0C11FXDVL2R233 Sonos play:1 – compact wireless clever speaker – black (discontinued by using producer)

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  • small yet powerful speaker for streaming tune and more. Get wealthy, room-filling sound with play:1, and manipulate it with the sonos app.
  • the compact layout suits just about any area. Positioned it for your kitchen countertop, or tuck it away on your workplace bookshelf.
  • go from unboxing to listening in mins with simply 1 twine and step-by-step guidance inside the sonos app.
  • pair 2 play: 1’s inside the identical room for stereo separation and more distinctive sound.
  • easily connect sonos speakers in special rooms over wi-fi to create a home sound gadget that brings every room and absolutely everyone together.
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sonos play:1 compact wi-fi speaker for streaming song. Works with alexa. (black)


Black, White


1 Speaker

5 reviews for 0C11FXDVL2R233 Sonos play:1 – compact wireless clever speaker – black (discontinued by using producer)

  1. Levi

    I wanted to chime in here because I can see that this little speaker is getting an undue bad rep for basically being misunderstood… Here’s the thing… If you are looking for a great Bluetooth speaker that sounds amazing and solves all of your tiny speaker needs all by itself, you are looking in the wrong place. Don’t get me wrong, the play1 sounds pretty good and it is a well made, solid little speaker, but holistically speaking Sonos’ thing is not to provide you with a little standalone bluetooth speaker. Sonos is meant to be a whole-home HIFI sound system. I would consider the play1 to be more of a component intended to work with a larger system. The play1 is not going to blow you away in a room all by itself, but if paired with another play1 and a Sonos sub and playbar for surround sound, it will sound amazing.The Sonos software, the extra components (boost, connect amp…etc.) and the necessity to have a suuuuper strong wifi signal to use all of it are only going to be worth your time if you are taking advantage of a full system. Anyone who owns just one or two play1s and is frustrated with the app and all the software updates is absolutely right, its not worth it. When, however, you are using the app to group multiple rooms and taking advantage of updates that allow you to play different media in different rooms using Alexa (just examples) the updates suddenly become less burdensome.I also touched on this a second ago, but it is important to understand that these are not intended to be Bluetooth speakers. You HAVE to use the Sonos app to play almost everything (Spotify Connect does let you play music from the Spotify app with a paid Spotify subscription – Some other services do this as well.) This, again, is because the intended use is to be able to connect multiple rooms in your home to the system and play music throughout. It makes sense that Sonos would not be able to ensure that there would be no sync delays or lag between rooms/speakers unless the Sonos system is controlling all output. An added benefit to this is that you can compile Sonos playlists that pull songs from multiple sources – have an album saved on Spotify, but can only find that live version of your favorite song on Google play? You can build a Sonos playlist that combines it all into 1 killer tracklist.Additionally, these are not computer speakers.

  2. Steve

    I’m losing patience with Sonos. I’ve built out a pretty extensive system (eight play-1’s, one play-5, one sound bar, one sub) and have historically been a huge advocate; however, the recent Sonos app update has been terrible. Now (since the update), I have to unplug my Sonos controller and wait awhile for a reboot. This has become so irritating that I’m beginning to regret my purchase of the inexplicably expensive Sonos components. Sonos has been (and should be) “plug and play”, but it’s definitely not. Moreover, the new app interface took a long time to get familiar with and I don’t see that it’s improved in any way (and it’s very buggy). For someone who’s been an early adopter and evangelist of Sonos, I need you guys to get your act together. My wife is so irritated with the Sonos network that she doesn’t even use it anymore, she just plays music from a stand-alone Amazon Echo. Please fix your software!!!Read more

  3. J. T.

    The sound quality is great, but I can no longer recommend the system based on the software that is required to control the speakers. The latest versions of the software, which are updated whether you want them or not, are unattractive and buggy. Sonos’ attempt to ‘improve’ the user experience has led to my speakers being linked to an account at No adding or changing the system without internet access to that account. I bought these so I could mostly play music on my computers and should not be forced to use or new unnecessary updates all the time.Their new user agreement also says they can track all my activity or if I don’t accept the agreement, I don’t have access to use my own speakers! I’m not sure they need that and frankly I am tired of companies saying they need to track my online activities. If there is a clear reason and they tell me before purchase, that is one thing. However, after the fact, don’t change the agreement to force this kind of monitoring.I started buying pieces of my Sonos system a while back, when there was not anything like Sonos on the market. Now I have options and will likely be buying and recommending other speakers in the future.Read more

  4. M. Masland

    I have owned 2 of these device for 3 years now. Today, when I tried to use my own devices, it told me I need to set up an account, presumably so that they would be able to monitor how I use my devices. I am sick and tired of these invasions of privacy, and would like to get a full refund on these purchases now, plus all other available remedies for consumers.Read more

  5. Meccanica

    Reviews of the Sonos product can be a little misleading because of the fanboy’s and haters. It’s an expensive purchase for a small speaker, and people want to feel justified in their spending. I’ll start this review with the positives.Pro’s:1. The streaming is flawless2. The mobile app is amazing, the ability to combine playlists across multiple services is something I really leverage3. Setup could not be easier, it just works4. Multiple rooms, stereo pairing, and flexibility are highlights5. Integration with 3rd party automation apps/smartthingsCon’s1. It’s expensive2. Sound quality is o.k. I have tried corner loading it, using it in different spaces and overall I like the sound it produces, but it’s not amazing. You can get better sound quality for $200 and many other companies are catching up to Sonos in terms of connectivity and mobile.3. No 5Ghz for connectivity to my wireless setup. (Yes they may use 5Ghz for surround functionality, but I want it on my network as I have sooo many 2.4Ghz devices already.So it’s ok, I invested already, so I’ll probably pickup a play 5 and check it out. Too many negatives on the playbar and sub until the next model comes out and addresses community concerns.Read more

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