0C118247F2T780 Skullcandy s2ikdz-010 ink’d 2. 0 earphones, purple

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  • earbud design – directs exceptional sound into the ear.
  • excellent sound grants attacking bass, herbal vocals and precision highs
  • flattened cable for style and durability.
  • call and tune manage thru the in-line microphone and far flung

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from the manufacturer

the ink’d 2 is a remix worth listening to for your self.

technical specs:

  • two sizes of silicone gel earbud sleeves for a great suit
  • 1. Three-meter nylon braided cable with gold-plated three. 5mm plug
  • in-ear layout lets in for passive noise isolation
  • limited manufacturer’s warranty
  • capabilities and highlights

    capabilities and highlights:

  • excellent sound offers attacking bass, herbal vocals and precision highs
  • flattened cable for style and durability
  • additional sizes of silicone gel earbud sleeves covered for a super fit
  • designed, engineered and synthetic by using skullcandy
  • product description

    leaving an undisputed mark on critics and believers alike, this popular bud has been re-shaped, re-tuned and re-produced for genuine lovers. Complete with perfect sound, the ink’s 2 is a remix worth hearing for yourself. Sound strain stage: eighty five db (1mw/500hz) (eighty five. 3).

    Product Dimensions

    0.25, x, 0.25, x, 0.75, inches

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    1.06, ounces


    Skullcandy, Inc.



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    4.3, out, of, 5, stars, 1, 743, ratings, 4.3, out, of, 5, stars

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    #1, 677, in, Earbud, &, In-Ear, Headphones

    Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


    Date First Available

    February, 1, 2012

    8 reviews for 0C118247F2T780 Skullcandy s2ikdz-010 ink’d 2. 0 earphones, purple

    1. T. O’Brien

      These earbud have great sound quality. I use them traveling all the time. The most remarkable thing is that I lost my original pair after one of my flights back in January. I purchased these as replacements. After my last trip I couldn’t find my new pair anywhere. After searching my luggage pockets and giving up hope I thought another place I could look are the cargo pockets in the pants I wore the night of my flight. Sure enough the new earbuds were there and in the other cargo pocket was my original pair. The original earbuds went through at least 10 wash and dryer cycles. I plugged them into my phone and the sound quality was still excellent. That has to be a testament to their quality.Read more

    2. Alucard R. Z.

      I’ve had these for less than 6 months and the left earbud has already stopped working.The wires are rubber and durable, but being durable that way is kind of useless when the connection isn’t working right.The sound quality in general kind of changed from phone to phone as it would with their different audio output specs. However, on some phones, a cheap dollar store headset actually sounded better to me.For working out, these things were difficult for me to even have in just going for walks. Since the wire is rubbery, it snags on everything pretty easily and has a chance to get yanked out of your ear anytime you turn to look at something or adjust to like push up your glasses, etc.I used to love skullcandy headphones back when I was in college, but these don’t seem like the same kind of quality they used to have.Read more

    3. Ch

      I bought these a couple of days back. They came with 2 sets of ear buds. For some reason the ear buds don’t stay in my ears, they keep loosening and then fall out. Not happy at all. Btw, sound quality is good and quality of the material is good and cable don’t tangle. I am planning to reach out to them for exchange for another model.Read more

    4. HaleyStorkel

      so I just received my earbuds in the mail today and for some reason there is an odd electric buzz I keep hearing in my left earbud. I listen to my music pretty loud but I’ve had skull candy earbuds and they can normally withstand how loud my music is. Even on a lower volume I will still hear that buzz come in and out throughout my songs. I listen to music constantly every hour of the day and for me to pay money and get cruddy earbuds before even opening the packet, really disappointed in the seller and company. Its not that I hate skull candy or anything its just that for how well their sound quality is in their products, you’d think they’d be trying to make improvements to making them last longer and not be broken upon arrival. But I gave this review a two star because I still love the sound quality but broken earbuds are never fun, won’t return because its too much of a hassle. Too bad I have to buy another pair of earbuds.Read more

    5. Ryan XJ 9000

      Good for podcasts or audiobooks, NOT FOR MUSIC. There is no bass at all. Very trebly. Also they fit the headphone jack better than my iphone headphones (iphone 6S Plus). My iphone headphones wiggle around and cut in/out constantly, but these fit snugly which is great. 3/5 because I’m glad I can listen to podcasts again, but for music I will just use my bluetooth speaker when cooking or whatever.Read more

    6. J Mattheis

      I’ve owned skull candy headphones and earbuds before and I’ve become attached to them. They are loud, crystal clear, and easy to use and I’ve never had a problem with them falling apart. They tend to be a bit pricey though which means it’s harder for someone on a fixed income like me to afford them. These are everything I’ve come to expect from Skull candy at a reasonable price. I would definitely recommend these if you’re looking for a quality pair of ear buds on a budget.Read more

    7. Bryant Fuehrer

      I really like Skullcandy, so for the price, I don’t mind buying these. They tend to not last as long as the more expensive brands, but with Skullcandy’s warranty and the fact that they’re cheap, they’re perfect for the gym. I’ve gone through about two this year alone, but the sound quality is great. Highly recommend if you’re looking for a cheap pair.Read more

    8. VF

      These earbuds are absolutely horrible. As someone who listens to music more often than not, I’m extremely disappointed in the quality of this product. I’ve owned several pairs of Skullcandy earbuds in the past before, but these are by far the WORST pair I have received. After only a month of use and utmost care, the right earbud stopped producing sound. However, I continued to use them because I didn’t have a replacement pair at the time. A few days ago, the jack popped off of the cord, rendering them useless. I had to throw them away after only two months of having them. Needless to say, I will not be purchasing from Skullcandy EVER again. If you want good headphones, with spectacular quality – both musically and physically – bite the bullet and spend a little more cash on a pair of Sonys or Beats. Trust me, the extra money will pay off in the long run. And to be honest, you probably already spent enough money on buying several pairs of awful earbuds to pay for a better pair.Read more

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