0C115MAHXTL680 Polk audio 265-rt three-manner in-wall speaker – the vanishing collection without difficulty suits in ceiling/wall excessive-performance audio – use in front with electricity port & paintable grille black/white

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  • crystal clean sound with a deeper bass for a real cinematic enjoy. Powered with the aid of dynamic balance, distance toggle & polk’s patented power port generation, the 265-rt in-wall speaker comes with (2) 6. 5″ mid/woofer & a 1″ swivel-mount silk dome tweeter
  • build a excessive-overall performance home theater gadget that promises. Designed to offset reflective surfaces and not using a sound distortions, use this three-manner speaker as left/right audio system or rear surrounds in a 3. 1, 5. 1, 6. 1 or 7. 1 channel device
  • smooth to mount and set up – perfect in shape templates, a precision flange, (to be had) pre-construction brackets and the patented rotating cam gadget make sure comfy, vibration-loose installation
  • this in-wall loudspeaker vanishes into the wall supplying you with a easy, litter-unfastened look, becoming the middle level of room-filling sound. Paint the wafer-skinny sheer grille in any coloration you want and it easily blends into your private home decor
  • polk’s unwavering commitment, reliability, and craftsmanship has made it one of the maximum trusted names in domestic audio. Carry out the great in surround sound systems and acoustic excellence, so that you can take a seat back, loosen up and listen with your heart
  • output wattage: two hundred. 0 watts
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from the producer

powerport bass venting is polk’s patented layout for smoothly transitioning the air waft from the port into your listening region, eliminating turbulence and distortion, for larger, greater efficient, deep bass impact.

vanishing collection built-in audio system characteristic our extraordinary wafer-skinny sheer-grille, a magnetically-secured grille that protrudes most effective 7mm from its surroundings. Sheer-grilles have almost transparent, extremely-small perfs, and are acoustically inert, for dynamic, unimpeded sound and greater uniform coverage, even in larger rooms.

reflective surfaces in rooms could make sound brighter and motive photo distortion. Attractive the vanishing reflective room compensation function (with the aid of selecting the low placing) lowers the tweeter level to atone for reflective surfaces. Vanishing reflective room repayment is a custom audio manipulate that cuts the level simplest in the 4-5khz variety, exactly where reflectivity destroys sound high-quality. Outside this slim 1khz band, the tweeter retains its exact and correct excessive frequency reaction, for no loss of practical musical details.

vanishing collection rt audio system are timbre-matched to polk rti audio system to insure completely seamless mixing from speaker to speaker in systems that integrate traditional and integrated speakers.

easy one-reduce, drop-in set up places built-in audio within attain, with perfect in shape templates, a precision flange, and (to be had) pre-construction brackets; obtain at ease, vibration-free performance with a simple flip of the patented rotating cam device.

if positioning boundaries demand that your loudspeakers be established closer than 2 toes from facet walls, the proximity of the floor can result in a reaction bump between 50 and 200hz. This can create a ‘boomy’ sound. The vanishing wall distance toggle switch is a custom audio manipulate that adjusts the crossover to flatten response and song out boomness, without sacrificing deep bass response, for greater life like sound and more bendy placement.


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7 reviews for 0C115MAHXTL680 Polk audio 265-rt three-manner in-wall speaker – the vanishing collection without difficulty suits in ceiling/wall excessive-performance audio – use in front with electricity port & paintable grille black/white

  1. Lisa McCoy

    I ordered all of the components of my theater system upfront so when I was running wires, cutting holes, etc. I would have everything at my finger tips. I didn’t read that after 30 days you can’t return anything – even if you got a defective product. Given the timeline for most DIY’ers this is too short of a period of time.When I called Polk to see if they would honor their warranty, they refused to send me a new speaker and instead send me some parts and expected to be disassemble and repair.Read more

  2. KJ

    I really love these speakers.I replaced 2 really good Polk tower speakers with these so I could utilize a projector screen in my man cave. I’m using them as my Front L & Front R speakers behind an Amazon purchased Elite Screens audio-transparent screen (model ER100WH1-A1080P3).However, I wouldn’t buy these if you don’t plan on getting a sub.I’ve paired these with a Polk Center Speaker, Polk Sub, 2 Polk RC85i’s as my rears, & 2 Polk RC60i’s in my ceiling.Even though these will be hidden from view, I was amazed at how tight to the wall the actual speaker/cover was. They look amazing. It has an extremely low profile, even less than the other wall/ceiling Polk speakers I have. And the magnet covers are so easy to take off compared to all my other in-wall speakers.Installing them is easy (running the speaker wire can be the tricky part).What you’ll need:Tape measureStud finder (highly recommended)LevelPencilLaser level (optional)Sheetrock saw (can get for like $4 @ a hardware store)*make sure you don’t cut into any electrical, plumbing, cold-air return, etc. I installed these in the only room in my house that has a drop ceiling, so I was lucky and had a better idea of what I was dealing with. Still there are no guarantees you won’t find any surprises until you actually cut the hole.If you’re not comfortable doing this, I would recommend hiring a professional.*make sure to stay 1- 1.5″ away from any stud. You want the tabs to fully install so you get a good hold.Read more

  3. SeeJ333

    The speakers come with the template needed for the perfect size hole and easy layout for your room. The grills are very low profile, attach via magnets, and the grill mesh is very fine with a high-end look. The speakers went in easily and secured to the wall firmly. I used these for my fronts in a 5.1.2 system, matched with the Polk 255crt (center), 65rt (rears), 70rt (ceiling presence) for an ATMOS system.After calibrating my levels I am blown away with the sound! These produce phenomenal clarity in both instruments and voice. The transition from one speaker to the next is perfect, being timbre matched. I couldn’t be happier with the results and I highly recommend these for anyone looking at installing a clean in-wall system.Read more

  4. Orcares

    UPDATE 2:Three years later and still pretty much daily use, these speakers are still performing without issue!UPDATE:A year later with daily use, and these things still sound absolutely amazing behind my acoustically transparent theater screen. If you have any doubts, stop. Just buy three of these and place them all vertically for your L-C-R front soundstage. You won’t regret it!Original Review:These speakers are freaking awesome. I have three of them (L-C-R) all positioned vertically in the wall behind an acoustically-transparent screen in my home theater, and they sound absolutely amazing.Read more

  5. Rigor Mortis

    I’ve owned a pair of Cerwin Vega DX7 since 1998. They were top of the line rated at the time…so I figured they were still top of the line. NOPE!These Polk speakers are so open and spacious. The entire sound stage is almost 3-D now. Wow! Can’t believe what I’ve been missing all of these years. Vocals are spot on crystal clear. Acoustic music sounds great. Electronic music is hit and miss (Metal, Rap, etc). You’ll definitely want a subwoofer.Movies are perfect also. I have 3 of these behind an AT screen.The only downside is, since they use your wall as the enclosure…they aren’t “dialed-in” perfectly. I use the foam plug insert to compensate for this. It essentially becomes an acoustic suspension speaker.Read more

  6. Liz Harris

    We upgraded from a previous cheaper center channel that was failing to catch low frequency dialogue. This Polk speaker did the trick! The install was easy and the speaker is flush to the wall with a magnetic cover that sits firmly in place with the use of 36 tiny magnets built into the outer frame of the speaker. Cover is paintable and we intend on painting the cover to match the wall color in our theater room. We will be purchasing additional speakers to replace our right and left speakers as well. What’s even better is Polk has an upgraded version of this speaker that is the same dimension as this one, so upgrading does not include cutting additional drywall! Polk excelled with this speaker build!Read more

  7. Roman Klimenko

    After a long argument with my wife I finally agreed to get rid of my 20 years old Wharfedale Valdus 400 towers that’re “taking too much space”. If I didn’t compare the sound I would say 265-RT is perfect. Especially given the fact that they are hidden in a wall. But unfortunately when compared to my old towers Polk sounds like Chiwawa against German Shepherd. Again, the sound is crisp and deep enough. Probably very good for the movie theater setup. But now for the first time I will consider having sub-woofer. Farewell my dear Wharfie…Read more

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