0C11KEUP3JB303 Cerwin vega v124dv2 1300 watts 4 ohms/450 watts power managing max 12-inch twin voice coil

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$103.06 $94.07

  • while people think about cerwin-vega mobile they think about sturdy excellent
  • proprietary stamped forged vega basket design
  • optimized excessive-strength single-stacked motor shape
  • double-stitched vega pink santoprene surround

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8 reviews for 0C11KEUP3JB303 Cerwin vega v124dv2 1300 watts 4 ohms/450 watts power managing max 12-inch twin voice coil

  1. Joe

    I assembled this CERWIN VEGA V124Dv2 1300 Watts 4 Ohms/450 Watts Power Handling Max 12-Inch Dual Voice Coil; in a Q Power QBOMB12VL SINGLE Single 12-Inch Side Ported Speaker Box with Durable Bed Liner Spray; and connected a MRV-M500 – Alpine Monoblock 500W RMS V Power Series Car Amplifier. The results was a really deep and solid bass for my SUV. As always Cerwin Vega delivers incredible quality in their products. I fully recommend it.Read more

  2. WChamp

    Very Nice Sub for the money. The ‘Pull out Clip and Flip’ makes the sub 8ohm or 4ohm. Very Easy, No wiring, except to Amp. I needed a Sub that could handle more Power, so I upgraded. Used in Home setup as a Passive Sub with a Rockville Amp. Should work Great in a Car!Read more

  3. Korey

    I replaced my 22 year old cerwin vega. Iam very disappointed that the are not made in the USA anymore! The quality is not the same as the American made speaker. Edited after my fuse kept blowing. This speaker is only 2 or 8 ohms!!! Not 4ohms as described.Read more

  4. Brian

    Picked this up for our son’s birthday present. We wanted a good foundation for him to be able to build in. We picked up 1 sub, a vega 1200w amp, a box, and amp kit. These are not the Vegas from decades ago, but they are well made and ther ohm ‘switch’ is nice. This single sub hits hard and does it effortlessly.Read more

  5. Pedro c.

    It sounds good but as soon I play some heavy bass tones it holds up for about one minute then you can smell like the sub is burning haven’t let it smoke I don’t know my amp is a monoblock 500xi zx kicker and kicks the crap out of that vegaRead more

  6. Roy Martin

    I love how responsive these are when you build the right box and give them the right power. Very nice sound.Read more

  7. Decadeofdemis

    This subwoofer is made for sound loud quality without having wattage expression. Custom or prefabricated boxes still sounds good.Read more

  8. Alexcid

    Kicks some bassRead more

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