0C11DQDICDR269 3m peltor x5a over-the-head ear muffs, noise protection, nrr 31 db, production, production, renovation, automobile, woodworking, heavy engineering, mining

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  • excessive attenuation: very excessive attenuation earmuffs advocated for excessive noise; exposure applications nrr 31 db csa magnificence al
  • superior technology: high attenuation because of newly designed spacers, particularly formulated ear cup liners and progressive foam contained in the cushions
  • cozy: huge, smooth foam ear cushions and ear cup tilting pivot factors designed for high comfort and an powerful acoustic seal with the top
  • prolonged comfort: internal stainless-steel twine in scarf allows hold constant pressure over an eight hour duration for extended comfort; dual headscarf layout facilitates reduce heat buildup
  • long lasting: abs plastic cups create a rigid, excessive power and impact resistant earmuff to handle hard environments
  • dielectric scarf: electrically insulated scarf with no uncovered wires helps provide safety from low voltage electrical dangers
  • replaceable cushions and inserts assist hold them clean: 3m peltor hyx5 hygiene kit
  • commercial/occupational use best; now not for client sale or use

from the producer

becoming instructions for 3m peltor x collection ear muffs

function the earcups over your ears so the cushions completely enclose the ears and seal tightly against the pinnacle.

modify the peak of each earcup even as keeping the headband down till you have got a tight and comfy healthy that exerts even stress across the ears.

the scarf have to sit immediately on the top.

product description

the x-collection earmuffs are 3m’s modern advancement in hearing conservation. New technologies in comfort, layout and protection all come together in this groundbreaking earmuff line. The x5a earmuffs provide a nrr (31 db) which makes them best for terribly high noise situations. The excessive attenuation added through x5a earmuffs is possible because of a aggregate of advanced technologies which include: newly designed spacers, mainly formulated earcup liners and revolutionary foam contained within the cushions. It functions an electrically insulated cord scarf, often called “dielectric”. While successfully selected and worn, these products assist reduce exposure to risky degrees of noise. 3m peltor hyx5 hygiene package provide replaceable ear cushions and foam liners to help preserve your earmuffs smooth and increase the provider existence. The 3m peltor x collection earmuffs are ideal for protection against noise bobbing up from a wide range of packages inside the administrative center. Examples of standard applications encompass: metal processing, automobile, airports, creation, textile manufacturing, chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing, cement production, printing, woodworking, heavy engineering, foundry, steelworks, and mining and quarrying. Additionally to be had in hard hat attachment version: 3m peltor xseries capmount ear muffs x5p3e. Note: the x-collection (over-the-head) headband version is electrically insulated -occasionally referred to as “dielectric”. The steel components of the scarf have been covered by way of non-conductive material for use in a low voltage electric threat (less than 440 v ac). As there are not any relevant requirements for checking out ear muffs against electric insulating residences, the product has been evaluated at an external laboratory in opposition to a changed take a look at approach primarily based on en397: 1995. At some stage in assessment, the leakage modern did now not exceed 1. 2ma while the external surface of the product made contact with an electrical source. The person should decide the overall suitability of this product for the meant utility deliberating all relevant dangers. Disclaimer: 3m commercial and occupational merchandise are meant, categorised, and packaged for sale to trained industrial and occupational customers for place of work use. Except specially stated otherwise at the applicable product packaging or literature, these merchandise aren’t intended, categorized, or packaged for sale to or use with the aid of purchasers (e. G. , for domestic, private, number one or secondary college, leisure/sporting, or other makes use of no longer defined in the relevant product packaging or literature), and have to be decided on and used in compliance with applicable fitness and protection rules and standards (e. G. , u. S. Osha, ansi), as well as all product literature, consumer commands, warnings, and limitations. Misuse of 3m commercial and occupational products may bring about injury, sickness, or dying. For assist with product selection and use, consult your on-website safety expert, industrial hygienist, or other situation count number professional. *3m strongly recommends match trying out of listening to protectors. Research shows that many customers will get hold of less noise reduction than indicated by using the nrr due to variant in listening to protector match, becoming ability, and motivation of the consumer. If the nrr is used, 3m recommends that it’s decreased with the aid of 50% or in accordance with relevant policies. 3m psd merchandise are for occupational use most effective.


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Nrr 31 Db, Nrr 27 Db, Nrr 22 Db, Nrr 24 Db

4 reviews for 0C11DQDICDR269 3m peltor x5a over-the-head ear muffs, noise protection, nrr 31 db, production, production, renovation, automobile, woodworking, heavy engineering, mining

  1. ♡ Hope Pusher ♡

    These are absolutely not the first headphones I’ve used to try to block out noise.But they’re the first ones to fit somewhat comfortably, without squeezing my head like a vice. They are still a little tight, but very secure, and the pressure seems more widely distributed, which is positive. I think with time, I’ll be more comfortable. But as far as comfort goes, this is really not bad at all.Other earmuffs (whatever you may call them) are either super cheap, broken, or incredibly tight and painful on my ears and head. One set I even struggled to open apart to put on my head at all. They folded up and took a minute to unfold as well.When I first put these earmuffs on, the world absolutely fell silent. I heard nothing for the first time ever. It was beautiful. I’m impressed in that regard. It actually does what it’s supposed to, and it’s designed well also. I feel that the design is remarkable.The earmuffs are adjustable in size, but they pretty much fit me perfectly from out of the box. The earpieces are really big and wide in profile.And that is the one sacrifice. I honestly think I might be too embarassed to wear such a big contraption on my head, in public, unless I had no other choice.. actually, I guess it’s not that bad. I’m already used to being stared at.And I’m living for myself, and no one else. So who cares? I sure as hell shouldn’t. I’d be happy at least.I’m ordering another pair, but in a lesser decimal protection unfortunately. But they look cooler- skinnier, and with some neon yellow flash.I don’t shoot guns and I never will. Nor do I work around noisy construction sites. I need to be protected around everyday life, including people, their voices and places.I’m usually pretty fashion-forward. But I also value and need to protect my health at the moment. Health is my number 1 priority. Without it, I have nothing.Besides, because of the even distribution of weight, the Princess Leia look is lighter than it appears.I need these earmuffs to block out sound. I suffer from sensory sensitivity to the point where I’m now in almost complete isolation. Misophonia. Fibromyalgia. Etc.It makes life really difficult when I can’t handle normal smells, sounds and lights, or anything rapid in movement. It gets a lot deeper than just that.This is on top of much grief and chronic pain.So these 3M Peltor headphones are the first step to finding some peace in this increasingly noisy world.Oh and another thing.. this won’t concern everyone. But the inside of the earpieces are oval and hollow to allow my ears to fit comfortably inside.They fit right around my ears, thus protecting my left triple ear cartilage piercing. It always feels sore if I touch the area around the piercings.But the earmuff earpieces are a really nice fit, and I appreciate that. There isn’t great pressure against my ears, and that’s vital.So yeah I’m gonna give this 5 stars now. It’s not perfect, and it doesn’t particularly feel like a snuggly fur scarf. But this is a huge improvement from my past attempts to block out noise.I admit, I will have to get used to these, and they will irritate me sometimes, if I have to wear them for a long period of time. But it’s a great start regardless.If you want good sound protection, there is no doubt that these will do it for you. I’m a petite woman, just so you know. I can see how these can fit almost anybody. Women and men alike. Teens as well.I’m pretty happy with this purchase. I just hope that one day the protection can be slimmer in profile, and softer and more comfortable as a whole, without sacrificing the noise blocking ability.Get this. It works. Well.Read more

  2. Espresso Fan

    Well made. Fully adjustable. The crown or band that goes over the top of your head can be reshaped if necessary. I have a high crown on top of my head so I altered the shape of the band to conform to the top of my head by bending it. Also, out of the box these muffs squeezed my head pretty tight. No problem… with some light outward flexing of the headband and I was able to spread the distance between the ear cups and relieve the squeezing pressure. The foam pads on the cups are really soft and comfortable and will easily seal out external noises. Regardless of what other reviewers have stated they seem really solid and quite durable.That said… the reason I can’t give them 5 stars (for me anyway) is my ears will not comfortably fit inside the cups. However, for their quality to price ratio they’re a good value. They fit my wife perfectly so she’s keeping them. Since my ears will not comfortably fit inside the cups I included some photos along with the following detailed explanation so you can determine if they will work for you.The cup opening dimensions (ear hole opening ) is 2 3/8″ tall and 1 3/8″ wide. These muffs are designed to go “around” your entire ear so the ear cup foam can rest against the sides of your head. The foam pads should NOT be resting on any portion of your ear.NOTE: The actual opening “inside” the cups is slightly larger (approximately 2 7/8″ tall and 1 7/8″ wide). To determine if your ears will fit in these muffs, DO NOT measure the total height of your ear but rather the height portion of your ear where the ear flesh is physically attached to your head. (most ears in general – the highest portion of, top tip of the ear, is not attached to the head). This allows the top of the ear to fold down. The ear lobes are a different story. On some people (like me) the ear lobes are attached. On other people they are detached (see photo)So… moving these ear muffs around while working them into a comfortable position your ears more or less flop around until they are “inside the inner cup area. Once your ears are inside the cup and past the initial opening of the foam pad they can comfortably unfold (so to speak)My problem is my ear lobes are attached. The total attached part of my ear is taller than the opening in the cup. (see photo) In order for me to get my ear through and into the muff opening… I have to fold my ear lobes up! After about 30 minutes of wearing my ear lobes hurt from being folded and pinched. This also prevents the muffs from sealing against my head at the bottom of the muff.NET: If the fleshy attached portion of your ear is no taller than 2 3/8” they should work just fine.Read more

  3. Luis

    I use these types of earmuffs to sleep. With the right pillow, you can definitely sleep well with these. They block out most sounds for us light sleepers. I’ve had others and this one is slimmer than what I’ve used before. Highly recommend.Get the right pillow. I prefer pillows that sink easily, so that the earmuff doesn’t put pressure on my head. I use the Purple Pillow, which feels like gelatin/rubber. This material combined with the earmuffs is a cloud for my head and no pressure points.Read more

  4. Miagracie

    I bought this due to extreme sensitivity to sound due to some neurological issues and along with migraines. I had high hopes, but did not find it helpful. I think some will like these but I didn’t. It did muffle sound but not in the way or to the extend I had hoped. I think it’s likely better as hearing protection.It’s also VERY tight and I found them painful to my head and ears to wear. I have a small head and it was too painful to wear and very heavy. You also have to adjust it quite a bit to get a good fit and get a “seal” over your ears.I’m passing these on to hubby to use when working. They are very well made and should hold up very well. It’s not the product’s fault that it didn’t work for me personally.But do know that if you’re buying it for noise sensitivity (and these are rated pretty highly for that, but not the highest) they are heavy, pinch your head and ears (and I’m a tiny person). And you may or may not like what it does and doesn’t muffle. I am glad I tried them, but sad they didn’t do what I had hoped. But I don’t think it’s a bad product.Read more

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