0C11ZP3U9WX115 Sylvania sp328-pink transportable bluetooth speaker

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  • portable bluetooth speaker, with durable rechargeable battery
  • effortlessly connect with iphone, ipad, android and any bluetooth enabled tool + connect through aux enter to all non-bluetooth devices
  • big stereo sound with 2 x 4-inch hi-fi speakers, treble, bass, quantity controls + blue led light across the audio system
  • price the speaker fast and without difficulty with the usb charging cable.
  • accessories include: usb recharge cable and aux audio cable

from the manufacturer

  • durable li-ion battery
  • like minded with iphone, ipad, android, and any bluetooth enabled tool
  • join thru aux in port
  • 2x 4inch hi-fi audio system
  • recharge thru usb
  • usb fee cable & aux audio cables are blanketed
  • definitely activate the speaker, and it is in pairing mode. Once you pick out the speaker out of your bluetooth menu, the speaker is prepared to flow music!

    great track the eq by way of the use of the treble, bass and extent knobs. All controls are simply area at the front of the speaker so no time is wasted looking.

    near-up functions

    seperate knobs for controlling the treble and bass assist you to tweak the sound so it’s perfect in any state of affairs.

    the audio system have an led light that shines a fashionable blue glow thru the audio system. Now not most effective do they produce amazing excellent sound, they appearance first rate too!

    2x 4inch hello-fi audio system provides highly massive sound. Indoors or outside, you will continually have enough electricity to your music.

    hello constancy audio system manner you’ll continually get extremely good sound even at high or low volumes.

    electricity and convenience

    complete with a manage, this transportable speaker unit is ideal for any state of affairs. Once charged, just clutch the take care of and take the speaker with you anywhere! It has the energy for any outside or indoor situation

    nice sound & elegant

    with its backlit led lit audio system, the sp328 speaker is perfect for events or gatherings. Just flip it on and permit the tune stream whilst all people can experience the trendy blue audio system.


    Black, Purple, Red, Silver

    8 reviews for 0C11ZP3U9WX115 Sylvania sp328-pink transportable bluetooth speaker

    1. Sammy

      We bought this and got the protection plan and less than a year later, the charging input broke and they refused to fix it under the warranty even though it said that was coveredRead more

    2. Ken Ditzhazy

      Now— let me explain so I don’t sound like a crab. This is a very cool looking speaker, seems well built, and the sound is decent. This isn’t going to “bump” but the sound quality is decent until you go up too high. Now if you are planning on just using an AUX cord to connect this will be great for a small room/kitchen speaker. My issue is I bought this due to Bluetooth capability and for whatever reason the bluetooth completely disconnects every couple of songs. Note, it does not “reconnect” on it’s own, you’ll have to reconnect manually from your device. For the price i’m not terribly upset and will not return. However, had I known this before purchase I would have ran far, far, far, far away. I’ll be ordering a new speaker and keep this as an emergency backup. Spend the extra money and get an as advertised speaker, this one is not what you are led to believe.Read more

    3. Tonya Johnson

      Received this today and it is perfect!! Love it!! What a great buy!!!!!Read more

    4. josifer

      I just got these to replace an old set of CA desk speakers I’ve had for a few years. The SP328 is cute for what it’s worth, and the Bluetooth pairing worked perfectly right away. However the sound quality on the SP328 is definitely underwhelming and not what I’d hoped for. The overall volume seems OK, particularly for something that can run on batteries. But the bass is the really lacking, to the point that I would definitely not buy these again. It’ particularly quiet and has a steep drop off at low frequencies. It also gets really muddy depending on what you are listening to.I looked at reviews and they seem pretty mixed, particularly on bass and sound quality. I’m guessing it really depends on what you are listening to. I’ve been cycling through my amazon music collection and I see a drastic difference between different styles of music. Listening to some good old classic rock like AC/CD, Rancid, Dead Kennedy’s or the Beatles sounds fine. If that’s your jam you’re probably good and may not notice the deficiencies. I start noticing the frequency drop off pretty heavily after that, with music that I’d consider to have mid-ranged requirements. Basic stuff like Adelle, Depeche Mode, Lorde start sounding pretty bad. It’s the same with more fast paced guitar oriented music I tried like Otep, In This Moment, and Babymetal. There’s just not nearly enough low end there, and when it does try to peek through it starts sounding muddy. I saw the same with the little bit of country I have too, with Kacey Musgraves I can’t hear the low end at all. When you get to stuff that relies heavily on bass and a generally good frequency range, like Halsey, Korn, or anything that might fall into the dance or club genres, it gets laughable. It’s actually difficult to listen to without cringing and it’s reminding me of some of the cheap old tape deck boom boxes I had when I was a child, but not in a nice nostalgic way. At least back then music was somewhat engineered to sound at least OK on low end systems.Anyway, I can understand why the responses vary so much. I really think it depends on what you listen to and of course your expectations. If you just want some background noise for camping, this thing would be great. If you plan to listen for long hours in a closed environment with music that has a required low end component to it, I would definitely look elsewhere. These speakers will be sorely disappointing in that case.Read more

    5. zmkas

      Read more

    6. Sebastian Alaniz

      This product only lasted for around a week (charging input broke) fragile. I would have given it a one star but in reality the audio was outstanding and even the bass. I would use it as my car stereo and I could hear it perfectly even with the loud mufflers. The lights were pretty cool also. Ok product after all, not great, because the build of the charging input was very bad.Read more

    7. Carlos

      The speaker is okay BUT NOT the best, the bass and treble tuning on it IS NOT POWERFUL at all in controlling its sound. the bass is ONLY heavy at max if u put ur ear very close to hear its distortion or feel the models speakers to feel the bass’s vibrations. IT IS LOUD, it can go pretty high. I’m actually afraid to turn it up so high when family’s in the house. BUT as I said before, the bass IS NOT AS HEAVY AS ITS SOUNDING. You’d have more of high drums & vocals than bass, but it tries. and I’m down with it even with its flaws, It’s blue lights are pretty sick in the dark. I sometimes use it instead of my headphones while making beats and its a pretty beautiful model that I’d recommend to friends with party like vibes,Read more

    8. Blake Burch

      Not sure what happened, but everything was working as I expected until yesterday. It won’t indicate that it is charging or charge at all to say the least. I’ve had it since November 17th. 2017 to today December 11th. 2017, Sounds pretty decent and a good looking style to it for the price but I do not reccomend anyone purchasing this. Come to find out Amazon doesn’t take anything back that is powered by a battery. Toal loss of money.Read more

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