0C11I0XZR0H360 14awg speaker twine, gearit pro series 14 awg gauge speaker cord cable (100 feet / 30. Forty eight meters) brilliant use for domestic theater speakers and automobile audio system white

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  • make certain this fits
  • with the aid of getting into your model number.
  • preminum speaker cord – use this gearit pro collection speaker twine cable that’s build great stranded conductors to construct this expert grade speaker twine audio cable
  • custom installations – you can use this speaker cord to pair with banana plugs, spade guidelines, or bent pin connectors to attach your speakers for your a/v receiver or amplifier with this gearit seasoned collection speaker cord.
  • advantage of cca (copper clad aluminum) – right here are the statistics about cca vs oxygen loose copper. Cca wire offers the same sign frequency and reliability in terms of corrosion resistance to copper wire. The advantage of the cca speaker wire is lighter and more bendy than copper twine. The value of cca vs oxygen unfastened copper is a whole lot decrease and you can enjoy the same capabilities and reliability as copper wire with out paying the more price for the set up.
  • maximum best cloth and tier 1 manufacture method – the cable is product of cca copper clad aluminum, making sure excessive constancy sound fine and presenting maximum’s conductivity and sturdiness without paying the additional value. The product undergo many states of trying out to make sure the highest overall performance and reliability of the goods.
  • pro series lifetime guranteed – we stands for the highest first-class product and consumer delight. In case you are not glad with the product in anyway we offer an smooth go back policy. All product come with our pinnacle rated lifetime warranty carrier.

from the manufacturer

gearit 14-gauge speaker twine

without problems connect your audio system to amplifiers or receivers for your house theater gadget.

copper-clad aluminum conductors are marked with coloured lines to clearly decide left and proper for proper polarity, ideal for custom installations. Perfect for banana plugs, spade tips or pin connector packages. This gearit speaker cord comes wrapped around a difficult plastic spool that makes shelling out, measuring, slicing and storing simply easy. Sequential foot markings printed on the jacket offer an accurate installation. The percent jacket is designed to be hard, but flexible and additionally insulated across the wire to support splendid undistorted sound from audio device. From professional professional to a diy project, gearit has the right wire to suit your desires!

speaker wire built for high performance

  • spool for clean allotting, measuring, cutting & storing
  • sequential foot marking for unique set up
  • absolutely marked with a “black line” for proper polarity identity
  • well matched with banana plugs, spade guidelines, or bent pin connectors
  • high quality undistorted sound in your equipment
  • best for home theatre, automobile, rv and audio structures
  • flexible and insulated percent jacket surrounds the wiring to help supply most undistorted signals
  • easy installation into nearly all crimp terminals and banana plug connectors
  • 14 gauge copper clad aluminum (cca) conductors
  • high strand count number 41 strands
  • bendy and insulated p. C jacket
  • low in cost opportunity to naked copper
  • comparable benefits evaluate to pure copper
  • same conductivity with higher resistance through skin impact
  • ideal stability between performance and cost
  • gauge refers back to the thickness of the wire inside the cable. The decrease the gauge wide variety, the thicker the cord. For you to pick the perfect gauge speaker cable, the speaker impendence score will want to be considered. Speaker impendence refers to the resistance a speaker offers to the modern-day supplied through an amplifier.

    impendence (like resistance) is measured in ohms, and choosing a cord that an amplifier or receiver can manage is vital.

    an important consideration is that the wire gauge is suitable for the impedance of speakers and the cord length. Please observe the chart furnished as a tenet to assist in finding the nice gauge for your system’s performance.

    **be aware: for maximum family speakers, 14 guage cca speaker cord will paintings for going for walks each cable duration of 50ft or much less.


    50 Feet, 100 Feet, 200 Feet, 500 Feet


    Black, Clear, White, Translucent Black/Blue, Translucent Black/Clear, Translucent Black/Red

    8 reviews for 0C11I0XZR0H360 14awg speaker twine, gearit pro series 14 awg gauge speaker cord cable (100 feet / 30. Forty eight meters) brilliant use for domestic theater speakers and automobile audio system white

    1. Jose F.

      The cable works as expected. But I think there may be some confusion regarding CCA which I will attempt to clear up. I’m not an expert, so take what I say with a grain of salt.These cables are CCA (Copper Clad Aluminum / Aluminium), they are mostly aluminum with a very very thin coating of copper. This is important because Aluminum conducts electricity much less effectively than copper, almost 40% less efficient (higher resistance)! And painting wires with copper may slightly enhance an aluminum wire, but it is still not a pure copper wire thus cannot enjoy its same benefits.Before buying this cable you should understand the important differences between pure copper wiring and aluminum wiring (CCA):Assuming the cables are both structurally well built, there will likely be no Audible difference between the two.However, Aluminum wiring degrades much faster, is much more plyable and prone to snapping, and greater malleability meaning the wire will literally melt under pressure, oxidizes faster too further reducing conductivity.CCA cable will be good for short term (few years) indoor installations (because temperature frequent temperature fluctuations will wreck the aluminum, as in, the strands will just snap within the cable and cut conductivity).Its a good temporary and cheap solution for audio cables.If you are doing in wall installations you need CL2 / CL3 rated cables as those are made for that purpose.Lastly if you are doing a quality installation of audio equipment, I would personally go for pure copper, stranded cables with a low gauge. The oxygen free cables (OFC) thing is just a marketing term. All copper cables are already oxygen free up to like 99.0% because of cabling standards, the “oxygen free” term is only adding literally less than 1% more oxygen free and charging you a large premium for less than a % of purity.Read more

    2. Mike A.

      worked great used it on Apple AirPort Express Base Station and audio source 100 amp and Definitive Technology AW 6500 speakers to set up an air play.. now i can control my speakers from my iphoneRead more

    3. Mwhite1128

      Good product, excellent price. Worked quite well for surround sound patch cables.Read more

    4. KRD

      Looks like this will be more than adequate – now all I have to do is get things connected.Read more

    5. Gondish

      It is speaker wire that is white and seems to be good quality. Huge improvement over the cheap wire that came from my home theater system.Read more

    6. Ron M.

      Quality wiring for my outdoor speakers. Everything sounds good with a 100 foot runRead more

    7. Wickenstein

      The white wire matched the white paint on the wood and blends in well. The wire was reasonably easy to work with and fit into the curves and tight spaces.Read more

    8. DC

      I shopped for a couple of days for 14-gauge speaker wire before buying this particular product! Pulls apart cleanly and easy to cut/strip. It did come with a black line to stipulate negative wire, but again, I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. I definitely would buy it again!Read more

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