0C1157SF16Z285 Yamaha ns-ic400wh in-ceiling audio system, white

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  • narrow profile design for flush in celling or wall mounting
  • paintable grill and large mounting clamp
  • yamaha original double layer cone for herbal sound tonality
  • grain completed acoustic baffle with spiral pattern for herbal sound dispersion
  • restricted guarantee simplest whilst purchased from a licensed yamaha provider. Advocated utilization: in ceiling the front / surround audio system

product description

product description

an easy-to-installation in-ceiling speaker gadget that has magnetic grilles and excessive sound satisfactory designed to satisfy diverse custom installation necessities.

from the producer

the ns-ic400 4-inch in-ceiling speaker is a low-profile, 2-channel sound replica or home theater use in spaces together with beneath eaves, or in hallways, bathrooms or any small areas wherein 6. 5″ or 8″ speakers are too big. The ns-ic400 makes use of a double-layer cone kind that delivers full-variety sound with herbal tonality. The paintable grille with magnets makes it smooth to connect or dispose of for brief installation. The massive mounting clamp with non-slip tread grips ceilings or partitions firmly for certain installation.

yamaha’s coverage of constantly placing sound excellent first, mixed with a long time of enjoy in producing best speakers, ensures that the sound of these speakers is advanced to that of many different in-ceiling audio system. The ns-ic400 features a yamaha unique double-layer cone that promises very natural sound tonality.

a completely unique ridge-form aluminum middle cap with a stepped speaker surround removes mid-excessive frequency peaks, so the sound is added smoothly and musically.

the ns-ic400 is a totally low profile speaker (four” woofer with 3. 3 inch depth)–almost the identical length as a downlight–so it can be set up nearly everywhere, consisting of below eaves, or in hallways, bathrooms or any small spaces in which 6. 5″ or 8″ audio system are too large. For wider insurance, the ns-ic400 is likewise a good desire. The usage of multiple units of the ns-ic400 is a superb solution for better insurance without any hot spots or useless spots.

the layout of those audio system is very sensible. They’ve a substantial grain-completed acoustic baffle with a spiral sample which makes the sound disperse certainly. The narrow fringe grille will become almost invisible after installation, so it received’t struggle together with your interior decor. A sealed returned cowl protects each speaker unit and crossover from dirt and moisture.

the paintable grille with magnets makes it clean to connect or eliminate for brief installation. The massive mounting clamp with non-slip tread grips ceilings or partitions firmly for certain set up. No need for costly expert set up–the ns-ic400 is an smooth improve to carry higher stereo sound into your present domestic theater setup.

  • speaker kind: full variety open again kind
  • woofer: 4″ double-layered cone
  • voice coil: unmarried
  • frequency response: 95 hz – 40 khz
  • impedance: eight ohms
  • sensitivity: 87 db
  • maximum enter energy: 90 watts
  • speaker terminals: gold-plated, push kind
  • grille: skinny, slim-fringe with magnet catch
  • dimensions: 5-7/8″ x three-three/8″ (diameter x depth)
  • mounting depth: three-1/8″
  • weight: 1. 8 lbs
  • package: pair
  • size_name

    90-Watts, 110-Watts, 140 Watts


    2 Speakers, 4 Speaker Bundle, 6 Speaker Bundle, 2 Speakers + Stereo Receiver, 2 Speakers + Subwoofer, 2 Speakers Bundle

    4 reviews for 0C1157SF16Z285 Yamaha ns-ic400wh in-ceiling audio system, white

    1. RickMA

      I compared these to the Polk. The difference in the build quality is obvious. These also have a reduced visual impact because they have a clever full coverage magnetic grill (Polk has a plastic bezel around the edge which is more noticable). Yahama has also enclosed the electronics so no concerns with insulation dust impacting performance (Polk electronics are exposed). Yamaha uses gold plated high force spring connections (Polk uses cheap tin plated push ins).The sound is clear and crisp on these Yamahas with plenty of punchy depth. These speakers are capable of generating quite a bit of bass which is most notable in the floor above. Upstairs it sounds like a subwoofer when the volume is cranked up. I’ve experienced zero distortion at loud volumes. At the same time the sound quality is not sacrificed at lower background volumes either. I’m also impressed with how efficient these speakers are. They are much louder at the same volume than the theater solutions in ceiling speakers at my last house.A couple of tips for installation. If you are doing a new build get the rough in brackets. Not only do they make the drywall cutouts a breeze but they also distribute the force of the toggle screws across more sheetrock area. I feel this makes a difference in the longevity of the sheetrock with all the vibrations. Get the brackets from HTD for $10 each. They are the best and cheapest you will find and they fit like a glove on these Yamahas.For new build I also recommend building an enclosure in the ceiling with joist sized dimensional lumber. Then stuff with mineral wool insulation to limit noise transmission to the floor above and to smooth out the bass response.Overall I’m very pleased with the Yamahas. It’s a huge difference in sound and build quality from comparably and cheaper priced speakers. I’m sure there is some difference with B&W and other brands selling speakers for $300 each… but I wasn’t willing to spend the time or money to find out.Read more

    2. AoshichanX

      In my previous home, the home theater guy sold me some ARIA IC614 in-ceiling speakers and told me they were fantastic. They were OK but I always felt something was lacking. I paid around $160 per speaker back then.In my new home, I resolved to not cheap out. I decided to get the NSIC800WH 6 speaker set. Could not believe they ended up around only $100 a speaker and I would have a spare to boot.I played some music and I was absolutely shocked that these speakers could actually pump out some bass. There was some thump!Coupled with my Polk subwoofer the sound fills the room very well and is extremely cohesive.Extremely satisfied.Read more

    3. Darren H

      The builders put in speaker wires for two overheads in our media room, so I initially fitted two of these. Then I upgraded to an Atmos 7.2.4 setup, so I bought and fitted four more, leaving the original pair in place. I did this for “future proofing” and because I couldn’t be ahem’d to take the original two out and fix the resulting holes in the ceiling ;-)I found they work best if you can box them in above the sheetrock ( no problem for me as the space above the media room is an attic). Not only does this help reflect sound down into the room, but it stops insulation gumming up the bass drivers and ensures the crossovers have circulating air around them to prevent overheating. Finally, it maintains the fire barrier rating of the ceiling. I made my boxes out of 4 x1/2 inch pine boards and 1/2 inch plywood. No prizes for my cabinet making though!Anyway, so I’ve got six in the media room, four more ready to go into the den. I need two more each for the dining room and master bedroom, four more for the upstairs game room ceiling. So that makes eighteen units already bought or planned.They’re great for HT surround sound, easy to fit, and if you know how to wire speakers in phase, a doddle to wire up. Screw down terminals would have been nicer, but the springs in the spring terminals are good and strong. You can also use banana plugs if you wish.Sound wise muzak service and HT surround, great. Audiophile stereo? No really. But then I wouldn’t presume to compare a pair of $100 to $200 speakers, in ceiling or bookshelf, with $10,000 floorstanders and nor should you.Read more

    4. Kristi C.

      I bought these for our new construction home that we had pre-wired for speakers in several rooms. Installation is easy as other reviewers say. The clamp system to hold the speaker wires made it a simple task to connect to the speakers. I used caution when tightening the tabs that hold the speaker in place, since I had read that other brands easily break. No problems here and the process to secure the speaker in place was better than expected. I try to be handy and usually take longer than most DIYers but I surprised my wife with the small amount of time it took to put these up. The magnetic grill holds strong but is easy to remove and place. It provides a clean look without any logos and since our ceiling is white, there was no need to paint them (which I think you can do). I did a quick set up with the receiver and they sound great. I even had to lower the initial volume level for the receiver because it was so much louder than the set of Sony Floorstanding speakers I previously had. Once I find my microphone, I will go through the optimization process with the receiver and see how it really performs. This was just the family room but I may end up using these speakers for the rest of the house. So far I am happy, but will have to update after these are broken in and optimized.Read more

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