0C11N1GEOAJ128 Siriusxm sxsd2 transportable speaker dock audio system for dock and play radios (black)

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  • via entering your model range.
  • 2. 1 device with separate tweeters, midrange speakers and a effective subwoofer
  • a fold away deal with and an antenna cradle make it easy to take anywhere
  • control your radio and docking station with the covered far flung
  • has a headphone jack for private listening and a aux in jack to allow for different mp3 gamers for use
  • well suited: xm onyx ez, stratus 7, siriusxm onyx plus, starmate eight, stratus 6, xm onyx, siriusxm side, siriusxm onyx plus, xm onyx ez, xm onyx, xm xpressrci

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siriusxm sxsd2 transportable speaker dock

take your favourite programming with you – from the house or office to the patio, park or anywhere in between.

take siriusxm with you anyplace you pass using the hid fold up take care of and integrated antenna cradle with cable garage

plug into an available ac outlet or listen everywhere with batteries (offered one by one). Join mp3 players and different audio devices thru the aux in jack (aux in cable offered one at a time).

  • portable speaker dock
  • radio dock adapters adapters
  • ac electricity adapter
  • indoor/outside domestic antenna
  • far off manage
  • person guide
  • key capabilities

    experience class-main sound satisfactory with full audio variety supplied by means of a 2. 1 machine with separate tweeters, midrange speakers and a powerful subwoofer that promises difficult-hitting bass response.

    fashionable and refined design is an fashionable addition to any home or office.

    operate each the portable speaker dock and your satellite tv for pc radio the usage of the protected faraway manage. Concentrate privately the use of the headphone jack.


    the siriusxm sxsd2 portable speaker dock is well suited with the following siriusxm radios:

    onyx ez, xm onyx ez, xm onyx, siriusxm part, xm xpressrci, xm xpress rc, xm xpressr, xpress, xpressez, starmate eight, starmate 5, starmate 4, starmate three, stratus 7, stratus 6, stratus 5, stratus four, stratus, sportster 5

    product description

    revel in high nice sound from your satellite radio anywhere you pass. With the siriusxm docking station you could in reality take your radio, plug it into the dock, and you will be geared up to pay attention for your favourite station. The dock can be used with a conventional ac outlet. In case you need to take it out doorways with you it’s going to run off of 8 d-cell batteries supplying you with entire mobility along with your music. The handy remote that incorporates the dock lets in you to control you radio and the docking station from a distance. In case you ever need to play tune from certainly one of your different media devices you could just plug it into the docking station using the aux in jack. Whilst it’s miles past due at night or if you just want to pay attention for your music privately, you could continually use the headphone jack and concentrate with some headphones. You want quality sound to your favored xm station; you get that with the siriusxm docking station. A 2. 1 speaker gadget with separate tweeters and a subwoofer deliver you with a remarkable sound enjoy. Connectors: 1/8 in (three. Five mm) female .


    Black, Speaker Dock & Onyx Plus Vehicle Kit

    5 reviews for 0C11N1GEOAJ128 Siriusxm sxsd2 transportable speaker dock audio system for dock and play radios (black)

    1. D. Schultz

      I wasn’t sure what to expect when I ordered this. As soon as I opened the box I could tell this was a high quality system. Not only is it built solid but it sounds amazing! I am definitely glad I bought this and would recommend it to anyone with a dock and play radio! If you do buy this, make sure the adapter piece is snapped in properly or you will get the “antenna damaged or disconnected message.”Read more

    2. ZCycles

      I’m using the dock mainly for the motor home and the ability to take the music outside, to the shore, by the campfire… where ever including inside the coach. I have the Onyx and a vehicle mount so it plays through the motor home system while driving, also have a home mount by the house audio system and now with the speaker dock I can take the music anywhere at home or on the road. I’ve had no troubles so far, good reception both in the house, in the RV and outside even in the forest. The antenna hooks tight on the back of the speaker and tilts up. The excess wire has a wrapping area so it stows nicely. It can take a bit of a push to ‘lock’ the antenna to the speaker but it does lock and does not fall off. I had a bit of a time getting the adapter plate for the Onyx to snap into place but after a couple of tries and a firm hard push the plate does snap into place and the Onyx sits securely in place and does not jiggle loose or wobble when pushing buttons… for the folks complaining about this then y’all perhaps not getting the plate latched in right. If it is snapped in right there is zero gaps around the plate and the plate itself does not move… almost like it was molded there from the factory. This speaker would be a dream come true if it had Bluetooth so that other devices might use it without the wired AUX connection. The sound is great… I’m still unsure if I miss being able to adjust tone, so far it has not been a problem. The unit is heavy, especially with a full load of D cells, but the pull up handle is well placed and comfy to use.Read more

    3. Kerry Lyman

      I love this thing. I’ve had satellite radio in my car for three years and wanted it in my house but was afraid of poor reception without an outdoor antenna. Not an issue. I get great reception anywhere in my single-story house. I realized that when I start my car in the garage, with the metal garage door open and on the roof of the garage, I get great satellite radio reception even while in the garage. So I assumed (correctly) that reception in the house would not be an issue.If it is, no problem, the sound box comes with a very long indoor antenna that can be placed by a south facing window. There is even a place on the back of the sound box to wind and store the cord and antenna right on the sound box if it is not needed. But best of all, it has GREAT sound. Cannot believe the sound that comes from this relatively small boom box. I call it a boom box because it does have great bass.As an FYI, Sirius/XM offers a free radio that fits this sound box with a paid subscription. In addition, if you already have a subscription, a second subscription for the sound box radio is discounted by about a third.Read more

    4. Tana

      First time reviewer: This is my first review ever; I don’t have time to write negative reviews – I’ll just return the product. After literally hundreds of satisfied purchases from Amazon (many that have given my electronic, music, audio recording and photography appetites great pleasure) I’ve never been driven to write a rave review; this time I will – happily!I’m a bit of an audiophile so my expectation was low for this low-priced product. What a surprise! I’m at this moment listening to a Blues track and I’m so amazed that I grabbed my iPad to write this review. Granted, I’ve only had the product for five days so I’m not reviewing its durability; I’m writing about its sonic abilities.Disclaimer: I’m not reviewing a high-end audio component, so audiophiles in the audience please apply some context. This is a $100+ boombox playing medium-quality compressed streaming files, yet my listening senses are satisfied.1] The low end was not boomy, as many low-priced boomboxes tend to be.2] Most pleasing was the fact that the solo guitars in the track came through crisply and with punch.3] The vocals (especially the male voices), carry sufficient energy in the right frequency band to convey warmth and character and just the right tone and tambre – so pleasing!In addition to the sonic features listed above, the speaker offers wonderful conveniences:-1] Portability (batteries for taking the unit to your favorite park – I’ve not tested the batteries as yet as I’m awaiting the arrival of my rechargeables),2] Aux in (I’m actually piping into the boombox my Pandora Blues channel from my iPhone this minute via a 3.5mm male-male stereo cable plugged into the Aux port) is a nice convenience since the box provides an adequate listening volume.3] A convenient rack on the back of the unit to store the antenna cable and the antenna itself – without having to carry these items separately, and eventually lose them.4] A nice remote which works for both the speaker and the satellite radio – also provides all the controls the radio requires. Volume controls and muting are nice additions on the remote.5] The satellite radio sits securely in its seat in the boombox without any movement – this augers well for future stability.6] Stylistically, the speaker is attractive – it’s a little larger than I expected, (by the photos it seems larger than the other boom boxes, which were more pricey) but the Model I went with is the SXSD2 because of price and seemingly added portability (I’m not comparing the portability of other models as I’ve not tried the other boxes) and I’m happy with my purchase. It does have a look of quality.I plan to find a traveling bag that fits right in order to keep it looking pristine as I tend to hold on to my purchases for many years.Finally, buy this product, you won’t be disappointed. I know some buyers are picky (and rightly so, it’s your hard earned money), but for $100+ bucks I don’t think you can go wrong. I say this while owning a Bose top-end portable speaker and headphones that exceed $500. This unit allows me to listen to my satellite radio (and stream my Pandora, along with my Amazon & iTunes music libraries) anywhere – in my home, on the balcony, at the park and at the beach. Before booking with my audio professional store to have the SiriusXM magnetic antenna permantly installed in my car, I did toy with the idea of just putting this boombox on my car’s backseat as I drive (if I could figure out how to get an adequate signal for the uninstalled antenna); however, that adventure is now moot.Get it!!Read more

    5. Dennis Cardison Hampenshire

      I did not expect a lot from this unit. I bought it just so I could bring it on remote trips and still use my Sirius Onyx radio. All I wanted was access to Sirus programming, and I was willing to take a hit on sound quality.What I got was a great little unit that pumps out quality sound. This is not audiophile, lay-back-and-marvel-at-the-universe-of-sound kind of stuff. It’s just damn good sound at an excellent price. I also use an old iPhone as a music source and plug it into the auxiliary port. Works beautifully.No difference in performance between plugged in or battery power. Battery life has been great as well. One set of 8 D cells lasted a solid 3 day weekend.They could be charging a lot more for this. Buy one before they figure this out.Read more

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