0C11FKB4GUV683 Osd audio 6. Five” wi-fi bluetooth outdoor patio speaker architectural stereo pair black btp650 long variety bluetooth

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  • indoor/outdoor: this btp650 speaker is weather proof against be positioned either out of doors to address harsh weather conditions by using the patio, deck, or pool, or interior for an terrific sound in a domestic theater.
  • sound quality: with a hundred watts of energy dealing with, this audio speaker features a polypropylene cone woofer, a 1 inch smooth dome tweeter, and a high definition composite shell for a surround sound stereo.
  • bluetooth: join this btp650 speaker to any device to play music through bluetooth out of your outside patio with up to 75 ft line-of-sight range to supply clear sound.
  • weatherproof: the osd audio bluetooth outdoor wireless patio speaker has the capability to address extreme fluctuations in temperature to withstand wear-and-tear having ip67 water-proof electricity supply.
  • look: these speakers are available in each black and white. Create the right search for your sound device to blend into your home décor whether or not it’s interior or outdoors.

product description

osd audio bluetooth planter speaker

those speakers are designed with aerospace grade multi-layer composite cabinetry to resist all varieties of climate.

osd’s bluetooth audio system have an amplifier integrated, which makes setup clean as plugging in and gambling.

osd offers a completely unique selection of bluetooth speaker styles to pick out from — rocks, planters, patio, frogs and extra.

osd audio ip67 rated waterproof strength deliver will preserve you taking part in your outside audio system for years yet to come.

  • bluetooth connection
  • high quality sound
  • long lasting construction
  • weather resistant
  • indoor/outside
  • osd audio outdoor bluetooth wi-fi speaker

    get prepared to jam in any out of doors or indoor space with the btp650 bluetooth wi-fi speaker. This 6. 5″ set is ideal in your garden, lawn, patio, pool vicinity or in your property theater. The design of this speaker is simple to mixture into their environment in both black or white. These audio system have a waterproof ip67 grade power deliver for the high-quality in outdoor durability.

  • combo seamlessly with natural surroundings
  • simple bluetooth connection and manage
  • built for all types of climate
  • 1. How are these audio system powered?

    the btp650 patio speakers are provided with a water resistant ip67 rated power supply. All you’ll need is a running wall outlet and a safe vicinity to store the electricity deliver.

    2. Can i join my smartphone to them?

    yes! These speakers are built with a bluetooth adapter that you can connect your phones or different devices to.

    3. Do i want special cable to run those?

    sure. Only the master speaker receives the bluetooth connection. You’ll nevertheless need to run a few speaker cord between the master and pairing speaker to get the total sound from each. We strongly advocate the use of our cl3 burial rated speaker wire. Which we provide in diverse gauge sizes, conductor versions, and lengths.

    4. How to choose my patio audio system?

    in case you’re seeking to fill your backyard, patio, lawn, or pool location with incredible-sounding track, the btp650 is a extremely good pair to go with. However it does all depend upon the dimensions of your intended listening area. We recommend spacing those audio system a maximum of 25 ft apart for the great sound exceptional and coverage. If you may be protecting a reasonably massive place or need to add greater rock speakers we recommend looking into our passive ap650 6. 5″ patio speakers or a850 8″ patio audio system.

    osd audio


    5.25", 6.5", 8"


    Patio Black BT, Patio White BT, Planter BT, Rock Brown BT, Rock Grey BT, Rock Slate BT

    4 reviews for 0C11FKB4GUV683 Osd audio 6. Five” wi-fi bluetooth outdoor patio speaker architectural stereo pair black btp650 long variety bluetooth

    1. Thomas H Clifford

      These speakers are advertised as weatherproof Patio speakers but a heavy fog destroyed the bass portion of both speakers. After rereading all the fine print I found out that they tell you to protect them from the elements. They need to be advertised for uses on covered/enclosed patios only.Read more

    2. Kellie

      Ordered these “rock” speakers to place pool side. They just arrived yesterday so I will update my review if needed later. So far…they were easy to connect and place. First impressions…Love their look. They sound AMAZING. I was shocked. Connected an iPod and then a phone. I did notice that I cannot move the device providing the music more than about 15 ft away from the master speaker as the BT starts cutting out and the speakers start popping. The popping only occurs when the BT is cutting in and out. As long as the device providing the tunes stays close to the speakers, all is well! My concerns: While these are “outdoor” speakers, the insert that came with it says to keep them out of the direct elements. My speakers are straight up right out in the sun, rain, wind etc. I do plan on covering them when it rains however, I wish I didn’t have to, and maybe I do not but I do not want to take that chance especially with what is written on the insert. I live in an extremely hot and humid area (in the summer)so I am curious to see how these hold up. The other concern I have, has to do with where the speaker wires connect to each other. The blue “waterproof caps”…will not do the trick. We will be purchasing something different but in the meantime, we are keeping our fingers crossed. If these last a few years, I will be SO happy but if I only get one season out of them, I will be really disappointed. An update in the fall..Read more

    3. Walker

      Maybe the best item I’ve ever purchased on Amazon for the money. I rarely give five stars.The speakers maintain the Bluetooth connection with Alexa from 30 feet away through a double pane glass window. The sound is absolutely awesome. It is equivalent to my 200 W Logitech speaker system except that the base does not pound quite as hard as the Logitech. It is important to spread the speakers no more than 20 feet apart. The speakers will then create a cone of stereo sound with the apex about 50 feet away from the speakers. I have the speakers in my 50X100 backyard which is next to a busy street And when the speakers are on level 10 you cannot hear any street noise at all unless a Harley goes by.These speakers get hit by my sprinklers three times a week and I have not had any problem at all. I have the speakers set on the ground at HIGH POINTS that are elevated approximately 2 inches from the surrounding groundSo they will not be subject to any ponding water. I have the power supply inside of a waterproof electrical connection box which cost seven dollars. There are many different kinds of these available on Amazon and they are made specifically for this purpose. I also have my 120 V outdoor lightS electrical connections inside the same box.I have been researching outdoor speakers for a long time because of the road noise in my backyard. The first one I bought for more than $200 is the acoustic research Hatteras outdoor Bluetooth speaker which cost more money than these two rock speakers. The HatterasTurns off automatically when it does not receive Music overBluetooth for more than three minutes. That is extremely annoying and there is no way to turn it off! I talked to several people at acoustic research technical support. The Hatterasis only one speaker so it cannot produce stereo sound,And the quality of sound is nowhere close to these two rock speaker’s. The Hatteras does not even compare to these two speakers even though it cost more money and it has great reviews on Amazon and other websites.Read more

    4. Tim Hjellum

      I’ve had these for almost two years now and they are solid! They are loud and they sound great. The Bluetooth range is as advertised and it’s easy to connect. I never turn my speakers off and I keep them on 24/7. I waited to post this review because I wanted to see how they do after a few seasons of abuse. I’m impressed and this was a solid purchase!!!!Read more

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