0C11OJT9J01739 Yamaha dbr collection dbr 12″ powered speaker cabinet

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  • excessive performance fundamental or reveal speaker
  • 7-12 months guarantee
  • 1000 watts of smooth digital power, 131 db spl
  • fir-x tuning
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from the manufacturer

the yamaha powered speaker circle of relatives

from the arena”s #1 provider of musical contraptions,

comes the ultimate sound reinforcement solution

dbr functions

the dbr”s light-weight, excessive overall performance magnificence-d amplifier is capable of generating up to 1000w* of power, achieving an spl of 132db, introduced with fantastic clarity and dynamic traits. *dbr10 has an output degree of 700w.

dbr loudspeakers come prepared with m8 rigging threads, allowing for rigged programs with optionally available speaker brackets or standardized eye-bolts. *speaker brackets and eye-bolts aren’t included.

dbr collection speakers function a compact, lightweight, and sturdy plastic cabinet which offers the best level of portability of all yamaha powered speakers. The glossy metal grille bolsters cupboard durability and protects the internal components even as a newly designed ergonomic handles provide handy transportation and device setup.

dbr series audio system have input channels. Ch1 has a combo jack which accepts both xlr and trs smartphone making an allowance for either mic or line degree input indicators. Ch2 offers input options; a combo jack that accepts xlr or trs cellphone, and an rca pin jack for input from cd gamers or other stereo line-degree sources. The onboard mixer permits you to choose both ch1+2 blend to combine the sign of ch1 and ch2, or ch1 via to bypass the signal from ch1 only.

the excessive power output woofers deliver nicely-described, powerful bass with minimal distortion, even as the 1. 4″ precision compression driving force* produces accurate mid-variety and high frequencies. *dbr10 features a 1″ compression driver.

dbr collection audio system characteristic an optimized 50°wedge attitude for ground tracking. Further the dbr12 and dbr15”s symmetrical form allows for easy configuration of a replicate-mode floor monitoring device in both symmetrical or stereo sound discipline setups.




12" Powered Speaker, 15" Powered Speaker

8 reviews for 0C11OJT9J01739 Yamaha dbr collection dbr 12″ powered speaker cabinet

  1. David mason

    This is my first speaker ever. I just needed an acoustic/mic set up so I was lookin lower budget. So for anyone in my situation read on! Looking up an down decent brands I found this low budget Yamaha to be the best among low budget powered speakers based purely off reviews and forums. I only bought one. If you need somethin extremely bass-ey you’re gonna need a sub. Which is kinda obvious but I thought I’d say it. But! I use a Taylor acoustic mainly.. with the guitars own EQ if I leave the bass normal the low E(E2) sounds great. If I turn the bass knob up on the guitar the speaker will rumble and rattle everything. Not chest thumping but very deep and very smooth. The highs on the guitar with the volume all the way up on the speaker and my guitar are clean and precise and a bit warm so it’s not ear piercing an harsh by any means. A nice keyboard would sound fantastic.. I can overpower our drummer with volume, not drown out but definitely get up higher then him. Especially with vocals which I use a ShureSM58 for anyone who cares. I have pierced my own ears with the mic and this speaker though haha. And it still didn’t clip. That’s in a garage band setting too with loud acoustics goin on. We opened the garage up and walked about 100 ft away and the speaker still sounded super clear and loud. I could’ve definitely walked 4-500 ft away and heard it just fine. Although that’s with no crowd or noise in between.. so take that for what it’s worth. Living on 1-2 acre properties I know my neighbors can definitely hear it with the garage open. So for my super basic use of this speaker I’m incredibly happy with it. It’s more expensive but nothing about it has disappointed me at this point. From its sound/volume to its design/weight. I’ve only used the back inputs and adjustability it has and my acoustics bass/treble EQ so I’ve done nothing fancy with the sound here and have definitely not stress tested it(except with the mic that one time which I mentioned above- in which it passed). I highly recommend this though. For anyone who’s serious about sound quality but on a budget this thing won’t disappoint.Read more

  2. Ryan M.

    UPDATE: i would give this speaker 5 stars but i don’t want to mislead people. I’ve used it hard 2.5 years and it sounds very good and well worth the money. I pair it with a DXR 15 and get rave reviews for my sound at all my gigs. It was rated 3 by me on account of what i thought i would get out of it (Bass and rich mids) it has just enough of each in hindsight if you are not bass heavy. It is very sturdy and clear sounding. The wind blew it over a year ago and it took a major tumble and still works perfectly. It’s been rained on as well.Original review below—————I bought this speaker on account of all the great review alone. I have been gigging for 15 years and did pro sound for 7 of those. Judging by the reviews I figured there was almost no way to go wrong with this speaker. I was expecting to get something that I could rate a 4 at least myself.It well-built and incredibly light-weight. The volume is great but not what I expected. However in hindsight its to be expected from the weight. I tried it at home (I am a full-time solo live-looper so I demand performance out of a speaker) and was underwhelmed. I brought it to an outdoor patio gig and was very well-received but to me it didn’t sound amazing. Everyone else thought it sounded great but I genuinely felt it was lacking depth and the ability to really move air. The mids were lacking fullness and the bass was not well defined. The high end seemed pretty good.To be fair its a good speaker but if you want TRULY great quality as a performer I would avoid the B series. I returned the speaker and am getting a DXR 15″. Im hoping the upgrade in quality and woofer size gets me what I am looking for.Read more

  3. Consumer review

    Only had it for a week, but so far very impressed. I use mainly for karaoke, but also to listen to music from my phone. It’s definitely more power than I would ever need, but it’s nice to know I could crank it up during house parties. Went with Yamaha because of their 7 year warranty and their reputation of pro audio. Considered other models from Alto, JBL, EV, but went back to these knowing they will last.Read more

  4. Scotsman

    We have several Yamaha products most of which are professional grade. We needed two of he DBR 15’s for stage sound support and they are super. They are easy to haul around, easy to set up and easy to run through the FOH mixer. They are well priced, and Yamaha are pretty hard to beat at their price point. Highly recommended.Read more

  5. Amazon Customer

    This works great! My neighbor says he can feel his house shake when we’re playing our heavy bass music!Read more

  6. AFjerstad

    These speakers have clarity and more volume them I could use right now. They may be a bit on the steep end price wise unless you need some serious decibels.Read more

  7. Ricky C

    Love them! Sound great in my apartment and can’t wait to take them out on a gig.Read more

  8. Greg O

    Incredible powered speaker! Great sound, light weight, and rugged. Very Highly pleased!Read more

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