0C11ZCSPFGL305 Wolverine wios-5. Eight wi-fi indoor-out of doors 5. 8ghz and bluetooth twin band surround sound dual speakers (grey)

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  • wi-fi indoor-outdoor dual speaker to experience tune in the course of your home, in the backyard, at the patio, by means of the pool, or even for your boat
  • one of a kind – combining 5. 8ghz wi-fi frequency for lengthy-variety reception and bluetooth connectivity
  • expandable machine – up to 6 extra audio system
  • virtual surround sound
  • climate resistance for outside and indoor up to 200 toes range

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wios-five. Eight wi-fi indoor-outdoor 5. 8ghz and bluetooth dual band surround sound twin stereo audio system

certainly one of a kind – combining five. 8ghz wi-fi frequency for lengthy-range reception and bluetooth connectivity.

expandable gadget – up to six additional audio system.

climate resistance for outside and indoor up to two hundred ft range.

well matched with any audio input. Movement track from bluetooth well suited devices or plug-in using the protected audio cables. No hassle set up, plug-and-play.

manipulate each speaker one at a time using the top of the speakers’ buttons or through the use of the covered remote control.

the ac and battery-powered wireless audio system free you from the problem of drilling holes and running wires. Simply bring your music anywhere you move.

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10, x, 5, x, 5, inches

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5, pounds


Wolverine, Data



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3.0, out, of, 5, stars, 25, ratings, 3.0, out, of, 5, stars

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#6, 000, in, Portable, Bluetooth, Speakers, #49, 432, in, MP3, &, MP4, Player, Accessories

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May, 26, 2015

8 reviews for 0C11ZCSPFGL305 Wolverine wios-5. Eight wi-fi indoor-out of doors 5. 8ghz and bluetooth twin band surround sound dual speakers (grey)

  1. Mr. Blue Sky

    These speakers work great. I use the bluetooth feature from my phone to play music around the house and have used the Aux cable to plugin the laptop and use as speakers with my projector for movies!Read more

  2. Peter Field

    The product is bad, not worth the money.Read more

  3. Mark H

    After a week, the speakers cut in and out and static. I am sending these backRead more

  4. manuel

    i love it! it connects easy with no hassles!!! how can i order more speakers for it? i need some more !Read more

  5. Amazon Customer

    I have better speakersRead more

  6. Liz

    These speakers have a pleasantly modern look with clean lines and a touch of retro style. They fit in well with our modern industrial main floor and, with their touch of color, can be a fun addition to kids rooms or a garden party. The handles are a nice touch as they would be awkward to carry without them. The gray plastic is smooth. I’m worried it will get marked up easily. For an indoor/outdoor product a more rugged textured plastic may have been a better choice.While the remote is very much appreciated but I like being able to make adjustments on the speakers themselves. The buttons are simple, plainly labeled, and intuitive. The volume can be adjusted and the lights as well as the speaker itself can be turned on and off.Since they use batteries when wireless I think of them as plug in speakers with a battery option more than completely wireless speakers. Our only other Bluetooth speaker, a bose, has an ac adaptor with an internal rechargeable battery. A rechargeable battery would be a great improvement for the way our family uses these speakers. That said, if I were tailgating all day or taking them camping I might prefer them the way they are.When compared to our Bose speaker that one wins out for clarity of sound but these have good oomph – at half the price – and still deliver a nice sound. I don’t like taking my Bose speaker outside but I’m ok with bringing these out in the yard and on the patio as they were made for just such uses. When placed on opposite sides of the room they create a full sound that makes movies that much better.Our older two kids both enjoy using them in lieu of a stereo. They can play music on them via their iPads. When we have family movie night or friends over they bring them downstairs or outside. During outdoor use the small built in green lights can be illuminated so they’re easy to find in the dark.My big complaint about these speakers is the setup. I’m not exactly tech savvy but I generally don’t have trouble setting up electronic items. The setup here required a sit down with the instructions. I wish the speakers themselves utilized Bluetooth. The way these work is a small separate relay box must be used in addition to the speakers. Yes, you need three outlets available for the whole setup. Each speaker, the relay box, and your device must all stay fairly close (I’d estimate 20′ or so) without walls or lots of people between them. No placing each speaker on either side of the yard for a party. The cords further limit placement, they could stand to be several feet longer.While these are good basic speakers they have several drawbacks. The required relay box, the short cords, and the less than sturdy plastic coupled with run of the mill sound quality make them a decent option in a sea of equally decent options.Read more

  7. NYCPickyMom

    We have mixed reviews on this in my house. My husband does not like it, but he is a Bose fan. I think they’re fine, especially considering I received them for an honest review and did not have to shell out $200. They were packed and shipped well. Upon opening I realized they were not attractive. Since I wanted to use them in the yard for when we BBQ or have a party I overlooked how aesthetically unappealing they were. They actually look more like a lantern than a speaker. I tried setting them up but could not find the plug port on the speakers. They also take batteries but since they will mostly be used at home, I’d prefer to plug them in and not waste money on batteries. There is a piece on the back of the speaker that removes and the plug port is under that. I did not realize that piece came off and really thought that the manufacturer must have forgotten the port. Once plugged in they turned right on and my phone had no trouble locating the speakers. They are loud and clear, as long as your source of music is close enough. Now, I have an Anker speaker which I paid $20 for to use at the beach. It has a much better range than this item. But again, since this will be primarily used in my yard I do not have to worry about a bad reception since my phone/ipod will be stationed next to the speaker while using. When you move a few feet away from the speaker it sounds full of static,like a radio station that is one or two numbers off. My husband also does not like the plugs from the speakers and the receiver. Kind of defeats the whole point of it being wireless. With battery use the receiver would still have to be plugged in, so it isn’t completely wireless despite using bluetooth technology.So, all in all, it is a good set for what I will use it for. But, there s much room for improvement.Read more

  8. Stephanie

    These speakers are big and bulky, built ruggedly, I assume, for outdoor usage. I prefer to use them indoors, but when I opened the battery compartment and saw that each speaker took 6 AAs…wow! Batteries are at a premium in my house, with 2 young children and their many battery-operated contraptions…and I really didn’t want to use up 12 precious batteries just for listening pleasure. So, I decided to use the AC adapter…and then ran into the trouble of finding accessible outlets in the house. Yeah, in my almost 100 year old house, outlets are at a premium, too. And, not only does each speaker need a plug, but the WIOS speakers need the receiver to operate ‘wirelessly.’ So clear out 3 outlets for these bad boys.So much for ‘wireless.’The sound was nice, but I didn’t think it was any better than the BluNote or QUBFour that I own.Initial bluetooth pairing was fairly simple. My iPod recognized the WIOS right away. However, if I shut the speakers or receiver off (not standby), no sound came from the speakers. I checked my iPod’s bluetooth menu and it said the WIOS was paired…and all the WIOS lights were on, however, nothing played. So…I had to ‘forget’ the WIOS and repair the connection. This happened several times…and was a hassle. I did not like that.The lights add a cool factor, but I’m not sure they’ll be used much.Unless I was a big entertainer, having frequent company over for backyard parties or movies, I don’t see the need for these big, bulky, hassle-prone speakers.Read more

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