0C11DYCTPXL430 satellite speakers and surround sound structures

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  • pair of speaker stands for satellite / surround sound domestic leisure facilities. Thick tempered glass supports 22 lb of weight per speaker. They’re universally compatible with any speaker underneath that ability
  • hole center pole with cable control access so you can cover your cables / cords out of sight!
  • heavy-gauge aluminum alloy at the side of a swish tempered glass creation. Pinnacle shelf has sector-inch thick glass
  • contemporary layout of clear glass and a current silver coat on the aluminum poles
  • dimensions: top shelf – eight” x eight”. Backside shelf – 10″ x 10″. Aluminum pole is 23″ tall
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product description

mount-it! Speaker stands for satellite tv for pc audio system and surround sound systems, glass and aluminum, silver

use mount-it! Mi-58s pair of bookshelf speaker stands to raise your audio system for most suitable audio performance and increasing decorating options at the same time as maintain your audio system solid and comfy.

mi-58s pair of widespread bookshelf speaker stands are heavy-duty and durable. They will keep your speakers stable and secure. Top rate and clean steel creation appears fantastic, and optimizes the performance of your speaker with the aid of minimizing ground distortion. The column may even be loaded with sand to reduce resonance and boom balance.

the lowest of the stand comes with spikes and rubber pads for carpet and hardwood ground mounting. The heavy-duty layout gives 22 lbs load capability. The big tempered glass plate (eight x 8 inch) is large to accommodate a massive range of speaker fashions. With a total height of 23 inches, these stands will can help you region the audio system at most appropriate seating height for tune and domestic theater packages.

wonderful layout and overall performance at a first rate price. Be a part of hundreds of satisfied mount-it! Customers and gain from our decade-lengthy revel in in home theater add-ons and terrific customer support.


18 Inches, 23 Inches


Black, Silver

7 reviews for 0C11DYCTPXL430 satellite speakers and surround sound structures

  1. asmz_me

    Egregious design flaw: Unfortunately I knew this would be an issue going into the purchase, but I didn’t think it would be as annoying as it has been. Speaker stands are innately designed to have spiked pegs for carpet installation, which also aid a lot in sound reverberation, etc. Typically manufacturers provide replacement pegs for use on hard floors, however this was not the case (again, I knew this going into the purchase). I’m pretty handy and tend to Macgyver things all of the time, so this didn’t post a threat to my overall purchase. I took the threaded spike to Home Depot and use their thread gauging tool to figure out the proper thread size. Then I purchased half inch replacement screws and clear rubber furniture feet and proceeded to go all of the way home to continue my installation. Upon doing so I was dismayed to realize that I had purchased “course” threading as opposed to “fine” threading. I returned to Home Depot immediately and spent enough time in the screw aisle that I finally asked for some help to alleviate my confusion – turns out I wasn’t confused at all and the associate said “we do not carry fine threading” (I’m assuming he meant in my designated size). Bewildered, I asked where I was to find these (normal) screws and he oddly looked and me and said, “Lowe’s?” and promptly walked away – rarely have I had someone refer me to a competitor, especially for something seemingly common. So now, I am going to try my luck at ACE hardware, because they have more ‘intricate’ products (no idea why fine threading is considered such…). But beware that you should NOT assemble the product unless you have all of the proper components if you plan on using them on lament flooring, like I am.I purchased these units primarily as a stand for my new Dyson air purifier, which is described as best used on a desk/elevated surface. So far the look and dimensions follow suit for the purifier’s dimensions, and if you put some thought into the installation you can hide ANY side cord(s) in the concealment system (keep in mind that you can pre-wire the unit during installation for devices that do not have removable a cable and/or have input/output ends that are too large to feed through the hole once entirely assembled). It seems to work well for my purpose.Quality:They are very minimal in design, which I like. The center threaded support will protrude from the base of the unit, so be sure that you assemble it correctly and/or apply a small damper pad to the base of the long thread so that it does not scratch the floor. My primary gripe is that, though I have yet to assemble the second stand, there is a very slight chip on the base of the stand I did put together. It cannot be seen once the unit is placed into position, as the chip faces the floor and I oriented it at the back of the unit anyway, but for $90.00 I would expect a perfect product, especially considering the construction is minimal and the glass portions (especially the larger/heavier glass base) are the integral parts of the stability of the stand.The remaining stand I plan to use as a low profile end table to my couch, which will essentially disappear tucked between a corner and the couch.Overall I am thus far happy with the purchase and hope that continued installation will go by swimmingly.Read more

  2. Juniorverse

    I am using these nice looking stands with theELAC B5 Debut Series 5.25″ Bookshelf Speakers by Andrew Jones (Pair) . They fit nicely. The glass is nice and thick. I like the cable management holes to feed cables through the pole. My complaint is with the feet. They only come with carpet spikes, and if you don’t use them then the screw that holds the pole onto the bottom glass plate is too long and the feet no longer sit on the floor and instead the sharp middle screw is the only thing touching the floor. So I had to apply two small felt pads to the bottom of each foot so the middle screw was no longer touching the floor. These felt pads were purchased separately. The feet should still touch the floor if you opt not to use the carpet spikes… seems like a weird choice on the manufacturer’s part. Still, I like the stands with my speakers and they are good quality.Read more

  3. Spark Jonz

    These are very attractive and work well. The base and shelf are solid and are as stable as any stands of this type. The metal pole is very thin and light but it’s really just serving the purpose of looking good. The only problem I had is with the core metal rod that holds it all together: it’s too long! If you plan to use this on hard wood floors without the provided metal feet then the rod will scratch your floor. I had to use a hack saw to cut off about 3/8 of an inch off of each. But overall I am very satisfied with these stands and I would buy them again.I would also note that these stands do not come with any pads for setting them on hard wood floors. I picked these up from Amazon and they are absolutely perfect for these speaker stands:Specialty Soft Clear 1/2″ (12.7mm) Dia x 0.20″ (5.1mm) H Round Sound Deadening Cabinet and Furniture Bumpers – 50 PackRead more

  4. Micksop

    Nice looking and functional speaker stand. They are sturdy and easy to assemble and hide the wires well. Note the 8″ x 8″ top shelf size however. My speakers are 7.5″ wide at the bottom and 13″ tall and fit very well on these stands. Much larger speakers might take away from the stability. Also, as mentioned in prior reviews, the bottom of the stands have screw in carpet studs that come to a point and might not work well on hard floors. These studs are required however to provide clearance for the bottom mounting bolt. Would have given them 5 stars but I think they are a bit over priced for the size.Read more

  5. Tim

    These speaker stands were perfect for our needs. The leg on each stand is hollow and has a space at the top and bottom to enable you to feed wires through the inside of the leg. The top and bottom plates are both tempered glass. The metal feet that fit on the bottom plate are pointed, perfect for carpet, but not ideal for hardwood. They are modern and unobtrusive.Read more

  6. Mike

    I purchased these for my two Apple HomePods. The HomePods fit perfectly on each stand. The stands also come with rubber stoppers to protect my wood floors. For the price, these stands are outstanding!Read more

  7. Greg

    Went together easily.The glass looks much better than the price would suggest.Bolts and connectors are poorly machined, but as long as you aren’t assembling and disassembling the regularly, its fine.The floor spikes are small, but look good and seem to work (not very important for a bookshelf stand.The box came without one washer, which I purchased for 27 cents.Read more

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