0C11VWHDN51728 Aiaiai 75001 all-spherical preset headphones, black

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  • s01 drivers engineered with a neodymium magnet and lightweight puppy diaphragm to supply a balanced sound appropriate for all genres
  • h01 light weight polycarbonate headscarf with tender durable pu foam head padding
  • e01 ear pads for direct and open sound illustration and narrow silhouette
  • c01 straight 1. 2 meter thermo plastic cable with a one button inline microphone – well suited with maximum smartphones
  • you may pick to lock the cable to the speaker unit, to make sure it does not get pulled out even as gambling

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product description

this preset has been configured with the all-round s01 speaker unit, which provides a balanced sound representation suitable for all song genres. The mixture of the light and sturdy h01 scarf and the e01 on-ear microfiber ear pads effects in an open sound representation, and a slim, lightweight design, appropriate for each on-the-pass situations and home listening.

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3.35, ounces

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12, x, 3, x, 10, inches



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4.4, out, of, 5, stars, 53, ratings, 4.4, out, of, 5, stars

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#80, 422, in, Musical, Instruments, (See, Top, 100, in, Musical, Instruments), #89, in, DJ, Headphones, #27, 323, in, Music, Recording, Equipment

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April, 25, 2015

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8 reviews for 0C11VWHDN51728 Aiaiai 75001 all-spherical preset headphones, black

  1. Jack

    Good sounding fun with great versatility. I have since purchased the h05 headband with s04 drivers and every ear pad they offer. I like the interchangeability very much.Read more

  2. Sergio Casimiro

    Amazing sound.Read more

  3. LD

    I’ve had my headphones for 3 months and have used them almost daily since purchasing. I really loved them but just randomly yesterday the sound stopped working – I can no longer hear phones calls and music is completely distorted/unpleasant sounding. I didn’t drop or even touch the headphones from the last time I used them to the time they weren’t working. I’m unable to return/replace them because they were bought through Amazon and not the official AIAIAI website.I’m really disappointed, and will not buy from this company again…especially because these were $150.Read more

  4. Hamainda Bbela

    Worthwhile product and worth the weight. Plus it has the added advantage of acting like an ear muffler during the ice-cold Ohio winters.Read more

  5. Stephen Dekorte

    Received as described.Read more

  6. Rekchampa

    These are good headphones. I’m really excited about the replaceable parts.Read more

  7. marco v

    Quality of materials is kinda cheap cushion on ear cup came out the second time I tried to remove the ear cup but the quality of sound is pretty good…will be purchasing the so3 speakers and over ear leather ear cups soon..heard its a lot more bass and comfortRead more

  8. xMishka

    I got these because I needed an extra set of headphones for work. They are a disappointment compared to my ATH-M50X’s. The audio quality is just not the same. They are also not as comfortable. I upgraded to the S04 drivers and the audio quality is still terrible. H05 bluetooth headband? Still terrible audio quality and uncomfortably stiff. The charging port is also in a terrible location so you cannot charge and use at the same time. I would not recommend these to anyone in any configuration unless you like shallow tinny sound with no mids and no highs.Pros:- Modular- Lots of configuration options and accessoriesCons:- Terrible audio quality in any configuration (I have tried S02, S03, S04, H02, H05). They sound like they are missing mids and highs. Very flat and tinny.- Uncomfortable: all the headbands are still and uncomfortable to wear for longer than an hour)- They feel flimsy due to the way the headbands and speaker modules are designed. There is one springy pin that holds the speaker onto the headband which seems like a huge wear/failure point.- H05 headband’s charging port is on the inside of the headband so you cannot use the headphones while charging. A lot of headphones you cannot use while charging anyways, even if you can access the charging port, which is super lame.Read more

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