0C121NKCN11374 Definitive generation aw6500 2 hundred w rms audio system – 3-way – white package deal

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  • make certain this suits
  • via getting into your version wide variety.
  • 6-1/2 inch lively motive force strain coupled to a five-1/2 x 10 inch racetrack-shaped planar low bass radiator
  • fully sealed design, aluminum grilles, and rugged polystone enclosures
  • included galvanized metal mounting brackets
  • feature the identical technology discovered in definitive’s the most effective indoor audio system for no compromise sound first-class
  • paintable white finish

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definitive era aw6500 all-climate outdoor speaker (pair) with 6. Five mid/woofer, 5. Five x 10 bass radiator and 1 tweeter – white now you can experience the incomparable sound of definitive technology anywhere round your home with the groundbreaking aw6500 all-climate loudspeakers. Those technology-packed wonders function high excursion lively drivers stress-coupled to racetrack-shaped low-bass radiators to provide you more than double the bass output while retaining a climate-tight seal for last placement flexibility, reliability, and overall performance. With their completely sealed layout, aluminum grilles, and rugged polystone enclosures, the aws may be completely exposed to the elements and still reliably supply their indoor speaker sound excellent for years of outside listening entertainment. Their included galvanized metal brackets and specific shape permit a full 360 stages of rotation allowing the listener to orient the lively drivers towards the listening place. Pointing the energetic driving force baffle in the direction of the listener while the low-bass radiator aspect faces the wall or floor offers you the right stability of clear mids, prolonged highs, and thunderous bass even inside the difficult acoustic conditions of the amazing outdoors. Now you can have all of it – the remarkable sound of definitive indoor speakers at the patio, deck, garden, or in the sauna.

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14.5, x, 9.3, x, 8.9, inches

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10.42, pounds



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4.6, out, of, 5, stars, 60, ratings, 4.6, out, of, 5, stars

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#62, 251, in, Electronics, (See, Top, 100, in, Electronics), #192, in, Outdoor, Speakers

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June, 29, 2015


Definitive, Technology

8 reviews for 0C121NKCN11374 Definitive generation aw6500 2 hundred w rms audio system – 3-way – white package deal

  1. jjj

    They can be mounted any way, ceiling, floor and wall. Great build quality. Sounds amazing. People who say you need a sub for these are nuts. I have these mounted under my eaves and I had to turn my bass all the way down! I am powering them with a harmon kardon avr20 receiver. It’s old analog receiver but it sounds pretty clean. The mids and highs are pleasing and not harsh. What I love about these is the separation you get. You can distinguish all instruments separately. It has a great sound field and you can tell right away that you are listening to a premium speaker. I compared to Klipsch, Polk, Proficient and Yamaha. I will tell you this, these sound great but in all honesty you are paying a premium for these. i bought these for two reasons – ceiling mountable and the bass response. I am not disappointed with anything so far. I have read that people have had these fail with water damage. The manual clearly states to help these last longer to mount them with protection under eaves or in covered patio. I would expect these to last 10 yrs or so. In comparison to the other speakers I’ve heard, the only other that was even close was Yamaha, then Polk, then Klipsch and lastly Proficient. I also looked at Bose briefly but the 201’s sounded lifeless. The most musical sounding of all were the Yamaha’s honestly. The bass extension on the Yamaha’s are not as good as the DefTechs but for the money, I’d take the Yamaha aw294’s or aw350’s. They both sound really great for the price. If you have the money though and you want the widest frequency range, you can’t beat these. The bass is really crazy considering the size of these speakers. I love mine and will keep them but I will tell you this. You can get the Yamaha aw294’s for roughly $100-$130. The Deftechs are roughly $400 for the pair but I snagged them for $280. Still, I don’t think they sound 4 times as good as the Yamaha’s. They sound better yes but only by so much. They have a wider frequency range and you can totally hear in in the bass extension. The mids and highs are a tad better than the Yamaha’s. These are higher sensitivity than the Yamaha’s so these will play louder with the same amount of power. So all in all, they are better but I wouldn’t say 4 times better. If you are looking for the best out of the ones I mentioned these are it. If however you are looking at the most bang for your buck, the Yamaha aw294(ceiling mountable) and Yamaha aw350(wall mountable) are easily those choices. The build quality may not be as great but I think as long as you mount them under an eave of your house, they should be fine and should last you at least 10 yrs or so. Deftechs usually have a break in period. This just means they start to sound better as you break them in. You will not be disappointed in these. I am not and I can’t wait to break mine in.Read more

  2. Kingdon Chew

    My 6500s survived the Vegas summer heat. Of course I didn’t mount them in direct sunlight but in my 30’w by 10′ deep patio area-east facing. Very good separation especially when I sit exactly in the middle; however, the separation is distinguishable throughout. Jazz fusion (Return to Forever), Headhunter (Herbie Hancock), Peter Frampton (Frampton Comes Alive), Brazilian (Joao Gilberto), Metallica, etc… all sounded excellent. The proof one night I started listening via my Bluetooth Android on YouTube (around 8pm) then I fell asleep when listening to Bryan Ferry. Awoken by a neighbor several houses away to turn it down (11pm). I barely had it loud but in the deep quietness in the suburbs it does its’ job. My other neighbors asked what sound system do you have in the backyard. I just tell them I just got two outdoor ceiling mounted speakers hooked up to a 125RMS 1975 Marantz receiver. ha.ha.Read more

  3. Miracle

    So as I am 100% when you are reading my review, as other have said these speakers don’t need any sub, they are absolutely have no idea what will be a proper sound with a sub or they don’t care for sound craftsmanship. So these speakers are absolutely sounding flawless, In my house I have sonos system including bunch of sonos amps, they do well with them and super crisp sound but whoever said the base radiator thing in back of these speakers do a lot of base, they don’t know what base is. And I’m talking about super smooth base nothing abnormalRead more

  4. T. Rod

    Great sounding speakers, but had one blow out within 5 months of purchasing. The volume level wasn’t loud at all, so not sure what might’ve caused the blow out. Contacted Definitive Technology, they gave me the option of sending in the speaker for repair or having the parts shipped to me. I chose to have the parts shipped, parts were at my door the next day and the speaker was back up and running within 30 minutes. Easy repair, great customer service from DT.Read more

  5. Lisa St. Paul, MN

    This is my second set of these speakers. One speaker in my first pair shorted out after 10 years so I decided to get 2 new ones. Great sound quality and they are waterproof so no issues with sitting out in the rain all summer. We do take them down during the winter so that might help.Read more

  6. Rotag33

    These outdoor speakers blow my old Bose speakers away! I did a lot of research prior to purchasing and am very happy with these. They are fuller sounding and are clear. Powering with a 95 watt per channel Yamaha amp. They sound great! I would buy again! I placed them under the overhang and wired through the attic.Read more

  7. Da Italia

    If you install them horizontally, you will get 2 right speakers. But you install them vertically, you will have 2 left.Contacted the seller and DT tech., they both stated that “There is no Right or Left on these Speakers, Definitive Technology designs them as one speaker, and you do not hear the difference if you install one upside down or both speakers pointing at one direction.”, wow, really?? If they are 2 way speakers, it does not matter, just change the grilles, but these are 3-way speakers…..Now I know why a lot of comments saying, “Base was bad, sounded distorted”…… returned them and ordered Klipsch.Read more

  8. Harold

    What an amazing sound for outdoor speakers. I almost kept them inside. Truly shocked by the sound clarity of these little outdoor speakers.Read more

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