0C11JZI2PY9762 Xit axtcxny bluetooth clip x speaker, neon yellow

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  • clips onto many things
  • suction cup protected
  • usb rechargeable

product description

xit axtcxny bluetooth clip x speaker is first rate for traveling. It clips onto your belt loop, purse, tote bag, returned percent, vehicle mirror, and many others. It also comes with a suction cup to mount on a wall, shower, automobile window, and so forth. It has a integrated rechargeable battery. Neon yellow with a red suction cup.


Neon Yellow

8 reviews for 0C11JZI2PY9762 Xit axtcxny bluetooth clip x speaker, neon yellow

  1. Lauren E. Reese

    I just needed something for listening to books in the shower because my phone volume isn’t loud enough to hear from the bathroom and I’d rather not have to bring my phone into the shower itself. For five bucks, I definitely don’t mind taking this in the shower (in fact, the first time I used this, I dropped it right in the bath…whoops…kept right going!).Sound quality is pretty poor, at least at high volume, but it’s not like I expected Bose quality at this price. I wouldn’t be satisfied with this speaker if I wanted it for music, but I would’ve been willing to pay a bit more if that’s what I was looking for. Like others, I’d really really like a volume control on the speaker itself. Pause, rewind, etc… controls would be nice too. Overall, a great value for the price, especially for what I was looking for, and I’d buy it again and again, but I just can’t bring myself to give it 5 stars. I’d say it’s value is twice what I paid for it, but keep in mind that at a value of $10, a BT speaker isn’t exactly going to blow your mind in features or quality.Read more

  2. Lee

    Purchased two of these. Have had clip speakers before in the form of Black Berry which works great, picked these up as back ups. The shell is made well, sounds isn’t great but doable. Battery drains very quickly … 20 mins tops on full charge with the two I have. If it was just one, I would think it’s possibly a lemon. But two? That pretty much says it all.Read more

  3. Francisco

    Bought this for s*** and giggles, because for 7$ why not right?I long board/hike regularly and i always bring a speaker for music, this little guy is perfect!Battery lasts about 2 hours(but i have a portable charger so battery life isn’t an issue)The volume at max is just right for outdoor use.No features on the device other than on/off and the mic button but for 7$ you can’t expect much.Haven’t tested the suction cup…Bottom line if you’re considering getting this…just order it!Read more

  4. Wade

    This was so durable for the price. Omg I loved it, such a steal. Granted this is all for the price lol it’s not a $300 JBL or anything but it got the job done. Can’t tell you how many times I dropped this and it lasted about 6 months when I thought it would be good for a week.Read more

  5. Tiffany Briscoe

    Very cute and loud ! Must make sure you charge it before you use it ! If it’s sits a couple days (even off) the battery will run out !Read more

  6. Kendra M

    I love this speaker! I wanted to be able to listen to music or podcasts while running with my husband and this was perfect. I also will use it when running by myself so that I can still be aware of my surroundings. It clips nicely to my running belt and stays put. Also can’t beat the price!Read more

  7. Kindle Customer

    This little speaker has better sound than another speaker which cost me three times as much. It comes with a cable to connect it to your phone jack if you don’t want to do bluetooth. Its small size makes it very portableI bought a second one as a gift for a friend.Read more

  8. Mark Andreadis

    This is a much better product than I expected. I just turned it on and it paired immediately to my iPad. It looks very sturdy. The body is made from a sort of hard rubber that looks good and is easy to hold on to. The clip is easy to work and has a large enough opening to clip to anything up to about 1/2 inch. There is no volume on the unit but it responds to the iPad volume. The volume can be adjusted quite high so that you could easily hear it in the shower or car. There is a little more sound distortion at higher volume. The sound quality is not bad considering the price. I use it to listen to audiobooks and it’s great for that purpose. It comes with a suction cup you can use on a bathroom mirror or on a car window. You can also clip it on your clothes or a bag, etc. . It also comes with a charging cord and an audio cable if you don’t want to use Bluetooth. It is packaged in frustration-ful hard plastic, so have a toolbox and a medic standing by to get into the packaging. But once it’s opened its a nifty little gadget that appears well made and is a steal at $6.99.Read more

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