0C11MI4ENVP893 Amazon fundamentals 36 % aaa high-overall performance alkaline batteries, 10-year shelf existence, smooth to open value percent

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  • aaa 1. Five-volt overall performance alkaline batteries; ideal for a ramification of devices, inclusive of recreation controllers, toys, flashlights, virtual cameras, and clocks
  • 10-yr leak-unfastened shelf life; air- and liquid-tight seal locks within the power until it’s needed thanks to the improved design, which incorporates twin crimps, a brand new zinc composition, and anti-corrosion components
  • gives you the quantity of electricity wanted for a particular device; best for game controllers, toys, flashlights, digital cameras, clocks, and extra
  • backed via an amazon fundamentals 1-year restrained assurance
  • notice: those batteries are not rechargeable. For reusable options, take a look at out amazon basics rechargeable batteries
  • to analyze more about recycling single-use batteries, truely reproduction/paste this link into your browser: call2recycle. Org/what-can-i-recycle

from the producer

dependable, adaptive power

those high-overall performance batteries deliver the proper amount of electricity for the specific tool, making sure top of the line performance.

anti-leak, anti-corrosion

made with anti-corrosion additives, our leak-evidence air and liquid-tight seal holds strength in until it’s needed to your devices.

safe usage

the battery’s insulating ring protects against short circuiting and self discharging, and its small holes prevent heat construct-up and bursting.

emergency ready

the long-lasting batteries can be used right away or saved for later—perfect for climate radios, flashlights, and different must-haves in an emergency.

product description

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100 AAA, 150 AA, 20 AAA, 200 AAA, 250 AAA, 300 AAA, 36 AAA, 4 AAA, 8 AAA, Combo Pack: 100 AAA + 100 AA, Combo Pack: 20 AAA + 4 9V, Combo Pack: 20 AAA + 8 Pack 9 Volt, Combo Pack: 48 AA + 36 AAA, Combo Pack: 8 AAA + 4 Pack 9 Volt

8 reviews for 0C11MI4ENVP893 Amazon fundamentals 36 % aaa high-overall performance alkaline batteries, 10-year shelf existence, smooth to open value percent

  1. Marsha S. Auster

    Not only did a few batteries leak they ruined one of my Gideon Flameless LED candles. I am so disappointed. I thought that with the Amazon name I would have a quality product. I purchase many products from the Amazon website.I would like a refund and a replacement for the ruined Gideion Flameless LED candle. I purchased three candles and the 6 inch candle is ruined.Read more

  2. B. Bourque

    I usually love Amazon products, but hate these batteries. A pack of 36 AAA were purchased in 2015 and used in a number of items, ranging from clocks, multi-meters, IR temperature gauges, etc. Every single one of these devices that I have placed the Amazon batteries in, and left them for a couple years, has leaked causing serious damage to the product. Duracell and Energizer batteries have never leaked on me. Spend more money and get a quality battery that will not leak. Amazon should not be selling such a poor product that has caused many times the batteries original purchase price to my electronic devices.Read more

  3. D. Ross

    Unfortunately these batteries are not a quality product. I purchased a carton of them with expiration dates of 2027 yet they go dead quickly and LEAK! The only reason I tried this brand is due to many Duracell failures over the past couple of years including longevity and leakage. It seems to be a constant battle these days finding a decent battery at any price point and I’ll assure you that THESE are NOT a decent battery. So now what? Well, I attempt to locate each piece of equipment into which these leakers were installed and replace them with a different brand. Not to mention I’ll need to toss the remaining “good” (and I use that term loosely) batteries.Read more

  4. Westin S

    Well I would have thought these batteries were great up until I opened my kids RC spider and found one of the batteries had ruptured. Don’t think I’ve ever seen the case of a battery come apart like this. Ordered AC Delcos this time around. Some other reviewer posted performance data indicating they were the best bang for your buck. Had no problems prior to this one so I can’t say it’s a systemic issue but it is worthy of note.Read more

  5. T. Smiley

    Bought a new Amazon Firestick remote control (sweet puppy consumed the previous one). Had it for a couple of weeks and received an alert that the battery life was low and so I bought these Amazon batteries as a replacement. (I love Amazon, right!?) Received the batteries and changed them in the remote. Four days later the alert pops up on the TV that battery life was low again. Busy and consumed with teaching summer school and raising children, I thought maybe I just “thought” about replacing them before but didn’t really do it. So I did do it (again) and sure enough, within 4-5 days the same alert appears. Replaced the batteries again in the remote. Last night, the same alert appears. … Unbelievable! What is wrong with these batteries? At this rate of having to replace these batteries, I can’t afford to watch free TV. I’ll never buy these batteries again.Read more

  6. Michelle

    I bought these batteries for my closet automatic LED light strips that turn on for 30 seconds. I only go Into my closet 4 x a day but I would replace the batteries once a month. Then my Duracell batteries in my Thermostat died after five years. I replaced the Thermostst with Amazon batteries, would not turn on. I went through half the pack and finally one pair of Amazon batteries worked! Next day? Thermostat indicated low batteries and the screen barely can be read. Replaced the batteries in my thermostat with Enigizer batteries, no issues!Read more

  7. C

    AmazonBasics batteries are quite good in terms of capacity — pretty much tied for the top spot compared to the other 6 brands I’ve tested, but other brands have the edge in capacity per dollar. When I computed value by dividing capacity by the cost per battery of the cheapest package size, they took a respectable third place, and they have the advantage of being a trusted name compared to the value leader. In the images I have attached a graph and a table summarizing my test results for the 7 types I’ve tested, but if you’d like to know more about how I test … on to the in-dept test & review.I’ve been on a bit of a quest to test all of the top-selling aaa batteries on Amazon in a repeatable, precise way. This means the same equipment, same environmental conditions, and same slots in the equipment will be used for each test. For each test, I fully discharge 3 batteries in my Opus BT-C2000 battery analyzer at rates of 100 ma, 200 ma, and 400 ma (discharge rate affects usable capacity). I have also performed this exact same test (same equipment, same conditions) on the ACDelco, Duracell Procell, Duracell Coppertop, Energizer MAX, Maxell, and Rayovac. I have linked the other brands I’ve reviewed at the end of this review if you’d like to take a look at the other results for comparison purposes. For the Amazon Basics batteries, the capacity at each discharge rate was:Disch Rt | Capacity | Runtime | Sample use case100 mA | 997 mAh | 10 hrs | Low-power LED flashlight200 mA | 914 mAh | 4.5 hrs | Electronic toy / medium LED flashlight400 mA | 623 mAh | 1.5 hrs | Motorized toy / bright LED flashlightNote that these (and all other Alkalines) would achieve somewhat higher capacity (maybe 1200 mAh) in a low discharge application like a mouse, keyboard, remote control, etc because alkaline batteries have internal resistance that reduces usable capacity at high discharge rates.The capacity of these batteries is among the best I’ve tested — take a look at the attached data table for comparative data. For the cost (~$0.31/ea in a 36 pack right now), these are a decent but beatable value — the power supplied per dollar spent is very good, but eclipsed by other currently available options.Comparison:These batteries do well capacity-wise, but value-wise are blown away by the currently cheapest energy/dollar battery that I’ve tested, the ACDelco aaa’s. Their capacity results were:Disch Rt | Capacity | Runtime100 mA | 1005 mAh | 10 hrs200 mA | 864 mAh | 4.3 hrs400 mA | 670 mAh | 1.7 hrsAs you can see, the Amazon batteries were very comperable … but, at the current time the AmazonBasics batteries are $0.31/ea (36 pack), while the ACDelco batteries are about $0.21/ea (48 pack) — so the ACDelco are significantly cheaper per mAh. I did not test shelf life, so it’s possible that these may hold up better sitting in a drawer. Although both the Amazon batteries and the ACDelco batteries are certainly made on contract by a third party, I do think that I trust Amazon a bit more to provide consistent batteries than ACDelco … although I haven’t had any trouble with my ACDelco batteries so far. It’s also worth noting that the Amazon batteries come in clearly superior packaging – while the ACDelco batteries come in a horrible gigantic plastic blister pack, the Amazon batteries come in a closable cardboard box. If you don’t go through a lot of batteries & organization of your battery drawer is important to you, that could push them into the all-around winner category despite the ~50% price premium.Finally, because another review specifically mentions the Rayovac AA’s as being ‘good’ in some usage scenarios, I thought I’d share my findings for the Rayovac AAA’s. In short, they’re garbage – the Amazon batteries are better in EVERY case. It’s possible that the Rayovac AA’s are much better than the AAA’s, but I think it’s more likely that the version of the Rayovacs tested by the website that he got his results from is different than the most popular Rayovac on Amazon (I source all of my batteries from Amazon). I ran the Rayovac test several times because I couldn’t believe how poorly they did … here are some typical Rayovac results:Disch Rt | Capacity | Runtime100 mA | 908 mAh | 9 hrs200 mA | 590 mAh | 2.9 hrs400 mA | 443 mAh | 1.1 hrsMy other battery tests/reviews:I have posted reviews for Duracell Coppertop, Duracell Procell and ACDelco aaa alkaline batteries with capacity data gathered using the exact same method and equipment. To find those reviews for comparison purposes, go to the product pages linked below and search for ‘mah’ under ‘all reviews’ (or just browse to them on my profile). If/when I do additional aaa tests/reviews in the future, I will update this list.ACDelco AAA Super Alkaline BatteriesDuracell AAA Batteries Coppertop MN2400 – 20 PackDuracell Procell AAA Batteries PC2400BKD09Energizer MAX AAA BatteriesMaxell Alkaline Battery AAA CellRayovac Alkaline AAA BatteriesRead more

  8. jan bush

    I purchased these batteries to go in some led puck lights. Each light takes 3 batteries. I purchased them about 2 weeks ago and installed the lights. This morning the lights were already out, and I had to replace the batteries again. These lights are not in constant use, I’d say only used approximately 4 or 5 hours in the 2 weeks I’ve had them. The batteries are CRAP, and prove the adage, you get what you pay for.Read more

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