0C11NJZG2EX898 Bluetooth mini stereo power amplifier 2x120w dual channel sound audio receiver entertainment w/ remote, for amplified audio system, cd dvd, mp3, theater thru 3. 5mm rca enter, studio use pyle pcau48bt

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  • integrated bluetooth for wireless audio streaming – well suited with all your favorite bluetooth devices
  • compact and powerful mini amp system, works with iphone, android, cellphone, ipad, tablet, pc, and so on.
  • usb price port for tool charging – usb flash & sd memory card readers – rca l/r audio enter
  • aux (3. 5mm) enter connector jack – connect gadgets like smartphones, drugs, mp3 players, and many others.
  • power output: one hundred twenty watt x 2 – 1/four” headphone jack – digital liquid crystal display display – size: 5. Sixty one” x 2. 71” x 4. 21” for any similarly queries please contact pyle customer support quantity customer service contact wide variety at @718-535-1800 ext: 279 or emailed at support@pyleaudio. Com
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2×40 Watt, 2×75 Watt, 2 x 120 Watt with Bluetooth, 2×120 Watt


Amplifier, Amplifier + Speakers

4 reviews for 0C11NJZG2EX898 Bluetooth mini stereo power amplifier 2x120w dual channel sound audio receiver entertainment w/ remote, for amplified audio system, cd dvd, mp3, theater thru 3. 5mm rca enter, studio use pyle pcau48bt

  1. GB

    So as I read all the negative and positive reviews for this item I really did not want to order it, but it fit in my budget and it was the exact size I needed for my project. I needed a small amplifier to run my Ion Compact record player in the cabinet I refinished for it. I ordered it and hoped for the best. It arrived within 4 days and I could not be happier. I took the advice from a review and removed the dust screening from the vent holes and bent them to allow for more air flow. Because the system sits in a cabinet with little air flow I attached a USB fan to the USB port and placed it in the cabinet with the amp. It does get warm but nothing that is concerning me to this point. I plan on purchasing a laptop cooling pad and placing it on that in the near future.The sound from this little thing is just what I wanted, I hooked it up to a set of old Paradigm Speakers and it fills my house no problem. The Treble and Bass knobs give just enough change to the sound to enhance the listing experience. As I said I have a Ion Compact Record player hooked to it and it sounds great, right now I am listening to Ride the Lighting by Metallica and I am in paradise. The blue lights do not bother me since they are in side the cabinet and I can only see them a bit through the console window, but they are bright and I could see how they could be annoying.The Bluetooth connected fast and solid, not much range but again for me it is in a cabinet so it is what it is. The sound from my phone to the speakers was amazing for the price. The remote works ok but not really a selling point.I all I am very happy with this equipment, the only reason that it got 4 stars was because I had to alter it to keep it cool enough that I didn’t worry about it catching fire after reading all the other comments. I am not a professional sound guy but I like it, it does what I wanted it to do and then some.Read more

  2. Pastor James

    LOVE ALL THE FEATURES but it got hot! So I know there is a heat sink for the amp chip so I take off the cover (Goodbye warrantee !) and lo and behold…there is a sheet of INSULATING foam glued to the inner side of the cover BLOCKING all the vents on the top the unit for the HOT AIR TO ESCAPE! I am leaving the cover off but I see that the cover needs the foam removed…..I know why it was placed there..a buffer between the radiator and the cover…it gets hot but the shut off problem out weighs that.I am going one step further and dig up an old computer fan and place it near the heat sink and that will solve any unforeseen issue.Read more

  3. Chris A

    *UPDATE UNDER ORIGINAL REVIEW*”i already had a pyle amp but it bothered me that i had to stand up to change the volume all the time, so i figured id upgrade to one with a remote. It never worked. Seeing a lot of reviews saying the same. Great amp, just dont buy it for this reason”Do not buy this amp. Worked for about a week, and only with one specific TV. I’ve tried using my ipad, phone, laptop, and pc and was always met with intense feedback that could not be lowered, practically blowing out my speakers.I figured I’d try something different with it. I brought it to my desk to use as a headphone amp with my PC. I plug it in, and as soon as I power it on it sparks up, solders the cable to my computer, and fries my audio ports. Needed to purchase a new PC case because of this. Was plugged into a surge protector, and was using a standard 3.5mm aux cable. Makes me worry that if I had touched the end of the cable I could have been seriously injured. Remote never worked, and amp worked for a few weeks before nearly starting a fire. I used to love Pyle amps because they’re at a fair price point but I don’t think I’ll be giving you guys another chance after this.Read more

  4. Nevada Geezer

    Works just like it should, is compact, sounds good and has plenty of power for my needs.However, due to the following issues, I have given it a 3 instead of a 4 star rating…1. The manual fails to explain anything about the “Function Blue LED Display Window” and, besides that, it’s actually red or amber. Through trial and error, I was able to determine what the display’s numbers were telling me: for example, when playing a thumb drive containing MP3’s, the display will show “USB” on the left, MP3 on the right and in the middle will be counting up in minutes and seconds as it is playing – unless you press the PREV or NEXT button where it briefly displays the number of the song. It would be really nice if the display was a larger alphanumeric display so that it could actually display the name of the song.2. The infrared remote control is not very good. Overall it seems to be built quite cheaply. The battery compartment is very tight so installing or removing the battery (2025) is a chore. Also the amp’s IR receiver is in a tiny window at the left end of the “Function Blue LED Display Window” and is extremely directional. To have the amp respond to the remote, you have to be almost exactly in front of the amp. If you are skewed to the left or right slightly, it will not respond. However, if you do stay directly in line with the front of the amp, it has a pretty good range.3. The blue LED output level lights are cute but after looking at them for 5 minutes, they have become quite annoying and intrusive. They are extremely bright. They are now covered with black Gaffer’s tape.4. If you turn off the amp using either the front panel power switch or the remote, the amp will forget where it left off when playing a MP3 thumb drive. That can be pretty annoying.5. Their 120W/channel peak power is completely unrealistic. That is done under extreme testing conditions. Besides, the main power fuse is 1.5 amp fast acting or 180 watts which is a lot less than the claimed 120Wx2 spec. The output power in the manual (page 5 and 6) states 20Wx2 at 1%THD, which is likely correct.Also the fuse value is not specified in the manual or marked on the rear of the amplifier – had to remove it and read the value off the fuse. In my opinion, this is a safety non-compliance.Last, I saw a lot of reviews complaining about excessive heat. So far, I have not experienced that.Last comment: Pyle’s customer service system needs a lot of work. Very difficult to get through to them. Every type of contact method they have is defective. This started out when I decided I should get a spare remote since I have a pretty low confidence in this one’s durability, especially after the battery drawer latch broke off.Contacting the manufacturer requires infinite patience.Their web page “contact us” doesn’t work – tried it 4 times using different mixes of browsers and computers – just get a “try again” message. Called the 718-535-1800 number, waded through the phone trees (2-1-3-2 in order to get to ordering parts), ended up on hold for 20 minutes listening to elevator music, then the music stopped for a bit, then was disconnected. Called back, ended up on hold for 10 minutes listening to the elevator music, then the music stopped for a while, got some noise, then silence. Waited a few minutes to see if someone would pick up. Nothing. Tried a third time: on hold for 10 minutes again, music stopped, and surprise! Someone picked up! The person on the line was very nice and helpful and they honor their products and warranty. However it was difficult to hear what the representative was saying due to all the background noise. Ended up that their customer service people are in the same room as the shop!Read more

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