0C11RELF509570 Ilive wall mountable sound bar with bluetooth, 37 inches, black (itb259b)

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  • 37 inch bluetooth wi-fi sound bar with computerized tool reconnect
  • 2 channel stereo sound, built-in stereo speakers, and wood speaker enclosure
  • controls: quantity up/next, quantity down/preceding, play/pause/pairing, strength/source
  • wireless range of 60 ft
  • far off control, wall mount hardware and instructions blanketed

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product description

a powerhouse of sound, the narrow ilive wall mountable sound bar with bluetooth capabilities 2 channel stereo sound and all of the connection factors you want to get setup at home (i/o: aux in, optical virtual audio enter(cable covered), coaxial audio input and rca stereo inputs). Now you may enjoy audio the way it changed into meant to be heard. Included are remote manipulate, optical audio cable, ac/dc strength adapter, wall mount hardware and instructions, and user’s manual. 37 inches. Ilive merchandise offer interesting, modern features with a exceptional and affordability that you can depend upon.

Product Dimensions

37, x, 3.23, x, 2.9, inches

Item Weight

4.35, pounds





Item model number



1, Lithium, ion, batteries, required., (included)

Customer Reviews

4.4, out, of, 5, stars, 28, ratings, 4.4, out, of, 5, stars

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#105, 408, in, Electronics, (See, Top, 100, in, Electronics), #623, in, Home, Audio, Sound, Bars

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Date First Available

June, 26, 2019

5 reviews for 0C11RELF509570 Ilive wall mountable sound bar with bluetooth, 37 inches, black (itb259b)

  1. Erin riley

    Very loud and good qualityRead more

  2. Audley Nichols

    Great soundRead more

  3. BoyMama123

    Ehhhhh, I really wanted to love this sound bar, but it was mediocre if not subpar in sound quality.The sound bar comes with a remote, mounting hardware, power cord and and optical cord. It measured at 37 inches long.Things I liked:- The design makes it easy to fit in front of your tv, on your fireplace mantle, or anywhere you want to bust out some sound.- The mounting hardware is convenient.- the versatility in being able to hook this up to my tv, or move it outside for a garden party and connect my phone via Bluetooth.- Wireless range of 60 ft. This feature was excellent and worked very well!- Voice comes on telling you what option you’ve changed it to.Things I didn’t like:- Sound was flat. It honestly sounded the same as my tv speakers, I heard minimal difference. I tested this with both music being streamed from my phone as well as hooked it up to the tv. And while the speakers were able to get very loud, the music/tv sounded flat.- Remote did not work at all. It felt cheap, and just did not work. The battery could be dead, but honestly it should have come with a functioning battery like most other comparable products. I could go and replace the battery, but then what if it still doesn’t work? Then I’m out the cost of a battery I would not ever use for anything else (it’s one of those little circle batteries CR2025).All in all it was ok product. We will use it for parties, when no one will really be paying attention to the sound quality while they are eating and holding conversation. I would not however want to use it while watching a movie, as the the depth of sound is not optimal. I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review, but as of today it was listed at $47.77 which felt like an adequate price for this speaker. Not the best, but you could do worse.Read more

  4. A Family Effort

    I just bought a new house (well it’s 1940s but its new to me) and the sitting room only features one location to place the TV, and that is right over the fireplace.Because of this, I had to get a special mount to put the TV up there which allows me to move the TV down when I want to use it.The other thing I have to contend with is the fact that I cannot place my existing center channel in front of the TV as I have done in the past, and when I saw this, I thought it would be the perfect solution.Before trying to use it as the center channel I thought I would try it via bluetooth and direct wired.Setting up the pairing was easy, and within a minute or two I was playing music from my phone.Sadly I wasn’t very impressed with the quality, so I kept listening trying to figure out if I just wasn’t hearing it right.Eventually I asked my wife to come listen to it, and I told her it would be the new sound bar that we could mount on the TV bracket right under the TV, and she said no.I have to pause for just a moment. My wife is someone who would be happy with the regular sound from our TV if we didn’t have surround sound. When I first got surround sound (years ago) and I played the movie “The Lion King” and there were sounds coming from all over the room, she was not all that impressed.Ok, back to the product – so she said “No”. I said “What”. She said “it just doesn’t sound good”. In my desire to see this be the right solution, I was willing to go with less quality, but I was brought back to reality when she said she wasn’t willing to have it become the center channel.To be fair… this is a $45 product, and my current center channel is a $299 product so it is not an apples to apples comparison so I get that, I guess I had just hoped it would sound better.PROSIt includes a remoteHas mounting hardwareLow profile designCan be used in other locations around the homeCONSJust the one – it doesn’t sound all that greatSUMMARYIf you have a pretty inexpensive TV with poor quality speakers this could be an ideal solution. However, if you have a good to great quality TV, it might not be an improvement form the speakers in your TV. Also, if you just want something to play music through, and you are not intensely critical of quality, then this may also be the ideal solution for you.Read more

  5. Lewis A Edge Jr

    This sound bar produces room-filling, broadspectrum sound with decent bass from multiple sources. Since most flat-screen TV sets have notoriously bad sound, many viewers choose to enhance their TVs with a sound bar or a surround-sound system. This sound bar produces a lot of sound for the buck and is, of course, far simpler to install and dramatically less expensive than a surround-sound system.Since most TV sets have a 1/8″ stereo jack for its sound output an audio cable with a 1/8″ stereo plug on one end and two RCA plugs on the other (not included) will make that connection to this iLive Wall Mountable Sound Bar. For optical sound sources an optical cable has been included.Other options include using the built-in Bluetooth feature of this sound bar and to use a smartphone, computer or other source for a program source. After establishing a Bluetooth link between my Motorola smart phone and this sound bar I used my Internet radio app as the music source and enjoyed hi-fi stereo. My wife’s smartphone was also able to establish a Bluetooth link, so we’ve mounted this sound bar in a protected place on the wall of our screen porch for outside entertainment. That works quite well for us. We can control the sound bar with the small included remote. As long as our phones are within about 50 feet of this sound bar, we get wide spectrum, static-fee music, which we can turn up loud enough to fill our outside patio without distortion.I have only one minor bone to pick: The wall mounting template included with this sound bar specifies that the included screws be 16″ inches apart. The mounting brackets on the back of the sound bar were actually 15 3/4″ apart, so I had to move one of the mounting screws.In summary, this sound bar produces very decent sound from multiple sources for a modest price. If you wall-mount, measure your brackets rather than use the template.Read more

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