0C11HPG10R5115 Alphasonik phantom wi-fi bluetooth v4. 2 transportable birthday party speaker with loud 30w hd stereo sound and rich bass, built-in mic, micro usb, auxiliary, 4000mah battery 24-hour playtime for iphone, samsung

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  • advanced sound satisfactory with wealthy complete bass – the phantom weights in at 3. 7 kilos. It supplies 30w of natural audio electricity with <1% harmonic distortion via the largest bass driver alphasonik has to offer on this line of speakers!
  • 60 foot bluetooth range – play as much as 60 feet faraway from your tool; our superior antenna design with bluetooth four. 2 provides fast connection and exquisite wireless bluetooth variety of as much as 60 unobstructed toes out of your tool
  • play your song to 2 phantom speakers – wirelessly connect two phantom speakers collectively, one speaker performs left the channel and the opposite performs the right, to play your song from a unmarried supply for extremely good stereo separation
  • play as much as 24 hours on a unmarried fee – play from morning until night time with as much as 24 hour playtime with the built in 4000mah li-battery, comes with a micro usb charging cable and a three. 5mm audio cable
  • a hundred% satisfaction guaranteed! – we’re assured that you may love your speaker, however if you aren’t glad, our products are continually subsidized by means of 30 day one hundred% cash back no question asked assured!
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the all new alphasonik phantom has twice the bass than the center speaker. As the most huge speaker on this bluetooth own family, the phantom weights in at three. 7 pounds. It supplies 30w of natural audio strength with <1% harmonic distortion via the biggest bass driving force alphasonik has to provide in this line of speakers! The 4 professionally tuned drivers and the alphabass generation supply very well balanced mids and highs with punching low quit and effective extent. The built in 4000mah li-battery gives as much as 24 hours of uninterrupted leisure on a full battery charge. While your phantom is absolutely charged the use of the micro usb provided, the red led battery indicator will flip off so that you may take your phantom anywhere you choose! When unplugged, this amazing speaker additionally presents you with a battery degree indicator that lets you recognise how a great deal life it has left. Approximate price time is 3-4 hours relying on battery lifestyles. Experience music and additionally fingers free calling with the constructed in microphone. The engineers at alphasonik cautiously designed the abilities of the phantom so that you can play song from bluetooth (v4. 2+edr) and from an auxiliary cable from any tool with a 3. 5mm audio cable. The phantom also gives a 5v/2a usb output port for outside device charging! Moreover, you could pair 2 phantom audio system and join them to a unmarried supply and make bigger the sound variety! As though one phantom wasn’t loud enough, 2 of them gets any party commenced! This effective speaker will bring you big sound and the convenience of installation and use is an additive to the already enjoyable capabilities.


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7 reviews for 0C11HPG10R5115 Alphasonik phantom wi-fi bluetooth v4. 2 transportable birthday party speaker with loud 30w hd stereo sound and rich bass, built-in mic, micro usb, auxiliary, 4000mah battery 24-hour playtime for iphone, samsung

  1. Jes

    I purchased this as a gift for my boyfriend and I must say this is a great speaker, the sound quality is good and the light feature is neat. We really enjoyed watching the lights on the color display however after further research my boyfriend decided the JBL Charge 2 plus was more practical for him. He will be using the speaker at work in an outside environment and it is better for outdoor use, there are 2 subs on the end so it provides a better base sound. The charge 2 can charge your phone and allow up to 3 bluetooth devices to be connected vs. the JBL Pulse which will only allow one.Overall if you are looking for a cool light display the JBL Pulse might be for you, but if you are looking for more practicality and versatility I would recommend the JBL Charge 2.Read more

  2. Aaron

    Pros* Durability is phenomenal here, with a thick rubber-like material along the top and bottom (which is easy to grip when wet) and the speaker easily survived my toss-it-out-the-window test from about 20 feet with no noticeable dings. As far as waterproof-ness, I took a shower and left this thing on the ground below me and it happily kept the tunes going the entire time. Considering the other reviewers that have run this over with cars and submerged it completely, I’d say this is a very well-built product.* Bluetooth range isn’t terrible. I had no problems with my connection through two walls and about 25 feet of distance overall.* Sound quality is acceptable. I’d call it average for cheap speakers, but definitely not the worst. More on this below.* Battery life is pretty good. I haven’t run it down fully so far but I was using it on full volume for about 7 hours (driving a loud truck) and had no issues whatsoever. Charge time afterward couldn’t have been more than a couple hours, which is very good in my opinion.Cons* Muddy sound. I pretty much expected this from small speakers to begin with, but these are pretty poor when it comes to clarity for vocals or classical music. Not a huge deal if you primarily listen to rock and hip hop, but the fact that the speakers sound overdriven at all times is a little annoying. My best attempts to correct the sound involved some software eq work (rough pic of eq attached). The problems are pretty predictable though – highs are a bit shrill, lows are lacking all detail but can be heard if the song is bass-y enough or if you eq it to death, mids are fairly flat and boring. Overall I would say this speaker sounds like an average pair of cheap computer speakers if you put a pillow in front of them.* Cables included are thin and flimsy. I doubt either will hold up very long. Luckily, this uses a standard micro-usb plug for charging and 3.5mm for input (if you don’t want to use bluetooth) so these aren’t very serious issues.* No hole for a rope or carabiner. Being a ruggedized outdoor speaker with 1/4″ threads for a stand, the manufacturer seemed to realize that people might not have a place to put this on the ground, but they overlooked a fairly standard feature here. Most small outdoor speakers have a hole in the corner to run a rope through or similar so that you could hook it onto a climbing pack or belt or anything else, so this seems like an oversight. I went to a hardware store and bought an eyelet with matching threads to attach my own carabiner to compensate, but I have to remove it if I want to set it down on a table or something with the controls facing up (since the screw post is on the bottom). Not a huge deal to most people, but between this and the muddy sound, I’d only give 4 stars.Final JudgmentI picked this speaker up for around $50, and I’d say it’s worth it to purchase up to $75 without hesitation. I would absolutely buy this speaker again.Read more

  3. S. Turner

    Not sure if I received a bad one but noticed other reviews with same issue so I returned and did not exchange. Plays perfect for about an hour then sound drops to whisper. Like the feel and sound when working is good. I noticed the issue when playing outside by the pool. Did not have the issue in the house so maybe heat related but I bought to be an outside speaker so I see it as a fail.Update 7/22: so seller reached out to me after I returned the product and offered to supply a second unit for testing. I have used it a few times now and have not had the issue with the sound. The seller was over the top in communication and customer service. I have revised my rating and we are more than pleased with the speaker. Best customer service I have seen in years.Read more

  4. Felicia

    This little speaker packs a punch, and gives you a light show. JBL definitely fit their quality sound into a small package with this bluetooth speaker. We were at an event and we noticed the music was coming from one of these, and that’s why we purchased this one.Update*one year later this is still my favorite little speaker we use it constantly outdoors by the firepit, inside while I’m working, in the bathroom playing relaxing music for a bath. It’s the best. You can use a an alternate micro usb charger like you would use to charge a Samsung phone plugged into a laptop to charge if your cord wears out or gets lost. Just FYI!Read more

  5. Kristina G

    I really like this speaker. It gets pretty loud. The bass isn’t as strong as I had hoped. Also, the battery life is pretty short when the lights are on, especially at the brightest setting. So unfortunately I use this speaker without all the cool lights to maximize my battery life, which sort of defeats the purpose of getting this speaker. The price-point is also way too high. They have same quality speakers for way less of the price.Read more

  6. Margie

    I have a JBL Clip speaker and it has the best sound of any speaker I’ve owned, ever. So I bought this one for the LED light show and for a bigger overall speaker. It was smaller than I expected but still everything I wanted and more. I’d estimate that it’s 3 or 4 times louder than the clip. The lights are beautiful! There are so many different ways to program them. If I had to criticize anything it would be that I can’t charge it in the horizontal position.Read more

  7. Amanda

    This speaker is amazing. Lets just say I shopped around all day on amazon looking for the perfect speaker for me. I looked at so many but this one kept coming back as the best one. The size is perfect too.When I first got it, I charged for like an hour thinking that would be enough. So I went to play it and it started loud then went low. I had read about others who had this problem and having to return it. I wanted to give it the benefit of the doubt and decided to charge it longer. When it is fully charged the color will changed from red to blue. Lets just say when it is fully charged it is so loud. Like overpowered some of the other people who had music on the river.I have dropped it on accident doing yard work. Still fine. It also fell in the river and totally floated. This is a heavy duty speaker. The connection to Bluetooth is super fast. If you have made it this far in the review I suggest you go ahead and get this one.Read more

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