0C11AHVS57J329 Monoprice 108240 rms 100w outside speaker extent controller, white

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  • ensure this fits
  • by getting into your model quantity.
  • the water resistant enclosure additionally makes it perfect for marine (boating) packages
  • designed unit comes in a weatherproof, rotary design allows you to set your audio to the perfect listening stage
  • this rotary manage can be set to one among twelve positions
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you’re out to your yard enjoying your pool or bbq. You’ve set up your outside sound system so you can concentrate-inch music even as you loosen up. What a trouble it’s far-inch move all of the manner back interior your house just-inch alter the volume. Would not or not it’s less difficult-inch have a extent controller out to your patio? Here’s your answer: an outside speaker volume controller. This mainly designed unit comes in a weatherproof sealed enclosure specifically designed for out of doors installations. A easy rotary design allows you-inch set your audio-inch the suitable listening stage. The water-resistant enclosure additionally makes it ideal for marine (boating) programs. This rotary manage can be set-inch one in all twelve positions consisting of the minimum (off) and most volume settings.


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8 reviews for 0C11AHVS57J329 Monoprice 108240 rms 100w outside speaker extent controller, white

  1. Phil

    Tried to use and adjust the jumpers for my speaker configuration, however, ended up bypassing it altogether. I had to wire my 4ohm outdoor speakers in series for my 8ohm amp. When also adjusting the jumpers for the speaker settings, whether I wired in parallel or series, the speakers really lacked volume. I finally ended up splicing the wires together in the volume housing and have the speakers wired in series at my amp. WHOA what a volume difference.I think this volume rocker was also putting more stress on the amp as it was starting to get very hot with almost any speaker config. Once I took the volume rocker out of play, my speakers rocked. Highly do not recommend.Also, the plastic screw holes inside break off easily.Read more

  2. Belle

    I installed 2 of these on my patio. They are a good value, however be away of a few caveots. 1. The box is tight, wiring is doable, but it will be tight so be patient and careful when wiring. 2. The screws are prone to break the plastic mounts they screw in to. A few of the mounts broke on mine. I was just very careful and superglued it all back together. I very gently screwed the final product to the wall and haven’t had any issues since then. After setting everything up, it seems to work as I intended. I am not an audio expert but it does the job well enough. Good value.Read more

  3. hans

    the item heavy duty plastic..nice..the problem is that there on 4 screws to take off to get the cover off.tthe plastic is brittle for the screws and the screws go rite that point,throw away the screws.i put white electrical tape then siliconed the outside to really water proof it.insta;; with opening on bottom.have a small ,small screwdriver to make wire connections.i used 14 gauge wire.Read more

  4. J.F.

    Yes, as another reviewer noted, it’s difficult to wire. There’s little space inside for left and right speakers in and out. I wired it on the work bench with all the lengths of speaker wire attached. Like a wiring harness. Then I installed it outside and ran the wires to the speakers and amp. It’s a neat installation with the wires all tucked away and hardly visable. I was proud of myself. Then I turned on the amp to check it out. The volumn control has a rotary dial that clicks in position at each of 10 sound levels. As I rotated the dial I noticed that at two of the positions the right speaker goes dead and I only hear the left one. I don’t even think I’ll return it because once installed, it cant be swapped out in place. I’d have to rip out all the wiring I installed and start over on the workbench. I wish they’d test these things before they sell them!( Or maybe they do, and this vendor sells the rejects.)Read more

  5. robert taylor

    Have several of these volume controllers from other brands that were slightly more expensive but still working great. Gave this one a shot thinking it was a bargain but it worked for exactly 1 day and died completely. Now I have a permanently mounted box on my house that I routed wires to which does nothing, so it’s basically just acts as a junction box. Not a good choice at all…look at other brands instead.Read more

  6. G.G.S.

    We had high hopes, but right out the gate, the plastic enclosure cracked. We hooked it up anyway and found the knob hard to turn and the actual performance made for crackling sounds on the audio feed. We returned this and went with a much more expensive US-made outdoor volume control of similar exterior design, but a completely different internal design.Read more

  7. Paul C.

    I purchased this so I can either turn down the volume or turn off the volume on my deck. The screws inside to attach the speaker wires are very small. The unit seems to be made well and has some weight to it. However,It only takes a few clicks on the dial and I have no sound.It would have been better with a volume controller without the clicks.Read more

  8. KB

    Volume knob works well, take you time with inserting your wire into the contacts, DONT overtighten the small set screw, just snug will work perfectly. I ended up putting a small bead of silicone caulk around the gasket prior to closing up the faceplate, and then a small bead along the outside edge to ensure water/snow/hot tub water stays out of the box.As for the operation, once I had the Ohms switched to the correct settings, the speakers sounded great! the volume has slight ‘clicks’ for each level, works really nicely to find a spot and keep it. If i was to install this again I would most likely run 16 or 18 guage wire into the box/unit as it would then be much easier to close up. I ran 14 guage outdoor low voltage wire (large outer jacket) and it worked, just very cramped inside, but it all works!Read more

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