0C11PDHD8H9681 Vonhaus black customary 7. 7lb weight capability swivel & tilt

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  • make sure this fits
  • with the aid of entering your version range.
  • percent: 2 speaker mounts appropriate for home cinema/ satellite tv for pc style speakers with single threaded insert fittings
  • swivel & tilt: +/- 70°swivel and +/- 20° tilt mechanism allows adjustment for maximum listening perspective and sound route
  • ordinary: suits all single point audio system (with unmarried rear entry fittings)
  • 7lb weight potential: accommodates maximum small satellite speaker types
  • easy to install: comes complete with clean install kit which includes screws

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4.65, x, 3.31, x, 2.91, inches

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5.4, ounces



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4.5, out, of, 5, stars, 2, 007, ratings, 4.5, out, of, 5, stars

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October, 10, 2014


DOMU, Brands, LLC

6 reviews for 0C11PDHD8H9681 Vonhaus black customary 7. 7lb weight capability swivel & tilt

  1. Micah

    These speaker mounts did the trick for me. I have a 5.1 Yamaha system, and the single screw included with the package fit my speakers perfectly. They hold them securely, and the mounts are very indiscreet behind the speakers, and provide a good range of directional adjustment. The price was great on top of all that.There are two MINOR issues that peep this from being a 5-star. #1, the screw on the top to tighten it all down, could pose some issues when trying to install these near a ceiling (as I did, and show in the attached photo). I recommend having a stubby phillips head screwdriver if you are mounting these near a ceiling. #2, there was no hole for the speaker wire. I ran the speaker wire inside the wall and pulled it out at the mount. Instead of having an exposed hole for the wire, I drilled two small holes in the back of the mount (as shown in the photos). This worked out great and was a minor tweak. The result was that the wires are barely visible once the whole thing is installed.Read more

  2. Gallo

    I purchases this product to mount the satellite speakers of a Vizio SB3851-C0 38-Inch 5.1 Channel Sound Bar (2015 Model). I think these mounts will also work with the 40″ and 54″ model because the satellite speaker are the same. The mounts are made from a hard plastic and are really light weight. It includes the mounting hardware and an instruction booklet. The mounts swivel and tilt so that you can position the speaker to your desired angle. The reason why I gave it a 4 star rating its because the the only way I could use these mounts on the Vizio satellite speakers was by flipping them around and mounting them this way. In the upright position, the bottom part of the mount where the speaker screws in, bumps with the speaker cable not letting you screw the speaker in the position it should be. My solution was to flip around the mount and this way the cable does not interfere. My recommendation is to play around with the mount and position it to the back of the speaker to see how everything looks and feels before marking your drill holes because using the mount in the inverted position will actually lower the speaker as opposed to the normal orientation. Other than that, I would purchase these mounts again and will certainly work with other speaker out there.Read more

  3. John Eung Soo Kim

    I had speakers that required 1/4″ 20 screws. These brackets were not meant for them. They came with smaller screws that fit their smaller hole. It came with no adapters to make it “universal.” I had to purchase 1/4″ screws and drill through their opening to make it bigger. Once installed, I noticed a few things:1. the placement is really tight and the bracket would block access to the speaker wire ports unless I installed it upside down.2. having no extending arm, the positioning is very limited. I couldn’t get them to angle down as far as I needed since my speakers would butt up against the wall unless I turned them sideways.3. The plastic was flimsy. My satellites are rated at just over 4 lbs but they were heavy enough to bend the plastic. No way I would trust these mounts to hold over seven pounds.Purchased these instead and I couldn’t be happier:https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00COH7KRII'm sure for others that are on a budget with smaller, lighter speakers having 4 or 5mm holes and requirements much different from mine, these would do the trick. They simply sucked for me and their claim of “universal” is blatantly false advertising. Just give the screw size in the description and you may have better reviews. Didn’t even bother to refund these. They just went in the trash.Read more

  4. Rooster

    These are really small. They should not be used for bookshelf speakers. My speakers are 5 Lb 5 Oz, and they cause the back plate on the wall to bow and spring. The instructions do not mention the ability of these to be mounted in drywall. The hardware is for brick walls. I bought larger drywall mounting hardware and so far they are still up, but I do not see the installation as permanent. They instructions said to mount into a wall stud. That is not always possible.Some customers complain about not much tilt angle. Because they are so small, there is not much room to tilt. It helps to mount this bracket to the lower part of the speaker so you can get more downward tilt.One screw in the speaker is not enough. I put two in.Read more

  5. Nizidramaniiyt

    I used these to mount a pair of Wharfedale Diamond 10.SR surround speakers to my tray ceiling. These speakers weigh about 5 lbs each, which is just within the limits of these brackets. They’ve been on the ceiling for about 6 months and they are still holding up fine.A major shortcoming of these brackets is the inability to tilt or pan the speaker beyond just a few degrees. This is because the speakers sit so close to the wall, causing the speaker to hit the wall when tilted or panned. As a countermeasure, I designed and printed some custom spacers so that these mounts sit about 1.5″ off the wall. Now the problem is that when mounted upside down (I did this to drop it down from the ceiling), the bracket is so weak that it now has a severe bend in it. It has held up so far, but a simple injection molded web (like an I-beam or something) on the back of the speaker mount would have greatly improved rigidity.These mounts work, and come at a good price, so as long as you do a good job installing them and keep in mind the shortcomings, they will work just fine.Read more

  6. Jumjums

    I needed to mount my 2.2 lbs. surround speakers and these little guys did the job!They are securely hanged on my wall without any issue.The package comes in a box containing 2 brackets, a bag of mounting screws, and a manual sheet. (see pictures)It’s made out of sturdy plastic and has pretty wide range of adjustment. It’s a low profile unit so speaker looks good on a wall.Like the other reviewer, I removed the keyhole brackets from the speaker and mounted these wall mounts right on to my speakers(using the same holes and screws), and works great.I highly recommend these brackets!Read more

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