the printer on the kid’s pc and then enable sharing. And, the kid’s pc can be turned off now.Read more

    2. William Brannon

      I just moved into an new home and bought a pair of these as a stopgap until I can get my wired network installed to my office and AV area. I’m using them as bridge repeaters to connect to switches to support wired ethernet devices. I have a Ubiquiti Unifi UAP-LR which covers the entire house, patio and out to the street. I have two Unifi UAP-AC_Lite and a Unifi AP-AC-LR. I left the AC’s at my previous house as I was setting up my new one. Brought the Unifi UAP-LR with the idea that it was a fill-in until I got most stuff moved over and then I’d swap the three AC’s for the 2.5 AC-LR. Well the AC-LR is working so well propped up under a desk that I may just sell the AC’s.10/16/2220 Update.I brought over the Unifi AC LR and these things rock as inputs to wired switches. I don’t expect I’ll ever go to the trouble to pull the wire. I’m getting 40Mbs down and 10 up to my desktop which is a good deal more than I need.Read more

    3. Alijah Arah

      I have an HP printer with only an Ethernet adapter. I got this in hopes of being able to print over wifi. I expected this to be a project, but it took less than two minutes to have my printer installed on my desktop, laptop, and even my iPhone! Works perfectly. Just follow the instructions and you can print on any device on the same network. Easy peasy.Read more

    4. Likes to browse

      I got this to aid my smart TV that was not getting a strong enough signal to stream from the internet, so I straight linked it with a Ethernet cable. Now can streamline internet movies again with super smooth lag free picture. I would have given it a 5 Star but the device gets super HOT. So the way we are working with it is we just unplug it when we are not using the TV to watch off the internet. The device is awesome cause once we plug it back in it only needs a couple of min to reconnect to the WiFi and once both lights turn blue the TV is ready to go once again. The device comes with a piece of paper with a link to a how to video that is easy to follow and within a couple of min we had the device set up and working. Now looking to purchase more for the different rooms in the house were a more direct link by Ethernet would improve performance. Have not used it for a room booster of signal so not sure how well that works but direct point is well worth it with this device. Just don’t leave it plugged in log cause it does get hot.Read more

    5. Jeff T.

      I have a PC with a wireless adapter that kept shutting off no matter what I tried. Instead of wasting money/time on another adapter, I purchased this. I connected this to the wireless network and then hard wired my PC to it. It works perfectly and setup was less than 10 minutes.Read more

    6. MTR

      I needed to find a USB WiFi Adapter for my Multimedia PC when I Upgraded the Sound Card to a PCIe Style Card and my older PC (about 8 years old) only had 1 PCIe Slot on the Motherboard, which was formerly occupied by a Dual Channel PCIe WiFi Card. I searched for USB WiFi Adapters, and this External Device uses channels a and c for the 5G Channel, which worked perfectly because our Router supports a,c, and n for 5G. The USB Device also supported the Flavor of Encryption that our other devices using the router use, so it was a Perfect Fit for our Existing WiFi Hardware, and was on Sale to boot for our Amazon Prime Membership. I found it Easy to Install, without needing to contact Technical Support, and in my Opinion, was a Great Value for the Money. In Fact, it works better than the previous PCIe WiFi Card that it replaced, with Very Few Dropouts and a Much More Reliable Connection to our Router than the previous card experienced. I Highly Recommend this device for anyone with a PC needing a USB Format WiFi Card. From my Experience with it, I don’t believe you Will Be Disappointed!Read more

    7. GammaDog

      First off, this product does precisely what I need it to do. My wife has a Yamaha Disklavier piano that can connect to the internet… but only through Ethernet. I had no drop where she wanted the piano and had no interest in cutting open a wall and ceiling to get one there. So… the BrosTrend creates a physical Ethernet drop at a wall socket next to the piano and uses WiFi to backhaul the signal to my wireless network. I had some challenges getting the Eero mesh network to recognize that the BrosTrend was entitled to full network privileges. That’s essential since local devices need to access the piano to activate its functions. I also had to move one Eero beacon due to interference with the BrosTrend. Eventually, it all worked. I’m happy I bought this!Read more

    8. Oregon Bison

      We needed a wireless bridge more than this extender. Needed to take an ethernet signal from a camera and transmit that over wifi. While this product does convert a non-wifi device to connect to wifi, the problem I has was the need to “talk” to the camera. This device will connect to your wifi just fine, but the connection between this device and the end product (in my case, the camera) is a unique IP address over the ethernet connection. For a printer or a TV that would not be a problem. But the camera IP needs to be “found” over the network and this device prevented that. It does look like it works just fine for a non-wifi printer that has ethernet. Set up is easy. It was just not “smart” enough for my needs.Read more

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