0C11A3LKACV766 Plantronics – voyager legend (poly) – bluetooth single-ear (monaural) headset – connect with your pc, mac, tablet and/or mobile telephone – noise canceling

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  • best for: cellular expert who is predicated on mobile phone for on-the-go conversation
  • hook up with: for a person that desires to take and get hold of calls on a cell cellphone
  • audio overall performance: crystal clean bluetooth audio quality with triple-mic lively virtual signal processing (dsp), & wind canceling
  • talk time & roaming variety: up to 7 hours of communicate time and you may roam as much as 98 feet (30 meters)
  • worldwide warranty & carrying style: 1 year guarantee u. S. For global assurance go to poly. Com; mild weight over the ear headset

from the manufacturer

voyager legend

single ear cell/wireless bluetooth headset.

a headset to be used together with your cell cellphone like minded with iphone, android, and other leading smartphones. Frustration unfastened packaging.

product information

well matched with iphone, android, and different main mobile phones.

cell professional who is predicated on their cell phone for on-the-cross communique.

crystal-clear bluetooth audio best with triple-mic energetic digital sign processing (dsp), & wind canceling.

as much as 7 hours of communicate time and you may roam up to 30 ft or 10 meters.

use case

use touring/on-the go

bendy and expert audio for taking calls wirelessly and shifting all through your paintings day.

plantronics hub app

permits cease-users to customize their settings and get visible status in their plantronics audio device on their mobile (android and ios versions to be had). Personalize your ringtone, check battery fame, update firmware, trade language options and more. Use the locate my headset function to find a misplaced headset.

poly innovation

poly creates top rate audio and video products so that you could have your nice meeting — anywhere, each time, on every occasion. Our headsets, video and audio-conferencing products, desk telephones, analytics software program and services are superbly designed and engineered to attach human beings with great readability. They may be pro-grade, smooth to use and paintings seamlessly with all of the exceptional video and audio conferencing offerings. With poly (plantronics, inc. – formerly plantronics and polycom), you will do extra than simply show up, you will stand out.


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5 reviews for 0C11A3LKACV766 Plantronics – voyager legend (poly) – bluetooth single-ear (monaural) headset – connect with your pc, mac, tablet and/or mobile telephone – noise canceling

  1. Don

    The headset itself is great and the noise cancelling is amazing. I work in a data center with so much noise I can barely hear myself, but people on the other end can’t even hear the noise. Its amazing to be honest.However, this is one of those products you may want to buy brand new from a store. Its obvious these are re-furbished, returned, or older models that the manufacturer is selling direct to consumers via Amazon. I say this because:1. I bought this headset in the retail packaging and it went out after 6 months. The replacement was a re-furbed headset with all components, but no retail packaging or manual.2. If you look at most reviews of the unit everywhere else, they are much higher than what they are here.3. Its $20 cheaper here than everywhere else, including Plantronics websiteI’m not saying don’t buy the unit, and in fact I would buy it again because of how well it works. I’m just saying be aware of what your are buying and get the warranty. This is my second unit. The first lasted 2 years, and this one 6 months. If you look at the reviews, its hit or miss.For the record, Plantronics support was good and sent a replacement in a couple days.Read more

  2. Austin G. Williams

    I have gone through 3 of these in the past couple of years. They are great at first but then become extremely annoying and unreliable. If I am connected and try to make a call it will automatically disconnect (not unpair) and then I will have to hit the Bluetooth icon on the call screen to reconnect. Then throughout the phone call it will connect and disconnect as it sees fit. I believe this is due to the “feature” that detects if you take the headset off and automatically disconnects. Problem is it never gets it right. Oh, this also gets thrown off if you wear a hat. It starts thinking you have taken it off and… more disconnects. If they could fix this problem or eliminate the feature causing it I would try it again. Otherwise I am done with this brand.Read more

  3. kaord89

    This is my THIRD Plantronics Voyager Legend [PVL] — and the only reason that I had to replace the other two was because I dropped my first one into a swimming pool and didn’t realize it until later, and the second one I recently lost. In an effort to save a dollar or two, I mistakenly tried several different Bluetooth headsets in between my PVLs — they were a complete waste of time and money.PROs:•Crisp, clean sound• Noice reduction for the person on the other end of the line• Connects quickly and effortlessly EVERY TIME• Incredibly long battery life• Charges quickly• Exceptionally comfortable (sometimes forget its there)• Doesn’t need to be “pushed into” or “plugged into” your ear canal• Sweat proof & dirt proof• Extra durable — been worn daily during construction work• May be used on either earCONs:• Soooo comfy, that I forgot I was wearing it and lost it “TWICE!” (Totally my fault)• Weird, magnetic charging cable — SPEND THE EXTRA $20 and get the charging case. It will keep your headset nice and safe, and supply backup charging. It uses a simple micro USB.WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? GET THIS HEADSET ALREADY!Read more

  4. Yasmín

    This bluetooth wireless earpiece is great. I was looking hard for a decent one. I tried some gaming headsets which were way too big, and I tried some traditional call center pieces, but they didn’t play music – only phone calls. Then I looked up which would be the best option for business use and this was suggested. It is great! It gets calls and asks me if I want to answer or send it to voicemail and all I have to do is say what I want. I don’t need to touch anything. It plays my music pretty well, and the sound is crisp. I called a few people and asked them how they could hear me and while I was driving on the highway, I was told that they could hear me crystal clear with no background noise. All of the buttons make it very convenient. I have average sized ears and the piece is a little bit big over the top, but I actually thinks its supposed to be and I just haven’t gotten used to it yet. That will come. I could run around doing business and chores, and errands all day with this thing on my ear and forget about it. There’s no wires, a pretty long reach to the phone, so if I don’t remember where I put it – but the piece is in my ear – I can still answer a call from anywhere in my house. There’s a volume button which can double as a forward or rewind button, a usb plug and wall adapter which comes with it, there s a call, play, end call, redial button all in one button, theres a voice demand/ energy report / mute all in one button. It’s small, comfortable, and the sound and voice quality is incredible.Read more

  5. jkhughes

    I owned a few Voyager pro’s in the last 10 years. Eventually they died after a couple of years or so and I replaced them with the same model. I really like how they fit.Unfortunately, In the past 3 months I have had 2 of the Voyager Legend’s. One failed to keep connections with my phone. The second one the speaker failed after 5 weeks.Also the programmer forgot to leave a space after the the word “To” so when it responds it says, ” Calling ToJohn Smith.”Read more

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