0C11Q8YSWA9202 Jbl expert eon610 portable 2-way multipurpose self-powered sound reinforcement, 10-inch

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  • useful product design
  • jbl waveguide era
  • bluetooth integration – ios and android supported bluetooth v4. Zero compliant interface for controlling grasp volume, adjusting the five-manner, user definable parametric eq, and saving and recalling person presets
  • long lasting wide variety 10 nylon coil zippers

from the manufacturer

jbl eon610.

for 70 years we’ve employed one of the great methodology and gear, and, as mounted on the very beginning through our founder, james b. Lansing, we expand the whole thing from the ground up. This not only guarantees success inside the market, it guarantees our efforts exceed the wishes and expectancies of audio professionals for the duration of the world. It’s a adventure that is legendary worldwide and has placed jbl as one of the international leaders in professional audio.

jbl eon610

more than just some other brilliant jbl sound machine, the new eon600 is a real leap forward in generation evolved mainly to supply the first-class sound viable irrespective of its application. Completely rethinking how surely good an lower priced self-contained, transportable pa device may be, jbl engineers purposely designed and constructed the eon600 from the ground up.

  • 10″ woofer with bass reflex cupboard
  • proprietary waveguide technology
  • 1000w height class d amplifier
  • bluetooth controllable dsp
  • handles for clean transport
  • more than one setup configurations
  • 5-manner user definable parametric eq
  • dual combination xlr – 1/four” inputs
  • major, reveal, sub, speech modes
  • product highlights

    enclosure designs were optimized for perfect acoustic resonance taking advantage of injection molding techniques and mechanical shaping of the enclosures. This consequences in super increases in cupboard volumes which allow higher acoustic performance at the same time as keeping the same footprint. Intelligently located handles make the six hundred smooth to carry and move round. Incorporated hardware mounts, designed into the enclosures, permit every model to be flown whilst required. And indexed ft molded into the enclosures permit for convenient storage and transport, secure stacking for level monitor and conventional rise up configurations, and precise acoustic configurations.

    the eon610’s tremendous performance consequences from a step forward technique to waveguide design. Jbl engineers tested the radiation characteristics of the eon’s high and low frequency drivers at 36 different factors employing jbl’s unique, country of the art dimension techniques, then designed the picture manage waveguide making sure the sound radiation and insurance sample in shape on the high frequencies, the crossover point and the low frequencies. The result is constant response all through its one hundred ten degree insurance sample. The first-rate and consistency between on axis and stale axis reaction supplies uniform coverage and high intelligibility in the course of the insurance location, this means that the eon610’s smooth, transparent sound is the identical for the complete target audience.

    understanding that fine tuning your sound wishes state-of-the-art yet convenient manipulate, jbl engineers evolved an ios and android supported bluetooth v4. 0 compliant interface for controlling grasp extent, adjusting the 5-manner, consumer definable parametric eq, and saving and recalling user presets.

    purposeful product layout

    the whole redesign of the eon platform leverages the ultra-modern technologies in cupboard substances, acoustic technological know-how, transducer design and person friendliness that gives you the exceptional high-quality of a excessive-quit studio screen in a fully expert, surprisingly bendy, clean to apply, transportable system for nowadays’s working musicians and sound vendors.


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    8 reviews for 0C11Q8YSWA9202 Jbl expert eon610 portable 2-way multipurpose self-powered sound reinforcement, 10-inch

    1. Joseph Spada

      I really like the sound quality of the speaker, but disappointed you can’t stream music directly to the speaker via Bluetooth. When I saw “Bluetooth” in the description I assumed the speakers work like every other device that is Bluetooth enabled – being able to send music directly to the device. But it’s NOT SO with these speakers.The Bluetooth function only works with the JBL app and is only intended to adjust and save EQ presets. The app works okay, but the design makes it hard to use because the text and display is VERY SMALL and hard to read on a phone – I’ll probably use it only rarely.Read more

    2. Keith K.

      Killer outdoor/indoor speaker for my PA. I use two of these and two 515s. The 615 has lower gain out of the box, but if you spend some time adjusting it, it’s a great speaker and very loud. Not loud enough for you? Hit the mic/line button for a 30db gain. I used them a couple weeks ago for an outdoor dance and did not need the db gain. They were plenty loud and when hooked to the 515s the 615 has a master volume that controls tall the speakers following it. Haven’t used the bluetooth functionality yet.I read other reviews that they aren’t loud enough…I feel like those reviews were written prematurely…maybe before they played with them a bit. They have plenty of volume, particularly if you turn up the gain on your mixer and adjust the gain on the speaker instead.Read more

    3. Titus Flavious

      Built with heavy construction specifically for live band. Chinese garbage cheap speakers are not. I’m always amazed that some folks write these aren’t loud speakers. Read the manual 3 times and call the JBL customer support line. We use them live outdoors and they are so loud you cant get within 8 ft in front of them you will get sick. If you unleash these indoors in a club it will hurt folks. Read the manual..Don’t fall for cheaper Chinese knockoffs that claim same watts, etc. We tried that too. They are NOT the same construction and the wattage is a lie. We blew Chinese monitors in the first set, first song and threw them in the woods after the gig.Read more

    4. Jody Larsen

      I have a JBL PRX powered system for my mains. Getting JBL PRX series speakers to use as monitors would have been major overkill so I bought these instead. They’re amazingly lightweight and have way more power than I will ever need. The only annoying thing is the confusion around the bluetooth support… these speakers do not support streaming audio via bluetooth, they only support changing the EQ setting via an smartphone app. Kind of pointless, but it doesn’t do any harm either.Read more

    5. Eddy

      After lots of thought I finally purchased a set of these, I was a little worried by some of the reviews. Are there better speakers out there? Yes but these are decent for the price. The pros: built in amp, plenty of volume with some eq settings, very rugged and portable. The cons: each speaker needs a power source, a lot of feedback even when nothing is plugged in and sound levels are at 0. The only other thing I noticed is at low volume these only have high and mid and no low or bass and sound much better at higher volume. I purchased a separate sub also from them and it all sounds good together.Read more

    6. David C. Flynn

      I bought these speakers from PSSL after a thorough review of their specs, features and fit with my mission. My goal was to find a DJ speaker that was under 40 pounds, under $500 and 1000 watts or better. It also had to be a good reputation, and more upper crust in sound quality. I preferred a 15 inch woofer if there was a choice. At this price point, I can buy 4 of these speakers, and that is a real advantage. I have seen some other reviews here comparing the Eon 615 to speakers costing 1/2 again more, or suggesting that the loudest might be “best.” Remember, every time you double the speaker total, you add 3 DB, so two 127 DB speakers measure out at 130 DB. Lets consider the mission fit first so you can decide if this is for you. If you are a DJ, and seek to have a speaker that can stand alone, or work with a sub, this is perfect fit. None of the under 50 pound contenders for less than $2000 a piece had enough bass to make me say I didn’t need a sub woofer at a big dance. With that said, the huge SPL’s reviewers here seek, are going to come from that 18 inch sub woofer sitting under my Eons. Comparing the Eon 615 to my JBL MR925 and Eliminator subs is interesting, because they do a close fit at a quarter of the weight when you count the amp (unequalized). The 4 handles and wave guide work as expected. This speaker can be picked up from any angle, or heard from any angle of attack. We listened for the projection at every angle just to test it. At this price I can gang up 4 of them if needed and trump ANY pair of $2000 RFC’s by just spreading them out. Additionally, splitting the amp heat load over 4 boxes is FAR better than pushing just 2 ultra-expensive speakers to the point of melt down. Wouldn’t it be cool to go to a DJ’ed event where you could hear the music everywhere and still not have to scream across the table to be heard. Remember that wedding when you were up front by the DJ’s only two 134 DB speakers? Ears still ringing? If you want better, spend a lot more – or better yet, buy 4 Eon 615’s and no one with a vastly more expensive pair of “supposedly better” speakers will trump your show. My next buy will be a pair of PRX718XLF subs to sit under these Eon’s. I suspect that paired up (Eons and Subs), they’ll be loud and bassy enough for any client…anywhere.Read more

    7. Manfred Delgado

      This is a truly professional quality sound system. Great for party entertainment. Extremely high quality product and sound. I am planning to get also the sub wooferRead more

    8. B Nguyen

      Bought 2 of these to replace my other setup. Like the sound a lot, especially after I used my phone’s bluetooth to setup the EQ to add more Bass & Trebel to it. It can not play music directly with bluetooth from your phone. I did run into trouble with the bluetooth locked up once & couldn’t connect with my phone. Had to do a factory reset to get it back. Hold the Boot and EQ+ buttons while powering on your EON speaker to reset it. Once reset, press the Sync button to enable Bluetooth pairing.Read more

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