0C119K67VI1183 Jumbl sinsb7b progrip ultra stainless-steel speaker wall mount bracket, pair of 2

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  • for all sort of wall hooked up audio system, like satellite speakers or bookshelf audio system.
  • chrome steel hardware for power and sturdiness, curved face designed specifically for dice-style audio system
  • ball and clamp layout for more mounting flexibility, swivels left and right up and down.
  • attaches to speaker’s single threaded or keyhole mounting points. Thread size: 1/four-20
  • best for indoor or out of doors use.
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jumbl progrip ultra chrome steel speaker wall mount bracket

one of the essential elements in placing-up a domestic-theater surround device over a stereo gadget is how to correctly phase the speakers in-line with your video output. In the theater, the display screen is normally barely above your head and the sound is aimed at the audience from above, mounting your speakers to the wall nicely can help simulate this impact for a better degree of surround realism. The jumbl progrip extremely speaker mount is the nice speaker wall mounting answer for audio system weighing up to ten lbs (4. Five kg). The ball can then be rotated in the bracket so the related speaker may be moved to the desired position to maximize the audio distribution. The jumbl progrip ultra has a curved face designed particularly for cube-fashion speakers. Made from stainless steel, the mount will maintain a speaker up to ten lbs. Without introducing undesirable resonance to its sound. The 2-piece design makes for smooth set up and adjustment, providing you with the capacity to swivel the speaker left or right, up or down comfortably. The mount comes with all of the mounting hardware you need. A channel within the body of the mount lets speaker wire pass via from the bottom or back, giving you a purifier, clutter-loose look.

  • for all kind of wall set up audio system, like satellite tv for pc speakers or bookshelf speakers
  • stainless steel hardware for electricity and durability, curved face designed mainly for cube-style audio system
  • ball and clamp design for greater mounting flexibility, swivels left and right up and down
  • attaches to speaker”s unmarried threaded or keyhole mounting points. Thread size: 1/four-20
  • best for indoor or outdoor use
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    8 reviews for 0C119K67VI1183 Jumbl sinsb7b progrip ultra stainless-steel speaker wall mount bracket, pair of 2

    1. DT

      Very high quality materials, but NOTE the down side is, it does not come with screws and anchors to install it to the wall.Up the price a $1 and I am fine paying the difference, instead of going to a local store to buy the rest of the materials.Another thing, the anchors and the screws which I used, (Because it didn’t come with its original size) are sitting well, but at the same time they have a %5 shake, which is an uncomfortable feeling after installing these.Another words, it is an ultimate alternative to bestbuy or other local store hangers. Fit exactly into my Klipsch Reference 5.2 speakers.I do recommend this product!Read more

    2. B.B.

      Purchased these to mount Polk Audio Signature series S10 speakers (~8lbs each). I tried to mount one using plastic drywall anchors (rated for 50lbs) but was not happy with the bulge in the drywall once I hung the speaker. I ended up shifting over 4 inches to find a wall stud and I recommend ONLY mounting these brackets via wall studs. The easiest method I found is to loosen the pinch bolt enough to remove the ball mount, install the ball to the speaker first, then lift the speaker/ball mount to the bracket, have a second person help with positioning, then you can use the supplied hex key to tighten down the clamp on the ball mount. Make sure the ball itself is clean and sweat/oil free so it doesn’t slip within the clamp. I do feel these mounts are sturdy and offer maximum flexibility in aiming a speaker when hung. I believe documentation states these have a 10 lbs limit… and probably accurate based on their design. I like that they mount close to the wall and kind of disappear when a speaker is in front of them. I would recommend them for any surround sound speaker needs.Read more

    3. Doug C.

      These mounts are excellent. They were very easy to install, are very heavy duty feeling, and the ball swivel works as advertised. Hung my Polk OWM3s on my ceiling with them. Also, the price point is excellent. Can’t forget that.Read more

    4. Brian M.

      These work really well, they really support the speaker well, you can really tighten down the clamp enough so the speaker stays right in place.I installed 4 of these and after the first one I learned the easiest way to attach speakers to them, I have taller speakers which I installed vertically. Install the mount on the wall, attach the ball to the speaker and then install the speaker sideways and tighten the receiver almost all the way, to the point where it will hold the speaker and then GENTLY turn it to the correct position. This allowed me to have easier access to the bolt to tighten it most of the way. Just make sure when you do it that you are going to rotate the way that will tighten the ball connection on the speaker and it works out great.Would definitely recommend these and will use them again.Read more

    5. Buyer

      Item is well made and looks good. However due to the way it is packaged from the factory it is prone to having chips in the paint. I had one large chip on one so I had amazon send a replacement this set was only slightly better with a still visible albeit smaller chip in the paint. Ultimately i decided to keep the item since the chip on the second set was small and wouldn’t be noticeable once mounted.Read more

    6. Adam Lesser

      It’s clear that there’s a factory making these for more than one label , as these seem identical to the definitive technology (a higher end speaker maker brand) mounts that I also have. Both sets are excellent and provide lots of holding power. They’re not the cheapest mounts, but you definitely get what you pay for here. These mounts are built to commercial-level standards and you won’t be disappointed. I wouldn’t be shocked to find these types of mounts in a nice business or store, or commercial theater setup.Read more

    7. Jay

      I used these to mount a pair of Klipsch Surround 3s. One is mounted to drywall, using drywall anchors and the other is mounted to a load bearing support beam. I read other reviews before ordering and knew that these don’t come with screws, bolts, anchors, etc. I didn’t mind, since I knew I’d be using different mounting hardware for each side. Simple wood screws for one side, and drywall anchors and screws for the other.Super easy install with unobtrusive design. Yeah, the Jumbl emblems got scratched during shipping like other reviewers had mentioned. But I’m totally ok with that, because the mounts are small enough to be completely hidden by the speaker. I was planning on painting these mounts to match my wall, but after installing and mounting the speakers, I realized it would be pointless to paint them. I can’t see the mount at all, let alone the scratched Jumbl logo.These are great little mounts and I won’t hesitate to purchase another set, should the need arise.Read more

    8. avidreader

      I installed these in drywall (no studs) using Toggler Snaptoggles. Worked beautifully. You have to be observant when drilling to make sure the holders are vertical as you can’t put a level on the side of the holder as it is not straight by design. Not difficult to do but you want to check for level before you drill. The product is powder coated white. I painted the hardware white to match for a better look. If your speakers attach to a 1/4 by 20 bolt these will work well. There is a hole through which you can run your speaker wire so it makes for a neat appearance. A substantial Allen wrench is included and the holders allow for precise positioning of a speaker. I ordered a pair and on the right side of each their name was poorly printed (smeared). Of course, it did not impair the function but the one thing you might want to promote is your name.Read more

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