0C11YS2NY1Z332 Axess spbt1033 transportable bluetooth indoor/outdoor 2. 1 hello-fi cylinder loud speaker with built-in 4″ sub and fm radio, sd card, aux inputs in blue

(8 customer reviews)


  • a2dp wi-fi bluetooth streaming, play tune from smartphone, tablet, notebook, or other portable tool
  • four-inch subwoofer with 7w and four ohm output; 2-inch horn with 2w x 2 and four ohm output
  • over 30 ft running variety
  • with micro sd card help, fm radio, and aux line-in (three. 5mm); side panel manipulate for extent; strap for clean portability
  • one thousand mah integrated rechargeable lithium ion battery

Blue, Brown, Pink, Red, Yellow

8 reviews for 0C11YS2NY1Z332 Axess spbt1033 transportable bluetooth indoor/outdoor 2. 1 hello-fi cylinder loud speaker with built-in 4″ sub and fm radio, sd card, aux inputs in blue

  1. Prime

    Product stopped working 4 mos after receipt. Outlet Store Front is listed as the seller to Amazon. When I called Outlet Store front they said it wasn’t their issue that I had to speak with Amazon. Amazon said it wasn’t their problem either that I had to speak to the manufacturer. The manufacturer (Axess) said that after 90 days there was a limited warranty that covered parts, but does not cover labor ($50 per hour) nor does it cover shipping. The product when working was great, but if the product is defective neither of the Sellers or the Manufacturer are proud enough of their reputation or product to replace the defective product.Read more

  2. matt

    very nice speaker for the money. Very Durable construction,Bluetooth and direct cable and Memory card options for music connections for your music source as well as an FM radio.I bought a 16GB memory card separately for $9 and was able to put over 4,000 songs on it inserted in into the speaker, so now if my phone or ipod die or I forget a music source, I have 4,000 songs permanently with me inserted right in the speaker.this thing is pretty loud with good highs a very nice Mid range with a little bass, but no thumping bass by any stretch. but they do make a bigger model.I wish it had a remote or some shuffle play options for the memory card, it just plays through in the order you put them in or it reads alphabetically, not sure which, but you can skip through them manually if you’re sitting by the speaker, otherwise your phone or ipod can obviously shuffle or make playlists, and blue tooth remotely. just a peeve not a problem. I cant vouch for duration of quality I’ve only had it a few days, but’ll update if I find quality flaws, I dont see any at this point.I would buy this again or for a friend as a gift,Read more

  3. Texas515

    AM clock radio. Terrible sound. It just gets loud and sounds like speaker in a cardboard wrapping paper tube. For the size of this thing it should sound much better than it does. Top 40, hip-hop, country all sound flat and there is no bass, let alone punchy bass, to speak of. I am not expecting low, low notes, but this is worse than my other bluetooth speakers that are half its size. more

  4. Taylor

    Love this speaker. it is quite large, and as I bought it on a whim, it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for but I still fell in love with it. I wanted a small speaker to take to work, and didn’t even bother checking what the dimensions were on this speaker, instead I use it around the house and outside when I’m doing yardwork. The speaker is loud and clear. There are two “strange” things about this speaker as far as I can see, and those two are the volume wheel control, which was unexpected but my favorite way to control the volume. Super easy to set the volume quickly and no annoying beeps or wondering if it is on max or not. The second thing is the on/off SWITCH, instead of a button you push or push and hold, and, again, that is just fantastic. No wondering if it is on or off, maybe it is dead and just won’t turn on? Nothing to worry about, love the switch. 10/10 Good job Axess.Read more

  5. TY

    I will be returning this device. The first day I used it it cut off in middle of playing after about 11/2 hours and would not connect again! Then when I attempted to disconnect and reconnect it to my phone it was no longer discoverable. I put it in charger to see if maybe I needed to recharge it again, although it sure why (battery was fully charged). It showed as charging. I went to use it later and it was completely dead! Oddly enough I chose this speaker because I bought one a few years ago for my son and his actually worked phenomenal and not for nothing was louder than my then $100 Bluetooth speaker. My son still has his speaker (smaller model) and it is/was louder than this one and still works well to date. Not sure what happened this go round but I won’t be getting another one.Read more

  6. Russ Bishop

    so far the speakers have held up. but the radio reception/tuning is marginal or poor at best. even with a 6 foot auxiliary cord plugged in. this might lead to the biggest problem of this unit, the poor/cheap auxiliary jack input. in the short time that I have had this the input jack has/is failing. when connecting external devices the jack is loose and must be jimmied to work and it becomes inter mitten going between ext. device and the radio. very annoying . the sd card slot seems to be the only way to play music with out sputtering. but the draw back to this is no random play.For a few dollars more for a quality external jack ,this could be a game changer. you would be able to devices on the move or at least not fretting about going between devices and radioRead more

  7. Jordan Hunsberger

    I work in a machine shop so to hear my radio I need something that can overpower the sound of about 6 machines running in one room and so this specific model has been my go to for nearly 5 years now cause from my experience it just has the loudest speakers but it also sounds very clear for the price. The one thing I have noticed is that these models have some issues with the battery. During your first few weeks it’ll stay charged nearly the entire and night but over the course of a couple weeks it will get weaker and last for only a couple of hours. You’ll basically find yourself with a radio on life support because you’ll have to keep it plugged in to hold the charge after a couple months of use but it’s a small price to pay. All in all these guys usually will last close to a year to a year and a half but if you’re in a loud enviroment like myself then this radio will work for you.Read more

  8. Mintzn8r

    From the reviews I read I bought this speaker with because it got fairly good reviews and was fairly inexpensive. It was easily connected to my phone but the sound is awful. It looks cool but that’s about it. I have returned it and I will say that Amazon’s return process is very good.Read more

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