0C11EEZC6P1326 Acoustic audio by goldwood cs-ic83 8” 3-way in ceiling home theater speaker gadget (white, five speakers)

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  • flush mount in ceiling audio system – huge sound dispersion designed audio system easily integrate with new and present audio structures, conventional passive speaker design, virtually drive electricity from your home audio receiver or amp
  • full range 3-way sound – eight” excessive tension poly cone woofers with modern spiders and butyl rubber surrounds, poly mica midranges and 13mm smooth dome tweeters, 3-manner passive crossovers for greater constancy, frequency response is 40hz-20 khz with 95db at 8ohm
  • clean to install – stress lock mounting machine clamps tight to drywall, suits round speaker hole length of nine. 49″ with a mounting intensity of 3. 7″, ordinary length of 10. 86″ with spring loaded uncooked cord connections, long lasting abs housings and grills may be painted to match your decor
  • device necessities – any home audio receiver or amp with raw speaker wire outputs, electricity out of your amp ought to be no less than 10 and no greater than 350 watts in keeping with channel, cl3 rated in wall certified uncooked speaker twine to attach your receiver to the audio system
  • what’s within the box – five acoustic audio through goldwood cs-ic83 speakers, removeable grills, reduce-out templates, guidance guide. Use for domestic theater surround sound, complete residence audio systems, enterprise or retail installations

product description

our recessed sound machine may be without difficulty installed into your ceiling or wall, and springs with all the add-ons you want for an unforgettable surround sound experience. Out of your living room, own family room, bed room, or domestic office, our integrated speaker set grants a wealthy and full listening enjoy. Use for domestic theater surround sound, entire residence audio structures, business conference rooms, or retail installations.- stress lock mounting device (no additional hardware wanted for set up)- full variety sound coverage with 3-manner woofer- midrange and tweeter configuration- eight-inch high stress poly cone woofers with progressive spiders and butyl rubber surrounds- poly mica midranges- thirteen millimeter smooth dome tweeters- 3-manner passive crossovers for more fidelity- frequency response is 40hz-20 khz with 95db at 8ohm- fits round speaker hole sizes of nine. 49 inches with a mounting depth of 3. 7 inches- general speaker size of 10. 86 inches- spring loaded raw twine connections- long lasting abs housings and removable grills that may be painted to match your décorquick and clean installationeach speaker features a unique strain lock mounting gadget that clamps tightly to drywall, and suits spherical speaker holes the scale of nine. Forty nine inches with a mounting intensity of 3. 7 inches. The spring loaded connections, abs housings, and grills can be painted to healthy your decor.


Frameless, Standard Frame

7 reviews for 0C11EEZC6P1326 Acoustic audio by goldwood cs-ic83 8” 3-way in ceiling home theater speaker gadget (white, five speakers)

  1. Amazonian

    I bought these for an in-ceiling surround sound install. They were a fraction of the price of a set of speakers I had already bought at an electronics store.I saw these on amazon, read the amazing reviews, did some research online, and decided to take a shot on them. I am glad I did. These are great speakers and I don’t know how they are sold so cheap but believe me, the reviews are honest.Read more

  2. Arvid O.

    I prewired my new construction home for 14 speakers. I moved in December and since then have been doing tons of research on in-wall / in-ceiling speakers. I was ready to spend about 1.5-2k on more commonly known brand name models (Polk, Boston acoustics, Klipsch, etc..). Then I came across these on Amazon and thought i would gamble with a set of 5 to see how they would sound in my living room. I have 10ft ceilings so i went with 8′ 3-way speakers while using 16 guage speaker wire. Needless to say, this is one of the best, and a bit lucky purchases i have made in a while.My only gripe is installing the cover grill once you have secured the speaker to the wall. The first speaker took me about 1 hour to install, but the rest went by much easier once I got better with the drywall saw and knew the exact size the hole needed to be. Reinstalling the grill cover was a challenge mainly due to the fact that after you have mounted the speaker to the ceiling the plastic frame may have warped ever so slightly. If your hole is too snug it will warp the frame just enough to make the grill hard to fit. So, I grabbed a pair of needle nose pliers and made a crease on the lip of the grill cover (the part that’s folded up that wedges into the housing). I just grabbed about 1/4 inch of the lip and turned about 90 degrees and repeated on 4 sides. this reduces the circumference by some millimeters to make the grill fit in a little easier. Be careful not to twist too much.After install was complete i hooked up my speakers to my onkyo receiver and played some tunes on stereo mode so i can stand below each speaker and was immediately impressed. Good bass, mids and highs. I added a 10″ sub to give the movie effects that added boom factor.Im looking forward to buying the other 9 speakers i need at the fraction of the price of the higher end brands. I will save about 1.5k with these speakers!Read more

  3. Jesse C.

    These speakers are simply bad ass! for the money. We have a home theater in which we have a name brand speaker system installed, which cost $700+ for (5.2). These speakers produce sound that is up there with the much more expensive set. We installed these in the patio and are absolutely enjoying these! Paired with a Sony/Yamaha 5.2 Receiver these work awesome. The sound is not lacking ever, when you are listening to music is perfect and when you are watching a movie its even better!.!! Crisp 3 dimensional sound when watching a movie outside is simply awesome. These are rated for both inside and outdoor use I am glad we choose to give these.Read more

  4. D.E.

    The speakers sound way better than I ever expected. Being an 8″ three-way speaker, there is a great full bass and great highs as well. I have a 5.2 surround sound system and I don’t have my subs yet. I set up my Sony receiver for 5.0 because it was an option and it sounds very full. I may not even bother with a sub for a while. For this price or any, the value and sound performance is greatly underestated. I would recommend to anyone. Build Quality is good too. The only con I would say is that there is no sticky strips to help grilles stay in. I just bent mine out slightly so they would have more pressure in the opening.Read more

  5. Prime member

    What I like about these speakers is the price and they sound pretty darn awesome. I have a Bose set up in the theater room and didn’t want to spend that kind of money for something in the living room. After going through two different sound bars which just don’t produce a very good sound I decided to pick up a cheap little Sony receiver and these speakers. All I can say is I am very impressed with the sound from these speakers, don’t let the price fool you these are legit. I also have them paired with two Polk Audio subwoofers, but to be honest I probably didn’t need the subs at all. I just wanted something that wasn’t going to break the bank and allow me to hear all of the sound you are supposed to hear when watching the television and these do just that. They don’t sound as good as the Bose setup but they aren’t that far off and cost a whole lot less. I would definitely recommend these speakers to anyone looking for a very good sounding speaker and the price point is just a bonus. The only gripe I have is that the face plates are a pain to put back on which is why I did deduct one star.Read more

  6. Philip Wren

    I hooked these up to my receiver to test the audio quality and wasn’t impressed. I decided to move forward with installing them and I’m glad I did, as they sound much better when installed in the ceiling.I’m using these for background audio in a bar setting and they are doing the job well.Read more

  7. mmm

    I’ve been putting off installing surround sound speakers in my basement because I didn’t want to pay the price for expensive speakers. I’ve been eyeing these speakers for a while and the reviews are actually pretty good, so I decided to give it a try since even low quality surround sound is better than no surround sound. To add to the selling point, I just purchased the Acoustic Audio Subwoofer Amplifier for two other subs and they sound great. The price was the final kicker.After installation, they sounded really good with a Yamaha powered subwoofer that I purchased over 15 years a decade ago in a 5.1 home theater in a box and a fairly new Sony amplifier. I can’t give sound quality 5 stars since I’m not exactly sure what 5 stars sounds like, but I can’t complain right now on my setup especially since I paid less than $500 for everything.The only challenge I had was reattaching the grills. They were somewhat a challenge getting them out since they fit so snug to the speaker. It was almost impossible getting them back in because you have to push them in while perfectly aligning all sides to the inside of the circular speaker.I’d purchase again.Read more

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