0C11NI5RN2T713 Amazon basics eight % 9 volt performance all-purpose alkaline batteries, five-year shelf existence, easy to open price percent

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  • one eight-p. C. Of nine-volt alkaline batteries for dependable overall performance across a huge variety of devices
  • ideal for household gadgets like storage door openers, smoke detectors, radios, toys, and more
  • progressed design offers a five-year leak-free shelf lifestyles; store for emergencies or use right away
  • ships in certified frustration-free packaging
  • observe: those batteries are not rechargeable. For reusable alternatives, check out amazon basics rechargeable batteries
  • to analyze greater about recycling unmarried-use batteries, honestly replica/paste this link into your browser: call2recycle. Org/what-can-i-recycle

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24 Count 9V, 4 Count 9V, 8 Count 9V, Combo Pack: 24 Pack 9V + 100 Pack AA, Combo Pack: 4 Pack 9V + 20 Pack AA, Combo Pack: 48 AA + 36 AAA + 8 9V, Combo Pack: 8 Pack 9V + 12 Pack C Cell, Combo Pack: 8 Pack 9V + 12 Pack D Cell

7 reviews for 0C11NI5RN2T713 Amazon basics eight % 9 volt performance all-purpose alkaline batteries, five-year shelf existence, easy to open price percent

  1. Patricia L.

    First and foremost, we really like the Amazon brand batteries. I used these batteries in a digital clock and worked just fine. However, our main reason for buying this set was to use them in our smoke detectors. In short, they are TOO BIG! I never realized 9V batteries vary in size until we tried to use these in the smoke detectors. Please see the pictures. They are slightly taller and a little wider. The door on our smoke detectors simply won’t close and you don’t want to force it. This is the only reason we purchased this many…so learning has occurred! We simply don’t use them for anything else other than the occasional battery in a digital clock and for that they work fine. Please keep this in mind when purchasing. Make sure whatever you are putting them into that you have the extra length and width to accommodate a slightly larger battery.Read more

  2. An Old Ham

    I bought these for a semi-annual smoke detector battery change out. I like the way each battery is individually shrink wrapped because of the short problem while storing the batteries. I also installed one in my carbon monoxide alert system and it kept ‘chirping.’ I checked the voltage of the new battery and it was only 4.7 volts D.C. I also had a second dead battery, so 2 of the 8 were duds. I didn’t return them because of the hassle. I will not buy these again because the quality control is NOT good.Read more

  3. Calamity

    ***UPDATED 4/29/2018 — shortly after I wrote this review, I tossed out the entire box. So disgusted, I didn’t even want to hassle with sending back for a refund. TRASH! ** This weekend I received the batteries and a First Alert carbon monoxide alarm. I bought the 9v for this purpose – and to use in the smoke detectors. When I managed to wedge in the slot, the connectors did not fit the alert. I turned it upside down thinking I had installed incorrectly. No. I was surprised that I had to forcibly push it into the slot, because of the extra width compared to standard 9v batteries. After no more than 20 seconds of this, I took it out and it was warm, which I thought was odd. In the next minute, I could actually smell the chemicals, and touched it again. It was HOT! Too hot to hold and, truthfully, I was sure it was building to explode. I put a cup over it until it cooled off. I’ve never had this kind of a reaction with a battery. Ever. Maybe I just had a bad batch, but once is enough for me. I then inserted the Eveready which came with the detector. Problem solved. These are being returned. I am not a name-brand snob. Quite happy with the Amazon basics AA & AAA batteries. **Before I clicked ‘submit’, I checked the Eveready and tested the alarm. My furnace died the other day (which is why I wanted the CM alert) and it is 59 degrees in my house. The battery was just as cold to the touch. Win.Read more

  4. JoShmo

    The positive and negative charges on one of the batteries in the set was labeled in reverse. I installed the battery based on the charge and within a few seconds the battery was making sizzling noises and smoking. I turned off the device and carefully opened the battery compartment. Upon comparing it to the other batteries I realized it had been mislabeled. I’m thankful I was still in the room when this happened considering one of the devices I’d installed the other 9V battery in was in a different room. I will be contacting Amazon and filing a complaint. I’m very disappointed in their quality control standards.Read more

  5. Olly2014

    I thought these would be a great deal since I have quite a few pedals and active basses that need 9v batteries. Also seeing the amount of star ratings thought I couldn’t go wrong. But these things can’t seem to keep a charge even when I unplug everything.I’ve also had the same problem as a bass player who reviewed these batteries. The battery is too tall and fat for tight battery cavities and don’t last long enough. You can see from my attached ***PHOTOS*** that it doesn’t even fit in my battery compartment w/o smashing it in and you don’t want to do that because it’ll bite into the attached wiring.There are more cons for this particular usage than there are positives. They may work great in other applications but I’m going back to buying regular brand batteries for my electronic instrument needs.Read more

  6. Tyler

    FYI, this review is for the 9 volt batteries. Amazon apparently groups the reviews for all of their battery styles together. I can’t really help with that.Batteries were just a tiny bit longer than the ones they were replacing. This was a problem in my carbon monoxide detector… But the battery compartment is finicky to battery size. I imagine this would work fine in most places, so long as the battery compartment isn’t too fancy.By my measurements, the AmazonBasics battery is the same size as another heavy duty battery that won’t fit in my CO detector. These batteries are 0.6mm longer and 0.6mm wider than a standard duracell battery.My photos attached show some measurements… Which may not be perfect but hey I don’t get paid for this:1: The length measurement of an Amazon Basics battery (47.96mm), along side a Duracell (clearly shorter) and another brand “Heavy Duty” battery.2: A measurement of the difference in thickness between the Amazon Basics and the Duracell battery. (0.59mm thicker)3: A measurement of the difference in length between the Amazon Basics and the Duracell battery. (0.6mm longer)Read more

  7. Michael M.

    I used these to replace the 9v batteries in 6 smoke detectors in my house. Within 5 weeks, all of my smoke detectors are now chirping the low battery warning. Typically, my smoke detectors will last at least 6 months using name brand batteries. I will not buy these again. I’m seeing people report low capacity for years now. Amazon really needs to work on the quality of their products’ supply chain, as the Amazon Basics line is really hit and miss. These 9volt batteries are a total miss and not worth purchasing.Read more

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