0C11KQENYMD249 Cerwin-vega sl-12 12″ three-manner ground tower speaker

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  • three-way machine layout
  • huge motor 12″ woofer for punchy bass
  • 5 1/4″ midrange for vocal clarity
  • 1″ smooth dome tweeter for crisp highs
  • bass reflex cupboard for extended lows. Peak sensitivity: 91 db
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product description

cerwin vega sl12 3-way ground speaker the sl-15 and sl-12 are the flag-ships of cerwin-vega! Sl-collection. The sl-12 provides a real 3-manner sound experience and first-rate realism the usage of three drivers, each dedicated to the excessive-, mid- and coffee-frequencies. They combine the gain of the bigger cabinet for deep, strong bass and extremely good electricity dealing with with the clarity of the dedicated midrange and excessive frequency drivers. The sturdy and contemporary styled bass reflex cupboard is stable constructed to maintain the ultra massive 12″ woofer. Whether or not you are being attentive to your favored tunes, looking a blockbuster hit, or following the huge game, the pleasant of your revel in is defined by way of sound. Cerwin-vega knows this. Excessive strength output, punchy bass and vocal readability all fall collectively within these audio system. If you are searching out large bass and call for serious sound in primary stereo or domestic theater environments, you have to test out the sl-12 or sl-15. Cerwin-vega has been the worldwide chief in loudspeaker layout for over 5 a long time! And now, with the new sl series, cerwin-vega can provide their legendary power and exceptional sound pleasant in an all new design. If you’re putting collectively your dream sound device for domestic or other environment, there’s no need to compromise. As a substitute, do it right – do it with the cerwin-vega! Sl series. Features & specifications three-way gadget designlarge motor 12″ woofer for punchy bass5 1/four” midrange for vocal clarity1″ tender dome tweeter for crisp highsbass reflex cupboard for prolonged lowsclassic styling with detachable grillefrequency response: 29 hz – 26 khzpower coping with (watts): 300 peakpeak sensitivity: 91 dbnominal impedance: 8 ohms


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6 reviews for 0C11KQENYMD249 Cerwin-vega sl-12 12″ three-manner ground tower speaker

  1. J-Rod

    Noticed things weren’t sounding right so decided to look into it. Notice the front panel that holds all the speakers is separating, then took the speakers out because the box felt unbalanced, then saw 2 of the magnets were off and sitting on one side. Would not buy again, only lasted about 6 months.Read more

  2. BeccaM

    How to say this? This CV center channel speaker sounds fantastic but is easily twice as large as I thought it would be. I bought it to replace a failing old Boston Acoustics cheap center channel, but seriously you’ll need a fairly large space in your AV cabinet. Or in my case, the little shelf above the TV which had had the BA speaker before is going to need some refitting before I feel totally safe with the new unit. I should’ve looked at the product dimensions; it’s 6.5″ high, 7.5″ deep, and 27.5″ long, and weighs about 20 lbs.The original shelf is holding, but I ain’t comfortable with the noticeable sag. If you have your TV on top of an AV cabinet, no, the SL45C will not fit in front of it like most standard soundbars will. I ended up ordering some Polk center speaker wall mounts and will put those up as soon as I receive them.Setting aside the “holy crap, this speaker is huger than I thought it’d be” issue, I have zero complaints about the sound. It’s crisp, has excellent range, and made my Dolby Digital/Surround/Atmos audio rendering issues go bye-bye. Sound at both high and low volume is good, too, and impressed with vocal quality. I also pipe music audio through the receiver from my computer via Airplay, and the difference is remarkable.Would I buy again? Perhaps, although obviously I might’ve gone with a smaller model.Read more

  3. ob1

    Very solid product from a pretty well known manufacturer of speakers. Running this as a center to my Onkyo 656 receiver, with 2 NHT 2.5 towers as my fronts. Sound is pretty “boomy” even with adjusting crossover from 40hz to full. Voices sound like they are coming out of a box, and never really reach that natural sound that I expect, like someone sitting in my living room. Most of the time, the clarity is there…especially during commercials! For the price, this is a pretty good buy, replaced my little 2 speaker KLH and definitely was a step up…but then again, I had only paid $22 for my KLH. Probably for a audio purist, this speaker would not cut it, but for the rest of us with average human hearing, they are pretty good. Just wish the voice clarity was better.Read more

  4. Michael

    [Edited speaker layout]All I can say is wow! I have an entire 7.2.4 system and all the speakers except upward firing are Cerwin-Vegas (fronts = SL-12, surrounds = RE-16; two subs = LW-12; center = SL-45c; front/rear height = HT-S5) . These beauties replaced my older Cerwin-Vega V-10. The mid and bass is just out of this world good for the price. The tweeter is good but not on the level of the mid/bass. I put up a pint so you can get a feel of its height. Roll off is 40hz but can be set to Full as well, depending on your sub situation.[Edited entire review][Revisit] Cerwin Vega SL-45c: Okay, after doing actual speaker testing with PC software. The biggest difference was this – TURN OFF ROOM CALIBRATION. My first post was that I was disappointed in the high end. But I have come to find out that my receiver’s software is absolute junk and makes this speaker sound terrible at the high end and I have the top of the line Onkyo RZ-3100. I turn off the AccuEQ from Onkyo and I can now hear the audio better and I can hear those small sounds that previously I could not hear. I’m unsure why this is happening with the calibration but…I just can’t use it. I also roll off these speakers off at 100HZ . I tried all kinds off roll off, from 60 (the rated is 55hz) to 120. The best sound is 100hz and relieves the deep bass from these speakers which I do not need. If you want bass, get two LFE sub-woofers. Also, the two speakers seem to cross over in this box this way from left to right (bass, mid, tweeter, mid, bass) when testing. Overall I am very satisfied with this speaker as long as the receiver’s room correction software is turned off. I also placed big 3M rubber feet under the bottom, the benefits are probably inaudible. Oh and…they seem to have a very long bake in time. They sound better as they age.Read more

  5. Jeff

    I replaced my old center channel speaker a year or so back with the CV center channel and finally upgraded the front speakers with these… wish I hadn’t waited so long. These little speakers put out so much sound and with such clarity, I had no idea how much I was missing with my old speakers.Read more

  6. W. L. Lynch

    Using with a Rotel RSX 1056 utilizing the analog input for a music hall cd player and a pro-ject recordmaster turntable with ortofon 10 stylus for two channel stereo. Mostly this is used for records.Right out of the box they sounded flat but warmed up after about 15 minutes. Over the next several hours the sound evened out nicely and the detail and imaging improved Only have about 10 hours on them but I am already in love with them. I have read that CV’s are only good for volume, bass is boomy, yadda yadda yadda. I have also read they have no detail and the high end is not good. I am not experiencing any of this. Bass was boomy when too close to the wall but a few inches and that was no longer an issue. High end is fine and detail is clear. They sound amazing. Certainly they are large but that was quite what I was aiming for. As a wise man said in a previous post, there is no replacement for displacement:)Read more

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