0C11C615OIL676 Jbl professional c1pro-wh high overall performance 2-way professional compact loudspeaker gadget, white, sold as pair

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  • compact design makes it perfect for audio-visual packages, laptop workstations, recording and broadcast studios, cellular audio-video manipulate rooms and foreground and heritage song
  • includes complete-variety sonic shield overload safety into the design, ensuring network and transducer safety from excessive electricity surges from the amplifier
  • can be without problems set up in opposition to a wall or other flat surface with the enclosed brackets or actually used as a bookshelf speaker
  • 150 watts non-stop energy coping with and 87 db sensitivity, with 108 db non-stop and 114 db peak maximum spl
  • rugged and sturdy molded enclosure homes magnetically shielded transducers making it best to be used with video and computer monitors or other magnetically sensitive system
  • note: the outer container carries the black shade speaker photo however the real object within the field is white shade

from the producer

jbl manipulate 1 seasoned-wh

representing the following-technology in professional excessive-performance, compact loudspeaker structures, the manipulate 1 seasoned builds on its proud historical past at the same time as incorporating the contemporary improvements in jbl expert loudspeaker structures design. The manage 1 pro capabilities a professional crossover network coupled with professional drivers making it ideal for even the maximum worrying near-discipline audio applications. The manipulate 1 seasoned’s up to date crossover network design presents steeper crossover slopes for great sonic performance and stepped forward consistency at some point of the listening region. Furthermore, the rugged molded enclosure houses magnetically shielded transducers, making the manipulate 1 pro well-ideal to be used with video and laptop monitors, or other magnetically sensitive gadget.

  • 150 watts continuous strength managing
  • obvious and trustworthy sonic overall performance
  • magnetically shielded transducers
  • sonicguard overload safety
  • blanketed wall-mount bracket
  • to be had in white or black (c1pro)
  • positive, they are personal-length, however each control one speaker offers a top strength-dealing with capacity of two hundred watts. That a lot electricity guarantees distortion-unfastened replica of your favourite tune.

    not anything in the control one is over- or underneath-emphasized. Delivering a frequency reaction of 80hz to 20khz, this speaker reproduces the whole variety of sound from deep bass tones to extremely-high frequencies. With jbl audio system, what you pay attention is actual.

    whilst the jbl call is on a speaker, you are getting big, room-rocking bass straight from the expert recording studio. Titanium’s energy and light weight make it perfect for quick and appropriately reproducing crystal-clear high frequencies with out strain or distortion, even if the quantity is cranked up.


    Black, White


    Loudspeaker System

    7 reviews for 0C11C615OIL676 Jbl professional c1pro-wh high overall performance 2-way professional compact loudspeaker gadget, white, sold as pair

    1. S. Johnson

      Didn’t expect much for the price, but it sounded far better than expectation. Installed them high for surround sound and they perfectly got the job done. One of the best spent $160 for the year. 5 star and recommended!Read more

    2. paul

      The install was awesome. They are really bookshelf speakers, not satellites. Luckily, I had spare room on the walls for them. Check out the spec’d dimensions b4 purchase. Was surprised how sturdy a design the mount was. Didn’t believe it when I opened it, but the mounts are awesome and sturdy—only with a solid surface to screw in to. I’ll worry in in 10 years when the plastic stress fatigues. Btw, I’m keeping that torque rod in my jewelry box so I don’t lose it. By the time the plastic fails, I’m sure my audio will connect to some govt implant. Don’t know speakers. my ear is darn rude. My ears accept these happily.Read more

    3. Nick W., CA

      I bought mine used (not amazon) about 7 years ago. I have them now in my garage. I input my devices in 1/4 Audio input on my xenyx 802 mixer. Then to a NAD 2600A(2x channels @ 150W each). The speakers are both combined on one channel of the amp. The other channel goes to a guitar speaker.I play my KAT KT4 through it, I play my guitar through it, I play music through it by using a Samson wireless guitar system connected to my iPhone, the wireless system receiver is plugged in the mixerWith my setup things get loud. I turn it up and my brother in law can hear me 4 streets down. And that’s with amp barely half way.The speakers stay crystal clear. Bass is decent and great for the size of this speaker.- still alive after 7 years and used prior….👍- Able to handle 150w and still sound great…👍-Able to handle a wide range of devices…..👍-Great Value…..👍I set this system up because it’s stuff I have accumulated over the years and didn’t want to buy yet another thing.Read more

    4. Derby City David

      I have used the JBL PRO III in the past and these are just little bit better performance. I am using these for my surround and another pair for the front, live in a small apartment so I don’t need or want much more than this (out of consideration for the neighbors). Turns out I can use my old PRO III mounts, I find they have more installation flexibility. I’m sure I will find a situation for the provided mounting, just don’t see it yet.Read more

    5. Freekinfreak

      I’m by no means an audio expert, but I really like the sound I’m getting out of these. They don’t sound great by themselves, but when paired with my old Logitech 2300 subwoofer, they sound simply amazing. And they are brand new, not broken in yet. Again, I’m no expert, and I know everybody listens to their music differently, but these are perfect for my ears. Clear voices and instruments, and I finally know what a cymbal is supposed to sound like. Not ear piercing like I have come to know. Running these on an old 8ohm Onkyo receiver. Looking into a better 4 ohm amp. Maybe they’ll sound even better.Read more

    6. Wildman

      After a living room redesign and improvement, I decided to retire my decades-old Pioneer floor cabinets that were used as front speakers for a 5.1 surround system and downsize to these as they fit nicely on my current entertainment system stand, and would then free up more space for a cleaner look. The fact that they’re JBL studio monitors, and handle 150w peak made the decision fairly easy as far as choice. In addition, the many reviews here are also helpful. I’m a musician, so I enjoy listening to my purchased music on a regular basis, and these little speakers really pack a punch if you’re looking to furnish a small-sized listening area. I use Fostex studio monitors on my Mac computer system which is used for listening, recording and mixing, so I was fully aware of the quality difference between studio monitors and regular small surround or computer speakers. Highly recommend these JBLs if you have limited space to work with, or just want to use these for surround back speakers, as they come with mounting brackets as well. 5 stars.Read more

    7. John

      They need to be more specific about the connections it comes with and how you use them. I was looking for a set of studio monitors that will plug into my interface. Ended up with these. Sending them back same day I received them to get something that isnt completely outdated and overpriced.Read more

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