0C11CDTZ00B191 Ilive bluetooth speaker machine with integrated subwoofer, 7. 28 x 8. 86 x 7. 28 inches, black (ihb23b)

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  • 2. 1 channel stereo sound; helps bluetooth v2. 1
  • 3 speakers: left, right, and subwoofer with wood speaker enclosure
  • led mild results and bass/treble controls
  • constructed in ac strength cable
  • includes 3. 5mm to rca audio cable

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ilive bluetooth speaker machine with integrated subwoofer

this 2. 1 channel powered speaker device with built in subwoofer is the precise accessory for any room. Circulate your song with bluetooth, connect a television (with headphone jack (variable)), dvd player, online game system, mp3 participant, or laptop and be blown away by means of the spectacular sound.


  • made for almost any bluetooth enabled device
  • helps bluetooth v2. 1, supports a2dp profiles
  • 2. 1 channel stereo sound, led light results
  • rca stereo audio inputs, three. 5mm speaker outputs
  • wi-fi variety: 33 ft, quantity manage
  • bass and treble controls, built in amplifier
  • Product Dimensions

    10.6, x, 8.8, x, 11.8, inches

    Item Weight

    7.05, pounds







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    1, Lithium, ion, batteries, required.

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    4.1, out, of, 5, stars, 1, 278, ratings, 4.1, out, of, 5, stars

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    #1, 168, in, Portable, Bluetooth, Speakers, #10, 012, in, MP3, &, MP4, Player, Accessories

    Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


    Date First Available

    September, 1, 2004

    6 reviews for 0C11CDTZ00B191 Ilive bluetooth speaker machine with integrated subwoofer, 7. 28 x 8. 86 x 7. 28 inches, black (ihb23b)

    1. PoniesPlayingPoker

      My first one of these was back in 2014. It lasted 4 years and broke last year. It was tough and never gave me any issues. I ordered another one, and it was defective. No sound from one speaker. Sent it back, got a free replacement, and the subwoofer plastic fell apart. Sent that one back, got another one, and again no sound from one speaker. I’ve had it and am not purchasing another iLive product.Also note, you can’t actually see the subwoofer. What you see is a plastic cone. The actual subwoofer is very small and hidden inside. Also note for the speakers, the middle black speaker is fake. It’s just a piece of fabric with some foam under it.Read more

    2. nalletto

      This is a comparison review between the iLive IHB23B and the QFX BT-206 2.1 Channel NFC Bluetooth Speaker Systems.For Fathers day this year my wife got me a different Bluetooth speaker system to put in our kitchen because as we allocate the household chores, I usually do the dishes after dinner and I like to listen to music. She got me the QFX BT-206 2.1 Channel NFC Bluetooth Speaker System. The QFX system is a little bit pricier; you can find them right now for around 70 bucks. We LOVE that set of speakers (the QFX). It works great; we get great range with the Bluetooth (about 30 feet), the sound quality is high for a small speaker system, and it can actually get surprisingly loud.Now for the IHB23B. I got these to put in the garage as I lift weights and do yard work. They are basically the same as the QFX with these differences:1. (I believe this is the most important difference) the IHB23B is not as loud as the QFX. If you are hoping for speakers that will really pump out some sound, these may not be for you. Don’t get me wrong, in a small room these are PLENTLY LOUD; but, in a garage/front yard the sound is enough but certainly not mind blowing.2. Price. The QFX are about 30 bucks more expensive than the IHB23B3. Looks. Here is where I think the IHB23B really stand out, especially for the price range. These speakers look really good. They have bright blue LED lights around the circles on the speakers and they really do look very nice.4. Features. This is probably the biggest factor in the price difference between QFX and the IHB23B aside from the volume. QFX gives you more options (radio tuner, SD card slot, USB slot to play music from other sources than just the Bluetooth). Both speaker systems come with cables to plug your ipod/device direction into the speakers rather than using the Bluetooth.5. This last one may be a little bit nit-picky but here goes: the on/off switch. QFX has a standard “switch” on the back of the subwoofer that clicks up and down like a light switch to turn the system on and off. The IHB23B has a button on the top of the subwoofer that you press to turn the speakers on and off (much more convenient and easy to access).6. Bluetooth connectivity and build quality. Both of these systems work great; we have no problems connecting to either one right out of the box. Here we are 2 months later and both still work great.All in all, I would say that both of these systems work great and are high-quality, money well spent; it all depends on what you want the speakers for.Are you hoping for more options than just Bluetooth? QFX.Are you looking for something that is small but still pumps out the sound? QFX.Are you less interested in how loud it gets, and more interested in getting a nice system for a lower budget? IHB23B.Looking for something for the dorm room or a bedroom? I would go with the IHB23B.Do you care a lot about how it looks? IHB23B.Read more

    3. danijr111

      I don’t understand all these comments about people saying it’s not loud enough. Use your brains. Don’t just turn the volume up on the stereo, turn it up on the device you are using as well. Trust me, when you turn the stereo and smartphone up to high your ears will bleed. So if you want to buy it for volume ignore those comments, it is loud. Also the other complaint is no remote which makes no sense concerning any device. The DEVICE is your remote. Once connected to your TV, turn the stereo up and if you need it louder adjust it with your TV remote-it’s literally just adding bigger sound. It’s the exact same thing with your smartphone or computer-just turn up the stereo and then adjust the volume and track changes from that phone/computer. The device has everything that a remote would have. Think of them as literally “just” speakers added to the sound you already have with your device. The only issue I have is you can’t have your phone more than about 25ft away from it or the Bluetooth connection with constantly static out. But that’s manageable and all around I love it. Great quality, sound, and look (plus the blue lights are so fun!) So glad I bought it!Read more

    4. Armando Lodbrok

      It has been 9 months since I bought these speakers and I haven’t been disappointed ever since, they are loud enough to fill a room, the sound is very clear. Actually I am really surprised how good the highs sound because they are very clear and crisp. The bass is just good enough. Actually the real bass speaker is hiding behind the gray one in the front which is a passive radiator. Nevertheless the overall sound is great. The blue led light coming out of the speakers and the subwoofer gives them a modern and cool look. The bluetooth connection is very stable and lacks of static. You also have RCA jacks (L and R) in the back of the subwoofer in case you want to connect a non-bluetooth device.Read more

    5. Brandon Seifert

      Came just as expected. Good sound for the price. I purchased to pair with my Amazon echo dot for the living room and it works perfectly! Great voice sound, good music sound and a definite upgrade over the portable Bluetooth speaker I had. Adequate bass for music but not over powerful. I purchased another one to go in the bedroom to pair with my echo dot in that room for music and voice control. I like the blue LEDs but some might consider them a bother.Read more

    6. Dr Dave

      Extremely happy with this purchase. At first, my 15 year old snubbed his nose at the brand he didn’t recognize and I told him he didn’t have to use them, but I was putting them in the gym either way. When I forced him to listen to them, his response was “Okay, wow. They are 50 times better than I expected. ” He uses them constantly. We do have the volume maxed out when we want to crank it for the workout, but they are great and loud enough for that.Read more

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