0C11NRFAT8Z720 Pioneer elite sp-ec73 andrew jones domestic audio center channel speaker

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  • andrew jones. From speaker dressmaker andrew jones comes a set of speakers that carry expert-fine sound on your dwelling room. This notably-acclaimed middle channel speaker promises on sound, developing an immersive listening revel in.
  • specific sound. Coherent supply transducer reduces interference among midrange and tweeter, controlling sound directivity in any respect frequencies. This ensures that direct and meditated sound arrive at the listening role with same timing and timbre.
  • three-way speaker. A true three-way speaker layout way every main frequency band is represented with a separate driver. The excessive-frequency, midrange and coffee-frequency drivers help deliver balanced sound for a higher listening revel in.
  • radiator. A small, elegant cabinet makes it smooth to integrate with your reveal and gadget, even as an additional 5 ¼-inch passive radiator complements bass effect for the maximum authoritative voices and sound results.
  • complex crossover. Complicated crossover flawlessly blends audio among the woofer and tweeter for extra accuracy.
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the cabinets of this ground-status, compact and middle-channel audio system are designed with lightly curved sides to cast off standing waves encountered in regular rectangular-container designs. The black-finished cabinet integrates perfectly with current and conventional interiors, at the same time as a small footprint permits for bendy placement inside the room.

at the heart of this speaker is the cst (coherent supply transducer), a revelation in accurate sound. The driver dramatically reduces interference between the midrange and tweeter, precisely controlling sound directivity at all frequencies and guarantees direct and reflective sound.

the elite domestic theater audio system consist of such information as gold-plated connectors and multi-element, complex crossovers. The superior bass reaction that gives you all the energy and impact of the most challenging song and movie. The 5 1/4-inch aluminum cone and dirt cap of those woofers usually gives you true pistonic action.

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pioneer elite sp-ec73 andrew jones domestic audio middle channel speaker. From speaker fashion designer andrew jones comes a collection of audio system that bring professional-excellent sound for your living room. This notably-acclaimed speaker gives you on sound, developing an immersive listening experience. The elite center channel speaker employs the very equal concentric and bass drivers as the elite bookshelf speakers to maintain a constant sound signature. A small elegant cabinet makes it easy to integrate together with your reveal and equipment, while a further 5-1/4 inch passive radiator complements bass impact for the maximum authoritative voices and sound results. Capabilities: coherent supply transducer reduces interference. Direct and pondered sound arrives at listening role with same timing and timbre. 3-manner speaker design represents each essential frequency. Complex crossover blends audio among the woofer and tweeter.


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5 reviews for 0C11NRFAT8Z720 Pioneer elite sp-ec73 andrew jones domestic audio center channel speaker

  1. skrish

    TLDR: Can’t really get a better center than this. Fantastic for movies so you can hear dialogue, but not much effect on music (-1 star). Solid bass, considering driver size. Best mids you can get at this price (dedicated driver for them). Clean and loud highs. If you want the best value possible or you want to match up with your Elite bookshelf speakers, buy this. If you don’t have a subwoofer yet, however, prioritize that first (greater effect on movies, music)For a new home theater upgrade, I purchased the pair of Elite bookshelf speakers, this center, and a BIC Acoustech PL-200 II, paired with the Elite LX-501 receiver. I plan on upgrading to 5.1.2 or 7.1.2 in the future with some lower end in-wall speakers (check out theseBIC America HT8W 8-Inch 3-Way Acoustech Series In-Wall Speakers, 1 Pair ). Overall, I highly recommend my setup to anyone building a new home theater. Once configured, the audio output is fantastic, giving the low rumbling bass to shake the house, fantastic mids with dedicated drivers, and very clean highs. If you want a great value audio system to demolish a similar setup (like the Sonos 5.1 setup, I’ve listened to it, it’s terrible for movies and only decent for music) for the price of just $1600 including receiver. Or, for a completely Atmos-ready surround sound setup, buy the in-wall rear speakers mentioned above, and get 5.1.2 for $1720 or 7.1.2 for $1840. I will link my other reviews soon at the bottom of this review.The center itself is fairly gigantic. Once you have it placed in the center of your room and tune them (in my case with MCACC – see thePioneer SC-LX501 Elite 7.2 Channel D3 Network AV Receiver, Black ), they sound very similar to the bookshelf speakers, but have noticeably better bass and, well, are meant to be placed sideways. I’ll go more in-depth about the sound itself in my Elite Bookshelf speaker review, as this uses the same drivers, but here are the results after testing. I watched some movies with and without the center, and dialogue was very audible and clear. You know those soundbars that are supposedly “3.1”, but somehow, you always need to enable subtitles to understand the movie? Well, yeah, this center alone, even without stereo channels, sounds infinitely better than them. Music doesn’t get any improvement from adding the center rather than having just the stereo bookshelf speakers (so I deducted a star), but it already sounded so good that it hardly needed an upgrade. If you just have a small TV and are looking for an upgrade from the abysmal built-in speakers, buying a soundbar isn’t a bad idea. If you listen only to music, a center is a useless addition. But if you need good audio to accompany your 4K projector home theater, are an audiophile, or feel like your current stereo setup can’t reproduce dialogue in movies, then investing in a good center channel is worth the money.But I haven’t explained why THIS $300 center stands out from the crowd. You can buy a decent Polk, Onkyo, non-elite Pioneer, or even Klipsch center for as low as $90! But those pretty much defeat the purpose of a center channel. As stated before, the only real benefit of a center channel is for better dialogue in movies. The reason this center is so good at reproducing dialogue is because it has a dedicated midrange driver and well-matched tweeter. Human voice usually ranges from about 150Hz to 8kHz, but the majority of that is actually just 200Hz to 2kHz. Most systems, even those with three drivers just like this, have a bass driver and a highs driver, aka a tweeter. And, if you’re Sony, a Super Tweeter that goes from 20kHz (above your range of hearing) to 50kHz (also above your range of hearing). No mids driver for the crucial range of 200-2000Hz! The tiny 1-inch tweeter has to try to output in this range but usually cannot be loud enough for you to hear dialogue. Therefore, Pioneer decided to add a driver dedicated to this range. 260Hz to 2.6kHz, to be exact. It contains almost all of the dialogue you will hear, so reproduces dialogue better. The lower end centers have no midrange driver, and so are literally useless in any setup.Overall, just buy it.Links to other reviews:To be addedRead more

  2. Amazon Customer

    Top notch sound quality. For the price 400$ there is no other product can beat these . I went ahead for full 5.1.4 with Onkyo tx rz 920. I tried latest Denon avr x 4500h howere Denon not able to give best performance and less dynamic when compared with Onkyo.Try with Onkyo higher end rz series like 820 or 830 and high . You will not regret. Do not power up with Denon.@Mar 26 2019———————————I settled with onkyo RZ 830. Results nothing but spectacular.———————————————————These speakers come to live if play at high volume due to low impedance. But they blasts with unbelievable dynamic range.As per my experience high efficiency speakers ( 8ohms with 90 dB and above) can be drive easily let’s say at 60 % they reach loudness but if you go like reference level volume they produce distortion.Where as low impedance ( 4 ohms with 85 dB sensitivity ) need at leat 70 % volume but they sound with dynamic range with out distortion even at reference level volume. But these need quality watts with proper current. If you are paring with low current output av receiver they will not give best performance and better go for Klipsch or Elac 2.0 speakers.Stereo play back also very good with this combo. Nice details , wide sound sound stage with good vocals. I have separate kef ls50 wireless for music and went through several stereo hifi upgrades. Like nad 388, kef r 300, Elac ubfi with amp, kef Ls50 wireless so on . After having all still these sounds impressive .Dolby atoms effect also dam good . You have to know how to play and which angle and height gives best effects to your seating position. With small changes they are dam good. For 30 inch Atlantic book shelf worked so well. I prefer Dolby atoms enable speakers over ceiling speakers. I felt like it’s magic. Sound coming from above without speakers. Note: Put all Dolby atoms speaker distance settings to max values play around see below text from dolby . Absolutely no need to go for dedicated ceiling installation or hanging on wall every where in your living room. Of course dedicated theatre hall setup is different.Comparison to overhead speakersDolby Atmos enabled speakers produce slightly more diffuse overhead audio that is quite lifelike and, in some cases, may be preferable to the sound that originates from overhead speakers.If your ceiling is low or you have to mount your loudspeakers on overhead trusses or brackets, overhead speakers may be too close to you as you listen. The audio may be distracting because you’ll hear, directionally, what each speaker is producing instead of feeling immersed in an atmosphere in which sounds occur naturally overhead.In this environment, Dolby Atmos enabled speakers may be a better solution for reproducing the height plane of sound you would hear in a cinema, where the overhead speakers are located high in the auditorium, and are naturally creating a more diffuse experience. Audio mixers and experts who have auditioned Dolby Atmos enabled speakers agree that the sound these speakers produce can be preferable to the sound of dedicated overhead speakers.Read more

  3. Michael Chiovatero

    Bought these beauties last week on sale for $450 dollars. I could not be happier. I haven’t listened to a concentric driver before purchasing these, and let me tell you they are everything you’d expect and more. I’m used to there being compromise with speakers where the bass at higher volumes starts to drown out the mids. Since the mid range has its own driver, this is no longer a problem. I am not sure if they will ever drop back down to $450 here, but am I sure glad I jumped on them. P.S. I know they’re not in the same price range, but they blow away the Audioengine A5+, and even the Audioengine HD6’s that I ended up returning. Yes with an amp/receiver added in they cost more, but the HD6 is $750 so at the price I got them, I have 300 left for a stereo receiver, which would blow the Audioengines away for the same price. Could not be happierRead more

  4. Francisco –

    I love them! amazing sound! so much quality here!! works great with my Pioneer ELITE VSX-LX302 Receiver! Dolby Atmos sound is just out of this world! great for music as well, I do recommend them! just get a good receiver.Will get all the Elite SET for a full 5.1.2 setupRead more

  5. Amazon Customer

    This is an excellent sounding subwoofer and built very well to. It is a sealed box with a 10 inch driver but in my room it performs way above what it should. For most music I can only just turn the gain knob the smallest amount from fully off and I get room filling bass, I actually wish it had less gain so I had more freedom in adjustment. I didn’t pay retail and I don’t think I would even after owning it for a while, I paid $299 on sale and at that price it cannot be beat. It is a quick and tight sounding sub with good texture. If it is available for the $299 I paid I would highly recommend this over an equivalent SVS sub, but when this unit is not on sale and is double the price I would look elsewhere.Read more

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