0C115IKAFKT154 Pyle white 400 watt out of doors portable wi-fi pa loud speaker machine with rechargeable battery, auxiliary rca jack for ipod, microphone jack, usb / sd reader, wheels gain and dj controls – pcmx265w

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  • effective dj controls: this white transportable sound machine with the aid of pyle functions cue feature to preload songs, pitch selector for smooth song transitioning, reverse feature to reverse songs for cool consequences, and loop characteristic for growing dramatic build ups. Ideal for dj sound and patio celebration
  • supports usb and sd card: this pa stereo is geared up with indicator lighting fixtures and usb flash force and sd reminiscence card readers so you can circulate mp3 tune out of your external gadgets
  • a couple of connectivity: functions 1 1/4” blend xlr/trs jack for balanced microphone, 1 1/4 inch jack for device or microphone, auxiliary rca jacks for external music player like cd participant / ipod and line output you to attach a couple of speakers to the device
  • rechargeable battery: this field type battery powered heavy obligation wireless pa amplifier speaker has a 7ah/12v rechargeable battery which makes it handy and transportable. Best for non-public, commercial, indoor / out of doors use
  • use everywhere inside the international: this unit may be used in the united states, europe, and other compatible countries because it functions a transfer that helps you to trade among 110v-60hz and 220v-50hz. The strength cable is covered and the case has a retractable handle and wheels for clean delivery

product description

the pcmx265w portable pa device from pyle seasoned is an all-in-one dj mixer, pa, and virtual tune participant on wheels. It is best for journeying performers because it’s without difficulty transportable, and plugs into your wall outlet for convenient use. This tool is geared up with 3 sets of enter jacks, so you can sing, play guitar, and pipe in track from your virtual track player all on the same time if you want. The combo xlr-1/4′ jack is perfect for microphones. And the stereo rca ports are well matched with any digital music participant. Plus, each input has its very own independent gain manage. There is extra: it is also prepared with a usb port and sd card slot, so you can pipe in your favourite digital track. Then, use the integrated dj controls which includes cue, opposite, loop, and pitch control to bend the music for your will. The built-in 400-watt speaker is not missing for electricity, either. However if you need a larger sound, use the ¼’ output jack to connect this unit to a bigger speaker or mixer.

functions: * one combination xlr/trs (1/four”) jack for balanced microphone * one 1/4″ jack for instrument or microphone * auxiliary rca jacks for external music player (cd player, ipod) * play mp3 files from sd card or usb stick * without difficulty navigate folders of song using the built-in controls * powerful dj controls, such as cue, reverse, loop (in, out, re-loop), pitch control * every enter has its very own impartial gain control * grasp advantage control * link output to connect with an external speaker via 1/4” jack * height power: 400 w max * popular pole mount: three. 15” depth, 1. Forty” diameter * 110/220 v switchable * dimensions: thirteen. 8” w x sixteen. Nine” h x nine. 64” d * colour: white

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7 reviews for 0C115IKAFKT154 Pyle white 400 watt out of doors portable wi-fi pa loud speaker machine with rechargeable battery, auxiliary rca jack for ipod, microphone jack, usb / sd reader, wheels gain and dj controls – pcmx265w

  1. Mr. Miami Cuddles

    I’ve used this every week day for one year, and it started having a lot of issues after about 6 months. I’ve always kept it plugged in, so I can’t comment on the battery life. It’s convenient to wheel around, and is handsome looking. I started having issues, and I kept thinking it was the microphone or the cable to the microphone. I finally narrowed it down to the PA system. I’ve repurchased microphones and cables twice. The PA system actually looks brand new, and I wish it didn’t have issues.Issues I’ve had1. negatively reacts with any of the Smartboards or Promethean boards while presenting to an audience.2. after 6 months I couldn’t get rid of the static issue. It was annoying because it was louder than my voice at times.3. some may feel that the audio just isn’t loud enough. Depending on your audience, will determine if you should purchase this PA system. It’s fine for a quiet group of 20 people.Praise1. the first 6 months this thing was just awesome. It wasn’t the loudest, but my voice projected very nicely. It also didn’t have any issues reacting negatively to electronic presentation boards.Read more

  2. Nomada

    I had the ION Block Rocker Portable Speaker System with AM/FM Radio by ION Audio before but I sent it to my Mom and bought this Pyle PRO PCM system. Sadly besides the terrible sound quality, the unit failed to charge after only 2 months of use. Though the Pyle Pro Unit is a lot nicer looking and flashier, I would advice you all to go with the ION PA system. The sound was much better and the unit felt very solid.It cost me $60 to ship the unit back. Its been almost two weeks and I still have not heard back from Pyle customer support. Be warned. Meanwhile I have to pay them $15 to ship this unit back to me. Frankly I will prefer they just return my money back to me but we shall see. stay tuned.Read more

  3. Barnaby Wilde

    Bought this for small indoor and outdoor DJ and MC work. Looks like it will meet my needs quite well. As is the case with many China imports, the User’s Manual is poorly written. This is especially true in the area covering the USB/SD instructions. I had to go through a lot of trial and error to figure out its capabilities. I would recommend that Pyle’s tech support review and rewrite the manual. So far, just playing it in the house, the sound quality is better than I expected for such an inexpensive item. Although I don’t expect to do many outdoor events where power is unavailable, I can’t wait to see if the battery life is as long as advertised. Love the portability of the unit and the sound for its size and price.Read more

  4. John Swetnam

    I purchased the PylePro Audio System for my sister who is a professional singer. Along with her TC-Helicon Voicelive Play she is able to have a professional system for small venues. The battery feature is essential in areas that have limited access to power. The flexible input capability is very convenient and reliable. We have used the system at outdoor events as well as indoor events such as funerals and small weddings. I have been completely pleased with the PylePro and highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good portable sound system.Read more

  5. DEO

    The item is very attractive, affordable and, it is believed, will serve well for small to medium size public address needs — for our purpose: community center gatherings (both indor and outdoor, with/without available a/c power). There was one surprise, however, when unpacked, the manual stated that the microphone included had an XLR connector. Upon opening the product, it actually had a 1/4″ connector. While this was not critical to our needs, it might be for some; and, in order to get the most use of the system, an additional purchase of an adaptor was required.Read more

  6. Flame_926

    A bit confusing to look at and instantly understand by an assistant or helpful person at a presentation. The USB reader doesn’t read all music formats so be sure to double check all of your tracks before going anywhere. The handle snapped within the first three months. It’s flimsy in the button area. Overall the battery charge length and sound volume are good.Read more

  7. Baron Berwyn

    This unit works as you’d expect for something this size. It’s not going to knock down any walls, but when our dance troupe performs at local festivals (far from an electrical outlet) we and the audience can hear our music clearly, even with the main stage blasting bluegrass across the park. Tried it with a microphone (Pyle-Pro PDMIC58 Professional Moving Coil Dynamic Handheld Microphone ), which helped for more soft-spoken presenters, but I can usually draw a crowd with my unaided voice. Didn’t have any feedbak problems – stuck the mic rignt in front of the speaker to test hat, and there wasn’t a squeak until it was within a foot.The wheels are good for moving it on sidewalks or indoors, but if you’re taking it across grass you’ll want to use a wagon, and it’s not so heavy it can;t be carried. Haven’t found a practical use for the pitch control — maybe intended for an instrument playing along to recorded background.My chief quibble is with the instruction sheet, which is little more than an illustration of the knobs and buttons with maybe a sentence on their function. You can use it with a USB drive or SD card, but nowhere is the file format specified. I had to experiment to find that it will only work with MP3 files, and if there’s any other kind of file in the folder you won’t be able to scroll past the odd file or access the other folders. Nothing in the instructions about when to twiddle and when to press, or which button selects what files. The display screen takes a while to scroll though the file name, so you’ll want to put the title first. Or better yet, just plug in your iPod.Yesterday when I turned it on, the lights started flashing in a pattern with a *pop* every second. Checked the meager troubleshooting guide, found nothing on that. (Yes, I’ve tried switching it off and switching it back on again, and it’s plugged in and fully charged…Now what?)To summarize, it is what it is. Decent compact portable sound at a fair price.Read more

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