0C11UGHXBB9167 Jbl pass portable wi-fi bluetooth speaker w/ a integrated strap-hook (black)

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  • wireless bluetooth streaming rechargeable battery up to five hour playtime built-in speakerphone with noise and echo cancellation incorporated deliver strap hook audio cable input
  • wireless bluetooth streaming rechargeable battery up to five hour playtime built-in speakerphone with noise and echo cancellation included bring strap hook audio cable enter terrific energy
  • wireless bluetooth streaming rechargeable battery up to five hour playtime integrated speakerphone with noise and echo cancellation integrated convey strap hook audio cable enter real strength

product description

jbl move transportable wi-fi bluetooth speaker w/a integrated strap-hook (black)



6 reviews for 0C11UGHXBB9167 Jbl pass portable wi-fi bluetooth speaker w/ a integrated strap-hook (black)

  1. Amazon Customer

    I am a mailman and have over 400 songs downloaded on my android phone which I play in my mail truck throughout my work day and I wanted something that could be heard better in the noisy and acoustically challenged mail truck. I chose the JBL GO after reading the reviews and the price was just high enough to qualify for free shipping. I am very satisfied with the sound and the size is perfect for the small area I have in the truck for my stuff. I keep it cranked to 11 all day and just alternate my charging cord between my phone and the JBL GO. Rock on!Read more

  2. Nunya

    I’m over 50, live alone, and wanted a modest Bluetooth speaker I could take around the apartment into the kitchen, the living room, or bedroom. I suppose you could use it in the bathroom, too, set away from the shower, but that’s not a priority for me.I wanted a quality speaker that would perform well at low volume, but also sound good at medium-to-high volume. This JBL GO Portable does everything I want. I shopped and shopped and finally took a chance on this unassuming little thing. I’m glad I did.I live in a very small apartment and don’t like to disturb people, even during the day. I don’t want to be “that neighbor with the loud stereo,” but I’d like to have a speaker loud enough if a few people come over. Maybe I might want to really cut loose while doing the dishes. This is perfect for that.It has an auxiliary jack sound input, and a USB input marked as power. There’s a really small hole under that labeled with a microphone icon, and it’s the condenser mic for the speaker phone function.Again, I’m older with old-person vision, and I also typically hang out at home in low light. The very simple controls on top are not lit nor are they clearly visible. However, it’s easy to feel the power button, plus and minus signs for volume, and the Bluetooth icon button on the rubberized surface. The Bluetooth icon-button also functions as pause/play once the speaker has been paired. A blue light glows on the face, behind the speaker grille, when it’s on.I haven’t used the speaker phone function yet.I may report back on that.I’m adept technologically and plan on getting a USB Bluetooth transmitter to plug into a USB on my not-very-smart TV and pair it with this speaker so I can hear the TV better without cranking it too loud.It worked right out of the box without charging, and paired without any problems at all.I was surprised at how small this thing is. It’s about the size of two packs of playing cards placed back to back. It’s about a third of the size I perceived it to be from the photo. You can’t carry it in your pocket, but you can easily toss it in the glove box.It would perform well at your desk at work for discreet, low-volume music without sacrificing quality.This is a good-quality, compact, portable speaker for students in dorms, older people who are moderately adept with auxiliary input cables or Bluetooth, or cubicle people.I had a pair of wired Altec-Lansing computer speakers that were awesome but they’re not available anymore. Lacking those beloved Altec-Lansings, I focused on JBL products and wasn’t disappointed.Read more

  3. KawaiiKokonut

    I expected it to be a lot bigger but the sound quality sure does pack a punch for it being so small I’m absolutely in love with it 😍 . I’ve bought other cheap cute little speakers on amazon and they sound like garbage lol … they were awful and sounded like I dropped the speaker in a bathtub there were sratchy and had a horrible echo. This JBL go is adorable I love the color and quality! I almost gave up on a little speakers lol but this one is great !Read more

  4. Amazon Customer

    I knew I would likely be thrilled with this little guy when I went on You Tube and found dozens of reviews IN DIFFERENT LANGUAGES. This little powerhouse is loved the world over. When you see TENS OF THOUSANDS of “hits” on those reviews, and few disparaging comments, you know you’ve found a device with world-wide acclaim.Small form factor, relatively big sound. Good quality for a bargain price.Read more

  5. D. Henson

    I owned 2 Bose Bluetooth speakers that failed. I was beginning to think it was me. Then I bought this great little speaker. just as much sound as the Bose, and for so much less money. It doesn’t “drop off” out of Bluetooth, it simply opens right up when I open my phone. If you are thinking of wanting an external speaker but think this one is too inexpensive, think again. But it. And no, I don’t own the JBL company.Read more

  6. Rob Jordan

    I was searching for a small, simple bluetooth speaker, just to have (and move) around the house and yard so I could listen to my iPhone’s playlist. Didn’t want big, didn’t want expensive, didn’t want sophisticated. But didn’t want crap sound either. So I took a shot on a JBL product. This is a brand that’s been around since my high school days in late 60s, and they made some of the best speakers around. So I took a shot at JBL, rather than some offshore import brand.This little number is a capable little dude! It charged right up. My iPhone found it in about 5 seconds and connected by Bluetooth. And we were off to the races.No bigger than a pack of playing cards, this little black box cranks out clear, crisp, distortion-free music and pretty loud if you want. If you crank up your phone volume, and the volume on the JBL, you can be pretty loud, and still be distortion free. Hey, the bass isn’t like thunder, but what do you want for $23 bucks and something that fits in your shirt pocket.So I left my phone in the kitchen and took the JBL to the front yard, back yard, and all around the house. Never skipped a beat. 50′ in all directions through interior and exterior walls.WANNA KNOW THE BEST PART? You can receive calls through the speaker! And talk to the caller! When a call comes in, the music stops and YOUR RING TONE FROM YOUR PHONE plays in the speaker! Not some silly ring JBL wanted. It’s YOUR OWN RING! Then just click on the phone icon on the top of the speaker and start your two-way conversation! From wherever your are. Without touching your phone! OMG this is great. I don’t miss calls. I don’t have to run back to the kitchen to get my phone. I just click and talk from wherever I am.Maybe I’m a dummy, and missed this feature in the Amazon write up. All I was looking for was a capable, small, inexpensive bluetooth speaker. What I got was that speaker AND an extended way to receive phone calls that works brilliantly!You can’t go wrong with this one.Read more

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