0C11HXPNNB5432 Imbaprice (5 percent) premium 2 connector banana wall plate – banana plug binding put up wall plate for speakers white

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  • constructed with excessive great anti corrosion gold plated connectors (percent of 5)
  • like minded with banana plugs, spades, or bare wire
  • matching binding posts on back and front with colour coded thumbscrews. Use with banana plugs, spades or naked cord
  • incorporates banana plugs on each front and back facets of the plate at the identical time relying on intensity of gang box
  • easy to install and put off without a soldering or special equipment required. Mounts to conventional length gang boxes

product description

  • join the speaker twine to the rear of the binding posts within the insert
  • fasten the insert to the wall plate with the shorter screws
  • attach the assembled wall plate to the wall bracket
  • connect the speaker cord or banana plugs to the front
  • speaker wall plate with banana binding posts

    putting in wall speakers has by no means been simpler than with the imbaprice speaker wall plate with 2 binding posts in white. It permits a connection between an in-wall speaker and an entertainment middle. This wallplate is ideal for man or woman room audio system and home theatre set up. Keep your cable neat and prepared with this wall plate. The decora fashion allows flexibility for packages and the ability to alternate the insert whilst necessary.


  • well suited with normal speaker cord and banana plugs
  • can be used with banana plugs, spades or naked cord
  • fits widespread unmarried-gang junction boxred and black jacks for clean identification
  • screws protected
  • 2 banana ports for speaker wall plate

    gold plated 2 banana connectors for speaker. It is fabricated from tough plastic – abs, difficult, long lasting and it’s miles extensively used housing fabric of electrical appliances that protect against damages. The wall plate with banana connectors are clean to put in, it comes with additives and screws required for set up. It is not essential to buy additional parts or components. Certainly meeting the connectors to the wall plate and connect the wall plate through the screws given. It does no longer even require soldering for set up.

    the imbaprice wall plate binding posts are made with excessive nice gold plated copper connectors that resist oxidation and corrosion. No soldering or unique gear required. Matching binding posts on the front and back of the wall plate are geared up with clean to put in thumbscrews which can be shade coded for polarity.

    comprises banana plugs on both back and front sides of the plate on the same time depending at the interior intensity of your gang container (gang field/mounting bracket now not protected). Deeper gang bins work better with installations like this.

    imbaprice domestic theater plastic wall plates are smooth to put in and encompass all the screws you need to mount them into fashionable size gang boxes.


    2 Connectors, 2 Connectors (5 Pack)

    8 reviews for 0C11HXPNNB5432 Imbaprice (5 percent) premium 2 connector banana wall plate – banana plug binding put up wall plate for speakers white

    1. Trevor Graf

      The trim plate does not sit tight against the drywall. There is a huge gap! I can’t possibly be the one person having this problem. I’m using low voltage remodel rings that have a small flange. I was able to modify the LV rings to recess the wall plates closer to the drywall. After installing the prototype, the wall plate still sits off the drywall a bit until I punch the small screws down into the drywall a little by smacking the screwdriver with the palm of my hand. So I guess that’s the solution. Now I get to spend my Saturday modifying LV rings with a utility knife. If I was a contractor I would be livid.Read more

    2. James W. Allison

      I used iMBAPrice (5 Pack) Premium 2 Connector Banana Wall Plate(s) in conjunction with a Fosmon [3-Gang 7.1 Surround Distribution] Home Theater Wall Plate and Mediabridge banana plugs and Mediabridge 12 gauge speaker wire to connect my home theater speakers when remodeling my den. Good quality jacks and the wall plate is of good quality (flexible, and they didn’t have any “extra” plastic in the screw holes or around the edges that would otherwise need to be trimmed off by the purchaser).Read more

    3. Rob

      This combined with a low voltage wall insert has really polished my home theater install.Its important to know when your ordering, only purchase banana plugs for the speaker leads, not for inside the wall. These terminals are too short two have 2 banana plugs inserted end to end.In my installation, I have tightened down the thread onto the wire inside the wall, and then used banana plugs for each speaker lead.Read more

    4. wd lash

      Only thing I wish was different was I wish they had been deeper so you could use banana plugs all they way in on both sides. Be careful not to push the ones on the inside out when installing the outside ones. If no sound out of the speakers that’s probably what you did.Read more

    5. Byron

      This is not a two pack, but a single plate that has two connectors, a positive and negative. Since all but the most crazy elaborate speakers have two (others have four), I thought that went without saying.Based on the price of the 5-pack and that most other brands the default is a 2-pack, or price per two plates is similar to this one, I assumed I was buying two wall plates.Read more


      I’m not one to write reviews, but I feel like this product deserves it. And I don’t want folks wasting their time or money like I did.Once installed this wall plate has a significant gap all the way around. I’m using orange low voltage boxes and I can actually see them with this plate installed.I can’t believe they would sell something with this kind of quality control. Unfortunately my renovation wasn’t completed in time and I’m past the return period. So I’m stuck with them.If I had the option to rate zero stars I would.Read more

    7. Vincent Price – NOT

      These are perfect for my 5.1 surround sound entertainment center. I ran speaker wires through the walls and had them connected to these. The connections are sturdy. These come with wall plates, so I didn’t even have to purchase the “decora” style wall plates separately. They are sturdy enough for long banana plugs from my speakers.And the price on the pack of five of these actually cost less than what my local DIY store wanted for just one from a different brand… I love Amazon for purchases like this.Read more

    8. Roger Hernandez

      Putting together a 14.2 Home Theater Room and I ran out of Banana Wall Plates . Did some searching on a set of decent wall plates that would do the job, found these at an excellent price. Locally I would expect to pay for one the same price I paid for a pack of 5 on Amazon. Needless to say they installed perfectly on single gang surface mount boxes and look great.Read more

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