0C11BRVP6SJ432 Jabra communicate 510 wireless bluetooth speaker for softphone and cellular telephone – easy setup, portable speaker for holding conferences anywhere with splendid sound quality

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  • clearer conversations – the awesome sound great in the jabra communicate 510 wi-fi bluetooth transportable speaker guarantees every person is heard for the duration of convention calls, making your meeting greater successfully.
  • maintain conferences everywhere – take audio conferencing to an entire new level and turn any room right into a conference room with this wi-fi, portable speaker. Use it at home, within the office or when touring
  • clean setup – no it required. Setup and use of those bluetooth audio system is a breeze, just connect and dial-in. Like minded with all main uc structures.
  • slim, compact design – with a handy wearing case for use at the same time as on-the-cross and a slender, compact design, you can convey this wi-fi bluetooth speaker everywhere you are.
  • works with many gadgets – plug into your cellular cellphone, softphone or something tool you have. The speak 510 speakerphone works with many types of gadgets for conference calls and streaming multimedia.

from the manufacturer

engineered to be unplugged.

the communicate 510 is a personal, easy to apply conference call speakerphone with both – usb and bluetooth connectivity, for green and productive convention calls whenever and wherever.

more green meetings

clearer conversations

crystal clean hd voice enjoy ensures every body is heard with out echoes and distortion.


uc revel in

set-up in seconds- like minded with all main uc systems.

bluetooth 3. Zero

transportable design

in a compact transportable layout helps you to preserve conference calls anywhere.

intuitive connectivity

plug and play

join in seconds to pc, cellphone and tablet thru usb or bluetooth.

wideband audio

hd voice

crystal clear sound without echoes or distortions – even at max quantity.

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product description

don’t come to be a conference name horror story. With the splendid sound high-quality within the jabra communicate 510 wi-fi bluetooth transportable speaker, absolutely everyone is heard throughout conference calls, making your assembly greater efficiently. Setup and use of the wi-fi speaker is a breeze – just connect and dial in. It’s compatible with all leading uc platforms. With no pesky wires in your manner and a slim, compact design, you can take audio conferencing to an entire new level and turn any room right into a conference room with this wi-fi, portable speaker. Use it at domestic, inside the office or whilst travelling. A handy wearing case is covered. Plus, the jabra communicate 510 wireless bluetooth speaker can plug into your cell cellphone, softphone or whatever tool you’ve got. It really works with many kinds of devices for convention calls and streaming multimedia.


Skype Optimized + Link 370 (USB Dongle), Skype Optimized, UC Optimized, UC Optimized (Standard)


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5 reviews for 0C11BRVP6SJ432 Jabra communicate 510 wireless bluetooth speaker for softphone and cellular telephone – easy setup, portable speaker for holding conferences anywhere with splendid sound quality

  1. GregH

    I travel a lot for business and I have this speaker dual homed to my laptop (via USB) and cell phone (via Bluetooth), and it works great as a portable speaker phone for travel. I’ve tested it on both Skype for Business calls and Cisco Jabber calls, and the sound quality is amazing. In comparison to my PC, iPhone 7+ and my Microsoft HD webcam mic, this product has the best microphone sensitivity and background white noise cancellation. Very happy with the purchase.Update: July 2018Nearly a year after this was purchased and initially reviewed, it is still performing at the same excellent level as when I bought it. Since the original review last summer, I’ve probably made 100+ hours of conference calls on it via USB cable and it is also my go-to speaker in my home office when I’m having issues with call quality on a desk phone, or when my headset battery dies. I’ve successfully used this speaker on a recent model IBM/Lenovo Thinkpad, HP Elitebook, and a Dell Latitude business-grade laptop model. The speaker has performed flawlessly on all of them. Last month I had to take a call in a network room where the speaker was literally placed 12″ away from a Cisco 3750 switch, and the conference participants couldn’t hear the background fan noise from the switch. I’d say the background noise cancellation is probably the best I’ve ever experienced from any Speakerphone model.If I could rate this item 6/5 stars, I would.Read more

  2. Katie

    Purchased this as an upgrade to the 510 and promptly returned it. The speakers are definitely superior to the 510, but not by a large margin, and microphone seems identical to the 510.The way you’ll actually sound is nothing like the “HD Voice” demo Jabra has on their website for this product. That’s what pushed me to upgrade and it’s completely false advertising.Read more

  3. SPB Website Designs

    I work from home. Because of this I have a lot of conference calls. I tested this with my colleague the other day and was comfortably able to pace at around 8 feet away and still be heard fine on the other end. The touch screen buttons for volume, mute, end call etc all work flawlessly with my windows computer using Skype for business (formerly Lync). The lights that surround it to show if you are muted and battery levels as well as volume are also a wonderful feature. Over time this thing will more than be worth the investment. I haven’t tried Bluetooth connections as I don’t have much use but don’t know why it wouldn’t be a nice additional feature. Very happy.**if you found this review helpful please mark the review appropriately:) thank you!Read more

  4. Chuck

    Not a very well thought out hardware & firmware design from a D&I perspective.For any visually impaired user in the office there are several problems that would have been easy for Jabra to get right in initial design.1. No tactile sense on the buttons. This would be welcome to all users.2. The Mute/Unmute “tick” sound is the same for on/off mute.3. The Mute On light is so incredibly dim that in bright light even someone with good sight can’t see it.4. Since it is perfectly round there is no sense of orientation so if quickly trying to press a button while presenting users really need to pay attention.The device is otherwise reasonably OK for the price. It does a great job canceling out computer sounds from passing back through the mic, but if a person is talking at the same time their voice is severely broken up to other listeners on the meeting.The USB cable is short and not of great quality but does wrap up nicely and the USB plug clicks into place nicely. If only there were as much thought put into the buttons, lights and sounds during actual usage as there was for storing it I’d give it 5 stars.So if you’re a buyer who cares about a diverse and inclusive workforce in your small office you’ll want to go with a different vendor.Read more

  5. MdeS

    I don’t give many 5 star reviews but this one is just the bees-knees for sound quality, functionality and ease of use. In fact I’d take this to work and use my cell phone instead of the speakerphone on the ubiquitous IP phones which are ever so present in offices today. Let’s face it, we all don’t want to spend several Benjamins or into the 4 figures for the commercial Polycoms but we also don’t want something that lasts less than a couple years. I’ve bought the Anker brands and other affordable versions of speakerphones but they are fragile, lack a decent dynamic range and sometimes come with awkward controls or poor bluetooth connectivity (e.g. Bluetooth ver2.0).Enter the Jabra Speak 510.This puppy is not only sized small enough to easily toss into your computer bag but it even comes with it’s own custom padded neoprene case. The cable for charging neatly tucks away underneath the unit with even enough forethought by the designers to ensure that the USB connector can “click” into place without awkward tabs, etc. This means you don’t have to worry if you forgot your micro/mini/A/B/C USB or proprietary power cable. But even if you did, I’ve gotten several hours of conference calls with this workhorse. I’ve used it at least 6-7 hours per week without a recharge.The controls are capacitive touch and the LEDs are multicolored and easy to understand without any instructions. Hit the battery button and you’ll get a red (or all greens when fully charged) fuel gauge style meter. The LEDs show a white meter for Volume level. A Blue LED for… you guessed it, Bluetooth connectivity.And of course it allows for direct connectivity via 3.5mm phone jack if Bluetooth is unavailable.If I could only gripe about one thing? it’s that the mic is located on a single position along the rim so for those sitting on the opposite side of a table their voice may not be picked up so well. But at the price point Jabra sells this at it’s most certainly not a show stopper especially since the only other way to solve that is to turn it into a spider phone at which the cost is no longer within reach of your average consumer.Now, if I can only find a bluetooth headset which ranks just as highly as this speakerphone. :)Read more

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