0C11VNWX5WB552 Victrola vintage three-velocity bluetooth transportable suitcase document participant with integrated speakers consists of greater black, version number: vsc-550bt-bk

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  • 3 pace belt-driven turntable – this three-velocity (33 1/3, 45, 78 rpm) suitcase record participant capabilities upgraded top class sound great and sits on sound separating toes that save you vibration. It’s miles ideal in your dwelling room, bedroom or office.
  • take your tunes everywhere – housed in a antique suitcase with an easy deliver handle, victrola’s blend of retro and modern-day design come up with the remaining flexibility to concentrate to song in which you need and how you want – a superb preference for vinyl enthusiasts
  • increased connection alternatives – circulate cellphone audio via the turntable’s integrated bluetooth audio system. Without difficulty connect external audio system through the stereo rca outputs, or use the line input for non-bluetooth devices like a cd player. For personal listening, join your headphones to the headphone jack.
  • no stereo system or greater device required. Get it up and jogging in minutes. Retro seems mixed with the ease of modern technology makes this low-cost document player ideal for novices & antique fanatics
  • all the controls you want – features an input pick out knob, electricity/extent knob & an automobile prevent transfer that prevents spinning records as soon as the document is finished gambling.
  • a file player that suits your character – combined with victrola’s remarkable sound high-quality and excellent craftsmanship, and a extensive range of patterns, patterns and colorings to choose from, get geared up to create lifelong music reminiscences

from the manufacturer

commenced in 1906, the one hundred year antique victrola emblem is known worldwide for its nostalgic design, distinct craftsmanship and top rate sound excellent. All of our victrola products share that same iconic appearance, however integrate the today’s in today’s era with alternatives to play your track from decades ago.

victrola antique three-speed bluetooth suitcase turntable with audio system

the victrola transportable suitcase turntable is an absolute traditional and loaded with functions. Includes integrated bluetooth technology to wirelessly circulate track from any bluetooth enabled device, 3-speed turntable (33 1/three, 45, seventy eight rpm), built-in audio system, 3. 5mm aux-in jack for gambling track from any non-bluetooth device, rca jack and headphone jack. Portable design and carry take care of permits for tunes anyplace you can cross.


without difficulty play your favored audio from a vinyl report, bluetooth, or 3. 5mm aux-in thru our built-in audio system. Also features a headphone jack for private listening.

streams tune wirelessly up to 33 feet away. Concentrate in your track out of your bluetooth well suited tool without problems. Simply join and play!

features a carry take care of for the ones days your on the circulate! Lovely chrome accents and textured outside are a super fit for any environment.


Red, Amercan, Black, Brown, Camo, Cobalt Blue, Cognac, Geo, Gray, Hint of Mint, Lavender, Marsala, Peach Rose Gold, Pink, Pink Camo, Red Black, Retro Map, Tie Dye, Turquoise, UK Flag, Vintage Brown / Beige

8 reviews for 0C11VNWX5WB552 Victrola vintage three-velocity bluetooth transportable suitcase document participant with integrated speakers consists of greater black, version number: vsc-550bt-bk

  1. Jay Sprout

    Mine came in perfect condition. Some reviews list some “common” problems but mine is just fine and I couldn’t be happier. Comes with two needles. I’m including a 36-second video. Listen to that audio quality!Read more

  2. beancounter

    Our son used his two times, and on the third time, it smoked, smelling of electrical burning, and stopped working. Luckily, he had not fallen asleep and turned the power off immediately. After contacting the seller to request a refund/return/exchange, the seller closed the request with a pat message about “the purchase being in the final stages so they’re unable to process a cancellation.” They did not address the issues presented, nor the refund request, leading one to believe that they knew they had a defective product, but could still keep the money. Sadly, they weren’t wrong. Another reviewer stated that neither the first nor the second player she received some time ago worked. Amazon cannot support a refund through their claim process as the item arrived “intact.” We now have no turntable & no money, but do feel blessed to still have our family and home safe. Interestingly, I was required to choose a star in order to provide a review. I would give ZERO stars to this product and to the seller, as they must know by now that this product is defective and catches on fire.Read more

  3. Mark Lynn Smith

    After about 10 hours of use, it started squeaking like crazy. Loud comical squeaks… like I have all sorts of things in my home that turn, rotate, and have electric motors. None of them squeak. But this sounds like a fart every rotation.Update: I took it apart and discovered a small piece of plastic that had wedged itself into the turning mechanism. I was able to put it back together, but I had to look up tutorials on how to get the belt back on. A slightly complicated repair for something the size of a fingernail. It works fine now, but still keeping the 1 Star review because of the hassle of having to fix a practically new record player.Read more

  4. Nichole Blount

    I love it the sound quality is pretty good to my standards. Ships fast. Volume is great. To future buyers be careful with the tonearm on any turntable. Always use the life and lower feature as well as the arm lock. And there is no slip mat so make sure you have one before playing records. There is also a replacement needle. And don’t touch the groves of the records so they’ll stay cleanRead more

  5. Phenomenon007

    As is usual with most items on Amazon, as soon as negative reviews creep up, the item is reposted and the score is somewhat “reset”. Wish Amazon would fix this, but hey, they’re making money so they obviously don’t care.Record players are not usually made for travel use (or cheap for this case) because of the heft the arm a record player requires in order to have sufficient and tune-able weight on a record. This is important because if enough weight is not placed on the arm, then you get skipping. What can you do? You can ghetto rig it by taping a penny or quarter at the top of the tip and see if this rectifies it. If it fixes it, then it means you have a cheap record player. AKA A Victrola record player. Don’t get this. Just get a real one. This might be worth it when it drops to $20, but not any more than that.Read more

  6. Uraina Payton

    I absolutely love it!! Been trying to get a record player for a while now. I can finally play my records I got from my grandmother.Read more

  7. Amazon Customer

    I’d like to start this off by saying I am not very educated on records or Bluetooth. I purchased this because I love all things vintage and I’ve been dying to play my Mary Poppins and Sound of Music records. I was a bit hesitant to purchase this record player because so many reviews mentioned the speakers being weak and needing to purchase a seperate Bluetooth speaker. So I decided to purchase it from a store in case I was disappointed with the speakers and wanted to return it. I bought this record player 2 days ago and have played 10 different records on it so far. I am completely satisfied with my purchase! I have a 4 bedroom ranch and with the volume all the way up I can hear music in every room! I’m sure if I had my loud family over for the holidays we would be able to hear the music no problem. Also, even being 24 I’m terrible when it comes to technology so I was nervous first setting up this player. It was so easy to do and I was able to listen to music in 5 minutes of opening the box. This record player completely filled my needs and exceeded my expectations. 5 stars!!!Read more

  8. joseph2221

    Played It All Night.Impressive Gizmo For Under $50. Even The Price is Historic.Has Almost Every Bell And Whistle– Even “Line Out” RCA (red and white) Jacks in the Back!Note :You know that Popping Sound people call Scratches? They Aren’t from Sratches at all!Dust Got Into The Tiny Miccrogroves! You can see the little dust bunnies under a microscope!You could wash your record. Just be careful not to get the label wet. I just used Armor All Original and then wiped it good with a dry tissue. Sounds like new now.Read more

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