0C11AFB91W9705 One hundred ft 16awg cl2 rated 4-conductor loud speaker cable (for in-wall installation)

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  • top rate ofc oxygen free copper speaker twine : this seasoned series ofc oxygen loose copper speaker wire cable it’s build with high stranded conductors provides top rate sound excellent with for home theater and vehicle audio system.
  • gain of ofc (oxygen free copper): with ofc twine you’ll have multiplied conductivity to hold more contemporary for your amplifier. Additionally help decreased the pressure on the vehicles electric machine which ofc oxygen loose copper is extraordinarily encouraged whilst you are putting in speaker twine within the car. A whole lot better corrosion resistance and stepped forward heat absorptions over cca speaker wire.
  • maximum excellent cloth and tier 1 manufacture process – the cable is made of ofc oxygen unfastened copper, making sure excessive constancy sound best and offering most’s conductivity and durability with out paying the extra fee. The product undergo many states of trying out to ensure the highest performance and reliability of the products.
  • versatile placement: cl2 rated for in-wall use, the speaker cord may be used competently and correctly along floorboards, up and over boundaries, and hidden at the back of partitions. The top rate speaker twine works well for a selection of domestic or workspace configurations.
  • easy allotting: the c&e speaker twine comes wrapped around a tough plastic spool. The spool well includes unused twine and allows for convenient dishing out. Set the spool on its aspect for resultseasily rolling out the cord, or set the spool on cease to keep it in location.

from the manufacturer

easily join your speakers to amplifiers or receivers for your home theater system

this speaker twine with spool from c&e lets you effortlessly join your speakers to amplifiers or receivers.

one facet of the wire is marked with a purple line, making it quick and smooth to differentiate the polarity and get your audio machine set up nicely.

this speaker twine comes wrapped round a difficult spool that makes dishing out convenient and clean. Best for banana plugs, spade suggestions or pin connector applications. The top rate clear thick insulated cable jacket is designed to be difficult, yet bendy and additionally insulated around the wire to support terrific undistorted sound from audio device. Excessive strand remember for flexibility & audio purity. From expert professional to a diy project, c&e has the proper twine to suit your needs!

no distortion

this 2-conductor speaker wire from c&e helps you to without difficulty join your audio system to amplifiers or receivers. High-strand remember oxygen loose copper conductors are colour-coded to differentiate left/proper for matching polarity making this speaker wire perfect for custom installs. Effortlessly use this wire with banana plugs, spade tips or bent pin programs.

a difficult, but flexible insulated jacket around the cord helps to obtain superb undistorted sound out of your audio device.

selecting the proper speaker twine

american twine gauge (awg) refers back to the thickness of the wire inside the cable. The decrease the gauge quantity, the thicker the wire. If you want to pick out an appropriate gauge speaker cable, the speaker impedance rating will want to be considered. Speaker impedance refers back to the resistance a speaker offers to the cutting-edge provided by an amplifier.

impedance (like resistance) is measured in ohms, and selecting a wire that an amplifier or receiver can manage is vital.

an critical attention is that the cord gauge is suitable for the impedance of speakers and the cord length. Please observe the chart supplied as a tenet to assist in finding the great gauge in your system’s overall performance.

cl2 rated for in-wall use, the speaker wire may be used appropriately and efficiently along floorboards, up and over boundaries, and hidden at the back of partitions. The premium speaker twine works nicely for a diffusion of domestic or workspace configurations.

here are the records approximately ofc oxygen free copper vs cca copper-clad aluminum. With ofc twine you’ll have accelerated conductivity to carry greater modern-day for your amplifier. Oxygen unfastened copper is pretty encouraged while you are installing speaker cord inside the automobile. The ofc speaker wire will a lot higher corrosion resistance and progressed warmness absorptions over the cca speaker cord.

  • join your audio system in your a/v receiver or amplifier with this 2-conductor speaker twine
  • well matched with banana plugs, spade hints, or bent pin connectors
  • wrapped around a difficult plastic spool for shelling out, measuring, cutting & storing
  • a tough, yet flexible insulated jacket for undistorted sound
  • fantastic for in-domestic packages in addition to car, auditoriums, church buildings or commercial enterprise settings
  • 99. 9% oxygen-unfastened copper (ofc) offers extraordinary undistorted alerts to and from audio system
  • the white outer jacket is cl2 rated making it secure to be used within the walls of residential buildings
  • cl2 rated in wall speaker for excessive overall performance

    create a easy, clean connection between audio system and an a/v receiver or amplifier with c&e speaker cord. Product of 99. 9% oxygen-free copper (ofc), the exceptional speaker wire provides brilliant conductivity for a natural sign to and from audio equipment. The speaker cord reduces distortion and sound impurities, supporting to deliver an superior audio enjoy.

    the cl2 score suggests that the cable complies with fire safety and coverage necessities making it secure to be used in the walls of residential class homes.


    suits banana plugs, spade recommendations or bent pin connectors, which might be usually like minded with audio components like speakers, a/v receivers, amplifiers & different expert sound packages installation meant for custom installs.

  • out of doors direct burial that underground.
  • indoor in-wall set up.
  • jacket strips easily for a quick installation.
  • excessive-strand depend oxygen free copper conductors, offering clarity, excessive high-quality sound out of your audio gadget.
  • bendy percent jacket with crimson streak polarity allows for fast, smooth and correct installations.
  • low reminiscence jacket makes it easy to path close to wall moldings.
  • without problems installs into maximum banana plugs.
  • jacket strips effortlessly for a fast set up.
  • excessive satisfactory undistorted sound to your system.
  • best for domestic theatre, car, rv and audio systems.
  • ninety nine. Ninety nine% oxygen unfastened copper conductors (0. 254mm x sixty five strands) supplying undistorted indicators and extraordinary sound
  • product description

    a hundred toes 16awg cl2 rated 4-conductor loud speaker cable (for in-wall installation)



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    16AWG, 18AWG

    8 reviews for 0C11AFB91W9705 One hundred ft 16awg cl2 rated 4-conductor loud speaker cable (for in-wall installation)

    1. Michael M

      I purchased this wire for a project I needed to get done quickly but now I wish I had more time so I could send this back and get something else. First the wire is needlessly thick. Normally 4 conductor 16 gauge in wall audio wire is around 1/4 inch in diameter and has a smooth slippery jacket that is both tough and easy to slide through tight spaces. The jacket on this wire is so big and loose that the wires inside has room to flop around and it is made of a thin soft plastic that tears easily. When pulling through a tight space the jacket tends to bunch up and start to rip. Also the color code is not standard substituting blue for green. This is not a big deal but I have to ask why? There is a well established standard color code for 4 conductor speaker wire so what is the point of doing something different? Finally about half way through the roll I came to a spot where the jacket was twisted funny as if the wire inside was kinked or spliced or something. Fortunately the conductors were not broken and I was able to finish my project but I would not buy this brand of wire again.Read more

    2. DM

      It works well. My home audio is booming now that I have ripped the previous owner’s half-assery out of the walls. Who wires in-wall audio with Radio Shack speaker wire anyways? Geesh. Use this stuff and you should never have to worry for the rest of your life about the integrity of your home wiring.Read more

    3. mhjett

      This is great stuff and fit the bill perfectly for my use. Insulation and the copper itself appear of good quality.Bought this to use for running along one side of the room to power 2 surround speakers (positive and negative for each speaker). We’re in an apartment so I was left with simply tucking the wire between the carpet and baseboard. I chose this wire because of the single white outer jacket, which, although designed for in-wall installation, blends in nicely in my situation.Read more

    4. Stanward S. M. Oshiro

      I believe other people have the same idea that I do…. to use this 100′ cable to extend 3-wire (or 4-wire) smart RGB LED lights. I use 2811 RGB LEDs which have 3 wires. I was looking for the cheapest cable that has a minimum of 3 wires bundled together. This is the cheapest I could find, especially with Free Super Saver Shipping.Since I only need 3 wires, I just leave the white wire alone and utilize the other 3.Read more

    5. Robert G.

      This did what I needed, take care of a long run to feed 2 speakers. Normally I never go below 14 ga. wire, but this was tight, tight and the jacketing saved any possible damage to the wires.Read more

    6. M. Urso

      Used as industrial hookup wire it works fine. Nice loose jacket lets the conductors run cooler.Read more

    7. figuy

      This wire is flexible and the shielding strips cleanly. It seems like quality wire and is easy to work with.Read more

    8. starstruck

      I had an unusual need for 4 conductor 18AWG wire and I looked every where for it. That included the hardware stores, the big box stores, Radio Shack, the electrical supply store and on line. I only needed about 5 feet of it but nobody had any amount except the huge electrical supply houses on line and they only sold it in spools of 1000 feet. I had even looked here on Amazon but did not at first bring it up in my search but after rewording it this came up and very reasonably priced too. So I bought 100 feet to get 5 and can now supply anyone in town that might ever happen to need 4 conductor 18 AWG wire to make an unusual cable. As my need dictated, it is very flexible and about .25 inch outside diameter. The outer sheathing seems pretty flimsy but the insulation on the individual conductors is very durable and will provide the protection you need to prevent any shorts. Each conductor is a different color so it’s easy to connect it up correctly at each end. I should also mention that the wire is multi-stranded, just as I needed. It was shipped to me immediately and packaged well. It fit my need quite well. Could only have been better if it came in black and I could have bought 25 or 50 feet for slightly more per foot.Read more

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