0C11OK3N44J381 Sony zx series stressed on-ear headphones, black mdr-zx110

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  • light-weight 1. 38 in neodymium dynamic drivers supply a punchy, rhythmic response to even the maximum annoying tracks
  • the swiveling earcup design allows smooth garage when you’re no longer using them, and enhances portability while you’re visiting
  • cushioned earpads for overall comfort and enfolding closed-returned design seals in sound
  • the wide frequency variety—spanning 12 hz to 22 khz—can provide deep bass, wealthy midrange, and hovering highs
  • plug: l-fashioned stereo mini plug three. 5mm
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sony zx series stressed out on-ear headphones

maximizing your personal audio experience has in no way been simpler than with sony zx-collection display headphones. Constructed with consolation and overall performance in thoughts, there’s no need to compromise.

experience rich, full frequency reaction

30 mm motive force units deliver full, balanced sound for a complete listening revel in from 12 – 22,000 hz.

swivel, folding design

compact for portability but affording listening flexibility, the swivel, folding earpads permit you to revel in music in many approaches.

tangle-unfastened cables

the long lasting, 1. 2 m y-type cable resists snags and tangles so that you can get caught up in your song, now not your cord.

product description

maximizing your personal audio enjoy has by no means been less complicated than with sony zx-collection monitor headphones. Built with comfort and overall performance in mind, there’s no want to compromise.


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4 reviews for 0C11OK3N44J381 Sony zx series stressed on-ear headphones, black mdr-zx110

  1. kjim

    I had a pair from this headphone line in the past, and used them until they basically fell apart (one side stopped working, and the cushioning material for the ears eventually peeled away.) And yet after trying myriad other brands, I rate these as my personal best. After my first pair died (took several years of daily use), I went on a quest to try a bunch of different headphones. After wasting hundreds of dollars over the past couple years on everything from fancy $200 pairs, cheap Amazon-branded pairs, and plenty of random ones from places like Big Lots or Walmart, I finally just came back to these for a meager $15. There’s simply no beating the combination of comfort (especially for people with glasses!), sound quality, and price. I work in front of a computer for hours at a time, and almost always have headphones (and eye glasses) on. I probably have a larger than average head shape too. Every single other pair I have tried ended up making my ears hurt before long, except this one. While the construction quality is decent, I do expect to run through a new pair every couple years, but at this price point, it’s really hard to complain. In summary, I am so thankful these are back in my life.Read more

  2. ctsurv553

    These phones sound really nice, for being under $20. I have owned at least 30 different headphones since 1974, and these sound as good as any of the $100 Sennheisers I had back when Elton John’s “Rocket Man” was new music. The power requirement for the voice coils in these phones is remarkably low: They sound great for listening to music on a cell phone or tablet, and you won’t even have to crank the volume up to maximum. Some of the headphones I have owned recently don’t work well with mobile devices, requiring more output power than the audio chip in a cell phone can provide – that won’t be a problem with these Sony ZX-110 phones. They sound just fine on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S at 50% of max volume. Frequency response is very good for economy priced phones, with clear treble and adequate bass response to let you “feel” the drums and bass guitar. Soprano and contralto vocals sound nice and clear, without that “muddy” sound that cheap phones give that don’t have enough high-frequency response. These phones fold up into a very small, compact footprint that is easy to store in a medium or large purse, or any briefcase, backpack, or laptop computer bag. The cord is 3 feet, and has a 90° angled plug. This cord length is great for use with a cell phone in a shirt pocket, although not really long enough for home use with a desktop computer. If you are going to use these phones to listen to music on a home stereo or desktop computer, you will need an extension cord, but these aren’t terribly expensive.COMFORT: Sony got this right: these phones grip your head just firmly enough to stay in place, without squeezing you to death. I have had a couple of Sony phones that were horrible in this respect, with way too much compression on an average sized head; that’s not a problem with these phones. The ear pads are very comfortable, and they don’t press hard enough on your earlobes to make you need to take your earrings off to use the phones.SUMMARY: A Typical Sony economy-priced headphone with much better sound than you might have expected at this price point. Folds up very small for carrying in a purse or laptop computer bag, Very comfortable to wear for up to several hours.PRODUCT RECOMMENDATION: HIGHLY RECOMMENDEDRead more

  3. Larry Hampton

    I loved these Stereo Headphones when I first got them. They were comfortable to wear (I hate ear buds) and the sound was surprisingly good considering the low $15.00 Cost. Now the bad news, I’ve had the Headphones approximately two months and the connection through the plug has gone south. You have to constantly put pressure on the connector plug to get any sound at all. I guess I’ll move on to another manufacturer test my luck there.Read more

  4. Brandi VHook

    UPDATE: 1/15/21 Both headphones are still going strong. Just thought I’d update after my daughter has had her’s for a decent amount of time.UPDATE: 10/14/20 Bought a 2nd pair for our 3rd grader to use at school. Originally, we bought her the lightweight, on ear styled, Koss brand headphones on here, but she thought they were too tight and uncomfortable to wear for any length of time. Especially because she wears glasses, and now a mask as well. She loved these tho! Said they felt great, and has been using them at school for just over 6weeks with no problems.ORIGINAL: We bought these for my mother in-law to use with her t.v. because she is starting to become hard of hearing. We wanted to check everything out before setting everything up for her, and we found these were made well, had good sound volume and quality, were comfortable for a decent length of time, and overall were good headphones. She wanted to have two different styles. These were the one style that she was able to use in her 3.5mm tablet as well, which was an added bonus. She had hoped both pairs would work in her tablet, but the on ear computer style Panasonic did not fit, but still works for the t.v. set up, which was her main concern. The Panasonic had a smaller pin, so it might have worked in a cell phone. She did not try it, but I will update once she does. I wish we had thought to try ourselves. We purchased everything on Amazon for her setup. This pair fit all of our heads and have a lot of adjustability. They do show which way to put them on by marking the back of the ear pad section with “L” for left & “R” right, as shown in my photos. These are decently padded, and if taken care of should last. Overtime, this padded material may start to crack and chip away, but they’re pretty good for this value. The Panasonic ones were more lightweight when wearing for long periods, so she’s still glad she got both pair. We waited 2mnths to review so she had a chance to really use these and see how they worked, and we told her we’d return them if needed, but she is happy with them. They’ve really helped with her quality of life. She had stopped watching t.v. for a time because she just couldn’t hear it anymore, so I’m happy the volume and sound quality was good enough so she could use them daily. We may order another pair of these for our daughter. I will update if these fail. I hope my pictures help give you an idea of what to expect in person.Read more

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