0C11BOJFDSR426 Jbl gto629 top rate 6. 5-inch co-axial speaker – set of 2

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  • carbon-injected plus one cones are larger than others in their size class, which means they circulate more air and make extra bass. Dimensions: mounting cutout diameter: five-1/16 inches. Mounting depth: 2 inches. Outside diameter: 6-1/four inches
  • patented unipivot tweeter allows you to aim the sound at your ears, even if the audio system are established down low in the doors for a much greater lifelike sound
  • a dual-stage tweeter extent adjustment enables atone for less-than-ideal speaker placement, and can even be set to suit your private listening desire and musical taste
  • low-impedance, three-ohm speakers atone for the undersized wires determined in many of nowadays’s automobiles, and make the maximum of every watt your car stereo can deliver
  • committed 12db/octave, fantastic crossover additives direct the highs and lows to the right speakers for the first-class sound feasible
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jbl gto629 top rate


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8 reviews for 0C11BOJFDSR426 Jbl gto629 top rate 6. 5-inch co-axial speaker – set of 2

  1. omar martir

    so,…your wondering if these speakers are any good? right? I didn’t do any research I just saw them and knew the quality to expect from JBL. I took me a lil over 1 1/2 to install 2 pairs. it sounds like if I have a sub woofer in the back and the sound is clear. enough said, now just buy them before the go up in price. you won’t be disappointed.Read more

  2. Heather K.

    I got these speakers to replace my stock highlander rear door speakers because one was blown. They sound great and were easy for my husband to install. I have no complaints about the speakers so I’m leaving a 5 star review. However, I was not happy with how they arrived. They were left on my doorstep in plain sight in the original packaging. Nobody knocked or rang my doorbell or anything. I don’t understand why something like this wouldn’t be put in a separate box. That’s pretty stupid. The picture that I posted is exactly how it arrived.Read more

  3. Tracy

    Very impressed with these speakers. I replaced four(4) stock speakers with these into each door of my 2006 Hummer H3. I have an 8” Kicker Comp running at 600W subwoofer to pair. These speakers provide an excellent sound range with very good quality of sound and clarity. I would highly recommend these to any new-found basshead.Read more

  4. JD-0311

    I bought some adapter rings and mounted these on an ’07 electra glide. I have a cheap sony head unit with the little alpine ktp-445 amp. I have had aftermarket systems on 3 different electra glides over the last 10 years, hog tunes, j&m 7.25″ rokkers, fosgate amps, etc. and this set-up beats them all. I’ve only got about 700 miles on them so far so I don’t know how they will hold up in the long run. I had a set of polk db651s that the tweeter came unglued on once I guess from the vibration, they replaced them under warranty and the replacement set was ok. Anyway, I am running a stock harley 2 into 2 header that I sealed the cross-over pipe on to convert to a 2-1 header with a rinehart 3.5″ muffler with no baffles. The sound is by far the best I’ve ever had at highway speeds. Since I use a usb flash drive with mp3s from various sources, the input quality isn’t the greatest with some songs but the amp allows for this pretty well and the speakers can take what that little amp throws out pretty darn good. I want to stress that when running an amp (and on a harley you NEED to run an amp) you need to take some time and set the gain correctly, it’s really simple to do, and it has to be done. Also, when you run an amp on a harley save yourself some trouble, simplify things, and splice the amp into the radio speaker output lines. If you are putting an aftermarket radio on, by all means find the correct adapter harness you need for the radio, but the amp, with a little care, is easiest just spliced into the wires that run from the radio to the speakers. Like I said, for the first time in 10 years I have a system that I am completely satisfied with and they actually give off some base that can be felt. the 7.25″ rokkers never impressed me and they were about the best speakers I ever ran before these.UPDATE 11/11/20 – 2 Years, 7,000 Miles and still going strong. These speakers are as good or better than any Harley-Specific speakers You can buy. JDRead more

  5. Steve M

    I just installed these on all 4 doors of my 2008 Honda CR-V. These are awesome speakers well worth the money, but it said it fit my 2008 Honda CR-V , and it didn’t. I had to cut the hole out round on all 4 doors, and use self tapping screws to install. It was no problem for me, but just so you know.Read more

  6. The Wolf

    I installed these in the front doors of my 2014 Subaru Crosstrek. Installation was easy. I chose the wrong speaker. It’s important to note that car audio is a really imperfect science and my car is probably worse than most for this. These speakers sound OK, but theres so much high end (treble) and hardly anything below 100Hz (no bass). I installed an amplifier to give them 50 watts each and they didn’t get any better. I know that the bass can be problematic in cars and that these things need help from the enclosure (which is the door) so I lined my entire front doors with dynamat. This helped make the car quieter but there was still no bass. I’m going to get a different speaker. I’m sure these would sound decent with a sub but I also have tweeters in my dash so ultimately this is just the wrong speaker. I also had problems with the woofer over excurting. I thought I didn’t mount it correctly so I took the door panels off and the it was mounted tightly. The woofer just couldn’t handle the wattage (even though it’s rated for much more wattage). I ended up high passing them at 80Hz and they sounded alright but I need something with more low end. I think these are decent speakers for the price but I’m surprised by all of the good reviews.Read more

  7. Nicholas

    These speakers are awesome. They pack as much punch as you could want from any size and with them running off an aftermarket head unit they sound amazing. I had multiple friends ask what size subwoofer I was running and I don’t have one. Once again JBL comes through with a great product that produces more than it should. I love these and will definitely buy again for other vehicles in the future.Read more

  8. alex

    Just dropped these in my 2012 crv.Have them on a crunch 4 channel amplifier. They sound fantastic.It’s been less than 24 hrs.So of course if anything goes bad I will update,.but after the installation,We let the system play for about 45 min, with about 60% volume and no distortion amp sustained with no problem. The clarity at high volume was amazing,.to me they were a bit pricey, because I had to buy 2 pair,But no regrets. I got them connected to the crunch 1000.4 ampPerfect combination.Read more

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