0C11A77JGR1343 Belkin usb power strip surge protector – 12 ac a couple of retailers & 2 usb ports – 6 ft long flat plug extension wire for home, office, journey, pc laptop & charging brick – white (3,996 joules)

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  • multi-outlet electricity strip with usb ports: energy the entirety for your table with a single compact surge-included extension wire. This reputable electricity twine gives 12 ac retailers with surge protector and 2 usb ports (2. 1a blended) for charging your laptop, smartphone, digicam, and more. One charging station for a muddle-unfastened table.
  • relaxed safety surge protection: the electric strip has a 3,996-joule energy score presenting a reliable electricity extension wire to guard steeply-priced computers, tv, home equipment, domestic theater, and greater. Its safety functions shield your digital devices from overload, brief circuit, voltage, and fluctuations.
  • compact, heavy obligation, and space-saving: the widely spaced outlets provide enough vicinity to match big plugs and charger bricks. There are mounting holes at the back so you can mount it on partitions, workbenches, or counters. Perfect for more than one workplaces with its 6 feet/1. 8-meter-long twine this is connected with the aid of a 3-prong plug.
  • reliable product and provider: every buy is worry-free as it’s miles sponsored through a 2-12 months restricted guarantee and guarded by $250,000 connected equipment assurance. Test out the overall specs: 6,000 volts maximum spike voltage, 2. 1a twin usb ports, 15a ac, 125v, and 1875w. Purchase with self belief and guard your devices.
  • excessive-pace ports and 12 ac receptacles: each port promises optimized charging to iphones, smartphones, and tablets. Price at once to the usb port thru cable and plug-in more than one gadgets to the energy wire together with laptop, television, gaming console, and more. The portable layout makes it best to apply in desks and workstations.

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6', 8', 10', 12', Wall Mount


Power Strip, Power Strip + Single Outlet Power Strip


7-Outlet, 8-Outlet, 12-Outlet USB, 12-Outlet, 6-Outlet with USB

8 reviews for 0C11A77JGR1343 Belkin usb power strip surge protector – 12 ac a couple of retailers & 2 usb ports – 6 ft long flat plug extension wire for home, office, journey, pc laptop & charging brick – white (3,996 joules)

  1. Bob Feeser

    You have to wonder if the people who are burning these out have them overloaded. For example a single small room space heater… well I will let Consumer Reports tell you > The electric space heaters tested at Consumer Reports use 1,500 watts to fully power. So with an 1800 watt max outlet strip typical for a 15 amp unit means that you can only plug a limited number of additional things, hopefully drawing very little wattage if you do.I have been using the slightly cheaper model of this version from Belkin that doesn’t have quite as much in the joules rating, and it has worked flawlessly since Dec 2017.I am mentioning this because I was put back by the photos of the holes burnt in them. I plug a lot of things into mine and there is never a problem, but of course that is a standard 46″ TV, or my 56″, stereo equipment etc. etc. etc. and it works without a whisper. I have a few space heaters in the house for emergencies and usually just plug them directly into the wall on a dedicated circuit. Space heaters are cheap and the threat of a lightning spike is remote but due to the price it is not a big risk. I’m not an electrician, but that is my two cents.I just bought two of these for only a couple of dollars more than my other one just like it. It has a few hundred more joules in the rating like 4 thousand some instead of 3900. Works great. If something goes wrong I will be back to update my review.Read more

  2. S. Holt

    Had a breaker trip after moron ex boyfriend plugged in a frayed extension cord outside. My high end gaming PC, assembled by my hand and at great expense, was a goner. Mobo and proc fried. Not an expert but I would think 3390 joules should have protected it.Read more

  3. SHS

    We had most of our major electronics plugged into this “surge” protector when we had a lightning strike. It did nothing. We lost our 50″ TV, a Nintendo Switch, and our surround sound stereo system. The electrician who came to fix other damage caused by the lightning said these power strip surge protectors are useless. Apparently he is right. We read about the Belkin $300,000 warranty, but from what we’ve read, Belkin makes it very difficult to file a claim, and so we have decided to just file with our homeowner’s insurance instead.If you are just looking for some extra outlets, I would suggest buying a cheaper power strip. If you’re looking for something to protect against lightning strikes, you can forget this power strip and probably any other. Our electrician suggested we buy a whole house surge protector, which costs about $350, and so that will probably be our solution after we do some research on a reliable brand.. We certainly won’t be buying anymore expensive surge protector power strips. This one at least was worthless.Read more

  4. M. K. Harris

    This is the third one of these that I’ve purchased, and the manufacturing level has dropped in a big way. The first two I bought over a year ago and were solid/sturdy. I bought this one a week ago and it arrived in a misshapen box. Misshapen because whoever put it together decided that the on/off switch didn’t need to sit straight on the plastic casing, and then just tried to screw it together anyway, bending the plastic casing and leaving the switch “sorta” on there. They shipped it like that. Obviously was not inspected by anyone.Amazon was cool and immediately sent me a replacement, but the replacement is of the same generation and is quite cheaply manufactured. It functions as an on/off switch, but I wouldn’t trust it to do anything else. And I can’t safely open it to verify the integrity of its internal components because the screws they use are single-use.So, yeah, pay attention to what you’re buying here. The price is cheaper than it was a year ago, and the quality of manufacturing has also decreased.Read more

  5. Eren Moreno

    Piece of JUNK!I live in a suuuper old house, like predating the Civil War old, so I bought this power strip for the Belkin name and the fact that it cost more than your run of the mill $8 ones you pick up at the store and may fair better with my old faulty wiring.You’d think for double the money it would be better right?WRONG! After only three months I just found this thing with a melted hole in the back and a big black spot on my wall where it exploded.I’ve had power strips from 1988 that’ve held up longer!Read more

  6. Nil Bisoi

    The dual powered USB ports don’t offer 2.4 AMP/12 W as advertised. The unit I received gives 1 AMP/5W for both USB ports combined and I verified it using Battery Pro app. When a device is being powered from one USB port, the 2nd USB port does not offer any current due to the low wattage on this unit. This is either false advertising or I received an outdated equipment.The second minor issue I have with this equipment is the power sockets are too close to each other, so any wider power adapter will cover the adjacent socket.Read more

  7. ƒ4

    USB outputs are not what is advertised here and the outlets are very close to each other so if your plugs are wide they don’t fit together.However mounting is easy, the quality looks fine but the false advertisement about the USB outputs is very disappointing.Belkin sometimes makes good products likeBelkin BE112230-08 12-Outlet Power Strip Surge Protector this definitely is NOT one of them.I got myselfAPC 6-Outlet Wall Surge Protector 1080 Joules with USB Charger Ports, SurgeArrest Wall Tap (P6WU2) which is cheaper, has better USB output and the plugs are separated from each other.Read more

  8. Tabor Kelly

    Mine came with an angled plug which is visible in one but not all of the product photos. This means that you can plug it into the top of a traditional two outlet receptacle and not block the bottom outlet.Read more

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