0C1168YW0ZV451 Polk audio ninety-rt three-manner in-ceiling speaker – the vanishing series best for mains, rear or side paintable wafer-thin sheer grille twin band-pass bass ports for low frequencies

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  • hello-fi sound with extensive insurance & deep bass even at low frequencies. Powered via dynamic balance & polk’s dual band-bypass bass ports, the ninety-rt in-ceiling speaker comes with a 3. 25″ midrange motive force, nine” subwoofer & a zero. Seventy five” dome tweeter
  • designed to offset reflective surfaces without a sound distortions, this three-manner driver array produces massive, full-variety performance from a deceptively small in-ceiling speaker that protrudes simplest 0. 3″ from its environment
  • clean to mount and install – ideal healthy templates, a precision flange, (available) pre-production brackets and the patented rotating cam machine make certain at ease, vibration-unfastened installation
  • this in-ceiling loudspeaker vanishes into the ceiling providing you with a clean, clutter-loose appearance, turning into the middle stage of room-filling sound. Paint the wafer-thin sheer grille in any colour you need and it easily blends into your home decor
  • polk’s unwavering commitment, reliability, and craftsmanship has made it one of the most depended on names in home audio. Convey out the satisfactory in surround sound structures and acoustic excellence, so that you can take a seat lower back, loosen up and listen together with your coronary heart!

product description

a large speaker that offers massive sound, but vanishes into your room’s decor. The 90-rt is perfect to be used as stealth mains, rears and side surrounds in a excessive-performance home theater, or for bringing dynamic sound to alternate zones from your primary stereo listening room. Vanishing collection built-in audio system feature our distinctive wafer-thin sheer-grille, a magnetically-secured grille that protrudes handiest 7mm from its surroundings. Sheer-grilles have nearly transparent, extremely-small perfs, and are acoustically inert, for dynamic, unimpeded sound and greater uniform insurance, even in large rooms. These audio system are timbre-matched to polk rti speakers to insure utterly seamless mixing from speaker to speaker in systems that integrate conventional and built-in audio system.


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8 reviews for 0C1168YW0ZV451 Polk audio ninety-rt three-manner in-ceiling speaker – the vanishing series best for mains, rear or side paintable wafer-thin sheer grille twin band-pass bass ports for low frequencies

  1. Alexey S

    Watch out — this speaker is over 9″ tall, and quite heavy. Not for every ceiling, for sure.Read the product description carefully before ordering.Also take care handling it, since the woofer membrane can be touched through the back side.In terms of sound, this is a remarkably detailed speaker, but it is not unambiguously more enjoyable than the more modestly priced Polk Audio MC80.The good — the 90RT’s mid-sized woofer and high-end crossover network produces buttery-smooth, detailed, “present” vocals. In fact, throughout the range, it delivers a consistent level of detail that I have not found in lower-priced speakers, or even many $300+ speakers (with ~10 points of comparison). In addition to winning at detail, the 90RT manages to sound consistently clean across every piece of music I’ve thrown at it.However, and this is why this is a 4-star review primarily — this speaker’s soundstage feels more shallow and narrow than the more common “open” design speakers — I am comparing to the great Polk MC80 and the quite good Micca M-8C. And its bass is certainly less punchy than that of either the MC80 or M-8C.So in short, if you need a hyper-detailed front speaker for an audiophile setup **and** you plan on having a separate subwoofer, this speaker will deliver.On the other hand, if you’d like something that is good for a wide range of music, including dancing, and will stand on its own, check out the Polk Audio MC80 for a better-rounded speaker, or the Micca M-8C for a more budget-friendly choice that still sounds very good.Read more

  2. toddt0606DC

    I was looking for a quality option that would be able to handle my high powered Sony amp and these two cats got it done. I added them as rear recessed surround sound speakers and they have delivered time and time again. If you have the right amp with strong wattage, these things will scream and bring you into any movie or show you are watching. Great Bose alternative and they are super heavy.Read more

  3. Tony Gillies

    After many years, I finally decided to match the speakers in my 7.1 set up. Having Polk RTi A5 as the mains, I decided to purchase a pair of Polk 90RT for the ceiling (70RT were too small to replace current speakers) to replace my old Polk RC60 and reuse my Polk 265RT for the rear, to replace my 25 year old Interdyn speakers. The improvement is far above what I hoped for. The range of these speakers are superb. They match my A5’s beautifully, next step….upgrade the centre to the CSI 6. I consider the purchase of the 90RT as one my best. Movies sound magnificent and concert Blu Ray discs are amazing. Makes me want to relive Farewell 1 from Melbourne again when I get home. Being from Melbourne it is reliving it. The speakers were simple to install, happy with the advice I received, double the thickness of the ceiling plasterboard. These speakers are heavy.Read more

  4. Russ S.

    I have four of these installed in my porch. Overall they are a good in-ceiling speakers. They have the sweet and smooth sound you expect from Polks but lack the detail of Polk Atriums.At first, some of the speakers sounded thin. Turned out the installer accidentally hit the “normal/reflective” button on those. Make sure this button is set properly for best sound. Also, one of the four grilles came slightly warped and kept falling off the speaker. I had to glue it in place. Overall they do the job well.Read more

  5. Magen

    Used these for outside covered patio/porch) . Bought 2 of them. (not sure if they are outside rated 😬)They are quite large (tall!) and heavy, make sure you have enough room. I Only have them on a 50 watt amp, but they sound really good. Full detail-good lows, mid & highs! Even more impressive considering they are outside! Installed they look deceivingly plain, you would never expect to get that much sound from a ceiling speaker!Only thing to complain about would be the magnetic covers. They are weak and kept falling off. I had to add a dab of glue to them to get them to stay put, but other than that I am happy with them.Read more

  6. Jim Dillon

    Fantastic speakers. Very easy to install (see warning) and provide excellent room-filling sound with clarity. They’re not too big and loud for surround speakers while watching TV and movies, and they’ll rock the house when playing music.WARNING: Know where your studs are, where your pipes are, and know the height of the ceiling cavity. I knew 2 of the 3 and had to do some drywall improvisation. PVC wastewater pipe doesn’t give a centimeter. If you cut the holes in the right places these are a breeze to install.Read more

  7. Kenneth W.

    This is possibly the best surround sound speaker I’ve ever owned. The clarity of the highs and solid tone of the mods is perfect.Using a Pioneer Elite Receiver with polk 265-LS front & center channels.Definitely a Best Buy.Read more

  8. Amazon Customer

    Great ceiling speakers. They have great sound, just right if your not going to use a sub like I am. Didn’t want the clutter on the floor. I tried another high end brand and they didn’t have any low tone, probably would have worked with a sub. Overall, I’m loving theseRead more

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