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installation fast without sacrificing sound excellent, with the yamaha stagepas 400i transportable pa gadget! Packing four hundred watts of power, you may have the effective, clean sound you want to fill small rehearsal spaces, your college’s band room, or your church’s multipurpose room. And it’s smooth to get a remarkable sound from the stagepas 400i: it’s got built-in feedback suppression to effortlessly remove screeching and howling, and the master one-knob eq makes it convenient to dial inside the right sound for any application. For a no-nonsense portable pa it is high on first-rate, agree with the yamaha stagepas 400i.

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4.9, out, of, 5, stars, 41, ratings, 4.9, out, of, 5, stars

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December, 9, 2012

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8 reviews for 0C11C89T0K3297 Yamaha stagepas 400i portable pa system

  1. Jim Parfitt

    Another great Yamaha product. These speakers are 8″ which I prefer for lots of stuff, like solo guitar. Plenty of low end..The little powered mixer fits in the back of one of the speakers, but you can also take it out and use either it or the speakers for other stuff. A solo or duo act could just use this for a lot of mid sized gigs. I wouldnt bother with the larger sibling. (10″ speakers). More than I’d need..Yamaha quality. They don’t make any junk.All around great unit!Read more

  2. Trey M.

    After over a year of owning the Yamaha Stagepas 400i, I’m glad to say it’s still absolutely amazing! I’ve used this PA for several gigs in small to medium venues with no issues – plenty of volume, great sound quality. When I’m not performing, this PA acts as our home stereo system for music and TV, meaning it’s used daily for hours on end. Of course, you’ll want to replace the cables as the ones it comes with are junk. I chose the Planet Waves 25 ft classic speaker cable, which are inexpensive, beefy, and are made of quality materials. This PA was worth every penny I paid, and I would buy it again if something were to happen to it. If you couldn’t tell already, I highly recommend you buy this if you need a high quality, reasonably priced, portable PA system.Read more

  3. Jacqueline

    This is a perfect system for home Karaoke! We love to entertain and this system sounds so professional! The only thing we added was a subwoofer to make it sound even better. Highly recommend this system. I have friends that have bigger and more expensive equipment and this system sounds just as good of not better. Very impressed with Yamaha. Great quality Love the fact that it is small so it does not look out of place in my living room.Read more

  4. John P

    I am a solo musician playing folky guitar and vocal music at live gigs. I needed a PA kit that would be convenient to transport, carry, set up and take down. I also needed it to be capable of handling small to medium sized venues. The STAGEPAS was just the ticket. It is an awesome package and worth every penny of the price I paid.Everything you need to set up the system is included, i.e., speaker and power cables. Of course, you will need to provide your own mic and instrument cables. I bought speaker stands and was glad I did, as well as the Yamaha accessory that lets you mount the mixer on a mic stand. The accessory is very handy, because it means you don’t have to depend on a table being available, so it makes you totally self-dependent.As far as the sound, I could not fault it. If you are a solo (or duo) act, the mixer has everything you need. Good equalization on each channel, great reverb, feedback control, and iPhone/iPod support for music or backing playback. The speakers sound terrific, both for my guitar and voice, as well as for fill-in recorded music between sets, which sounded like a professional DJ setup! There is a separate monitor output, both left and right (use left only for mono).I really cannot fault this system, and have no hesitation giving it five stars. Just one caveat: if you have more than a duo, or need to play to a bigger-than-medium venue, get the 600i, not the 400i.I absolutely love this system, and highly recommend it for a live solo or duo acoustic act playing to small-to-medium venues.Read more

  5. John Weis

    I use this for my music practice room and sometimes for some small DJ gigs. I was surprised how loud they got! The whole system is SUPER easy to understand. I love the portability and how the soundboard snaps into the back of the speaker. It doesn’t come with any bags or stands so you may want to consider if that is important to your needs. It does have a reverb function which helps with vocals.Read more

  6. Rodney A. Holder

    Excellent all around PA, I use in a small room and combined with a 350 watt bass amp, 40 watt guitar tube amp and live drums. Sounds great and has no problem keeping up with the other loud equipment. I have 4 mics running through it and also an acoustic guitar. Doesn’t take up hardly any space either.Read more

  7. C0SM0 SIX5

    This is terrific. I was on the fence between Fender Passport Event and this 400i. The fact that this was cheaper blows me away. The yamaha reverb makes me sound like Steve Green while singing. Just fantastic. With the ipod connection I can FINALLY stop trying to sinc my galaxy tab with the music I need. And one of these days I’ll get a condenser mic and the 400i has phantom power built in to utilize. The only negatives are because the unit was used. Some scuffs on the one speaker. And wow the shipping was slow. I’m very happy UPS was careful with it. It was in shipping over 8 days! Musical Supply Direct was the merchant.Read more

  8. Alexa Rose

    These worked fine for small spaces and house concerts, sound filled the space at a fraction of the volume capacity. Sounded great for acoustic guitar and voice with no effects or anything added (except volume) on the mixer. The cables they come with are super thin and seem really flimsy and cheap- that’s the only downside.Read more

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