0C11GG0E9J7153 Skullcandy air raid water resistant drop evidence bluetooth transportable speaker, black

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it’s the most effective transportable bluetooth speaker each loud and rugged enough for folks who don’t tread lightly. Bring on the elements: snow, dirt, water, you name it, pretty much some thing out of doors of a sharknado, and air raid can manage it, all the while blasting your soundtrack louder and clearer than any other speaker of its type. Air raid gives you seamless integration with any bluetooth-enabled device, and the rechargeable battery guarantees to closing longer than you do.


Black, Realtree

8 reviews for 0C11GG0E9J7153 Skullcandy air raid water resistant drop evidence bluetooth transportable speaker, black

  1. Justin Gardner

    This is a superb product. The quality of the internal components is amazing for such a cheap price. I initially saw one of these on display in a store, i pressed the demo button and quickly annoyed the whole store. I charged it once and it’s still going 20+ hours of talk radio. It’s also the exact dimension as a standard masonry brick, in a bind, you could probably severely injure someone by chucking it at them. It also has a rubberized body, so even though it will kill your enemy, you could still jam out afterwards.7-18-2020. I’ve used this brick for probably two hours everyday since I got it. It’s been three years and it still has amazing battery life and the sound quality is still superb. The only issue it has now is that I might have to cycle the power to it to get it to connect with my phone, but Im not sure if it’s the speaker’s fault or my 2014 vintage IPhone. Regardless, the speaker is one of my most favorite purchases.Read more

  2. Malachi Rockwell

    I’ve been buying Skullcandy products for close to ten years now. Between headphones and speakers even recently and never been disappointed. Except for now. I purchased it and received unopened with no signs of any damage, charged it for hours and won’t turn on at all. Even after 8 hours with provided outlet charger still does not turn on without being plugged in. Reached out to their online support and all that was offered were the manual instructions which were already included with it and the warranty instructions. So after processing the exchange I now have a duplicate with the exact same problem and have been waiting for further support for a few days now. I’m never buying anything Skullcandy again and I definitely don’t recommend anyone bothering with this product or their support.Read more

  3. M P

    I own several bluetooth speakers, most on the smaller size, so I wanted something bigger with more power and a better battery. Considering I mainly use these in a warehouse at work, the durable feature was a plus. Despite the mixed reviews, I thought for $50 bucks that this would be the one. I was let down of course and should have trusted the bad reviews. Upon unboxing, it would not power on. It will only function when plugged into AC power. Considering the replacement unit had the exact same problem, I am beginning to wonder if these things even have batteries installed. Save your time and money. My original unit was returned as well as the replacement unit. Currently awaiting my refund from Amazon.Read more

  4. Clint

    Another one that won’t turn on from factory, plugged it up overnight and next day nothing, will only work if plugged into power. What a wasteEdit: I opted for replacement, got the second one in and it too will only work if plugged into wall. This has got to be a joke, but with the other reviews saying the same thing I guess it’s not just me. I also reached out to tech support who just sent me the quick start up guide that was useless. I even attempted to take it apart to look for battery but felt like I was going to break the thing so screw it. Getting refund this time.Read more

  5. Steve Archer

    This is exactly what I expected it to be (then again, I almost always get what I expect cause I read the product description. It’s total BS that people leave bad reviews for stuff that’s their own damn fault for not reading the damn description. But I digress…)A nice medium sized, tough-looking, pretty loud bluetooth speaker. I love the way it looks, I’m a fan of Skullcandy already, and this speaker doesn’t dissappoint. I don’t need flashing lights, or glitter, or anything, so I’m very happy with its simplistic black design.Bass isn’t bad for a BT speaker of this size, I dunno if it’s even possible to cram enough bass into a smallish speaker to satisfy me, but that’s on me 😉 It seems to be built very solidly. Love the rubberized coating. Buttons are easy to find. I like that it has a ring on one side and a small bar on the other so it’s easy to clip a carabiner on it to hang it up.The powering on/off kinda staticky noise it makes when you turn it on/off isn’t the best thing ever, but it’s less than a second long and easy to ignore.It syncs up instantly. I pulled up a video and played it though the speaker; no lag (yay!!)There’s no distortion at max volume and it has a good range. I was playing music on it through my phone, phone was in my pocket, walked around all over the house and never lost connection or distorted.So yeah, overall I’m very happy with this speaker. Good job Skullcandy!Read more

  6. bigpoppalh

    I have maybe 10 Bluetooth speakers. I knew skullcandy made excellent ear buds. I thought they would make good speakers. I was wrong. They are the best. I have been blown away . This is hard to do because I love there ear buds. It’s easy to use period. Pairiing is simple. The part I was impressed with was how loud it is. It was our but crystal clear vocals and truly feel the bass at high volumes. The price for quality of item is insane. I have ranted enough. Just 1 last note wife loved mine so much we bought her one.Read more

  7. McKenna Wolf

    Great BT speaker! (In general and for the price!) This is an older model speaker but it still preforms. Well balanced with amazing sound clarity, which was a must for me. As people say, the bass could be more “booming” but as I said it IS well balanced and sounds crisp on AUX and BLUETOOTH pretty much no matter the type of audio or volume. It can indeed also be charging while in use which is also a very nice feature. The BT range is AWESOME! One of the best for sure. Extremely sturdy body and clip loop things. I have not yet tested how “waterproof” it is but I can say it is very weatherproof. i have used the speaker in extreme heat and cold. And it has been left out in very humid conditions. Mine still woks great! I personally think SkullCandy outdid themselves with this one.Read more

  8. Vaporsilver

    Best Bluetooth speaker I’ve ever owned and just bought a second. I wore out the power connection on the first after 2 years. But aound is great, painless pairing, and to be honest, most others I’ve had are flimsy, don’t sound anywhere as good, and die quickly. These are durable and just super neat design. Price has gone down a bit too. You won’t be disappointed! Just one thing, don’t leave it charging all the time as it weakens the battery.Read more

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