0C1143GPLBH225 Boss audio systems ch4630 car speakers – 250 watts of energy in keeping with pair and 125 watts each, four x 6 inch, full range, three way, offered in pairs, smooth mounting

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  • cone: made from polyurethane, the ch4630 4 x 6 inch automobile audio system provide a resilient and durable cloth that can offer remarkable sound with the advantage of durable speakers
  • voice coil: our voice coils are able to face up to high temperatures yet maintain its power and fatigue homes giving them the gain of longer play instances with lower weights
  • surround: we use rubber in a number of our audio system. It has the potential to undergo much punishment without any signal of harm. It compliments the complete structure of the speaker by way of allowing steady abuse in which it’s far maximum needed, with out the wear and tear
  • tweeter: a piezoelectric tweeter is extra proof against overloads and can be used without a crossover because of its’ electrical property.
  • warranty: boss audio structures gives a powerful 3 year platinum on-line provider guarantee as long as the acquisition is made thru amazon dot com
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piezoelectric tweeters have several blessings over conventional tweeters. They’re proof against overloads that would normally ruin most excessive frequency drivers and that they may be used without a crossover because of their electrical homes. The active detail is basically a chunk of polarized fabric (i. E. A few parts of the molecule are positively charged, at the same time as other components of the molecule are negatively charged).

chaos exxtreme ch4630

just one appearance and you’ll recognize why they’re called chaos exxtreme. The crimson steel poly injection cone promises clean sound while the rubber surround presents clean reaction and durability.

  • complete range 250 watt four” x 6” 3-manner speakers
  • power handling (height): a hundred twenty five watts x 2
  • dimensions: 7. Five” x 5. 4” x three”
  • mounting intensity: 1. Eight”
  • impedance: 4 ohms
  • frequency response: 100hz – 18khz, sensitivity: ninety db @ 1 w/1 m
  • voice coil: 1” high temperature
  • basket structure: stamped
  • polyurethane is classified as a polymer. It is a resilient, flexible and a durable synthetic cloth that allows for max flexibility that produces wonderful sounding speakers lasting you a long term.

    our audio system are capable of better or extended temperature electricity and fatigue residences with a purpose to boom overall performance and performance of heavy obligation play time thru decrease weight and higher operating temperatures.

    impermeable to air, rubber has the potential to bear or resist exposure to the numerous varieties of climate fronts. Rubber has many unique packages. We use it for the surrounds in a a lot of our speakers to attach the cone to the basket.


    3.5" 2-Way, 4" 2-Way, 4" 3-Way, 4" x 10" 3-Way, 4" x 6" 2-Way, 4" x 6" 3-Way

    8 reviews for 0C1143GPLBH225 Boss audio systems ch4630 car speakers – 250 watts of energy in keeping with pair and 125 watts each, four x 6 inch, full range, three way, offered in pairs, smooth mounting

    1. Kyle

      If you’re looking to have some kind of competition stereo, these are not the speakers for you. If you’re like the millions of us out there driving some sub $1000 American land yacht that is still rocking the sun faded stock speakers straight out of 1986, these are your knight in shining armor.Do these produce bass? No.Do they make sound? Yes!Do they sound better than blown? Yes!10/10 would recommendRead more

    2. Rossi

      Been around car audio since I was a teenager (late 1980’s)….and remember the Boss brand was on the lower end of quality. Come 2018 and all I can say is they’ve come along way!!! (normally a Rockford Fosgate and Alpine guy)I purchased 2 sets of 4 inch full range speakers to replace the dash and rear speakers of my Porsche 911 and WOW they sound incredible!!I also purchased some 5 1/4 door speakers for the 911 and love those too!! Car sounds amazing now!!Definitely recommend the seller! Prompt and fast shipping!!Read more

    3. Amazon Customer

      I replaced all of my speakers in my 2001 Chevy Silverado and they were exact replacement size speaker size for the ones that I removed. You can order the frames that they fit in to also fit exactly into the Silverado truck. I just drilled 4 holes per speaker and used self tapping screws. It worked just great for me. The sound was fantastic compared to the only remaining factory speaker that was working when I replaced. Thanks for a great product for such a great price.Read more

    4. DEJAY

      Look are deceiving. Yes they look great made well but the sound isn’t there. I on look y out the 4×6 in because the one I had in were not working properly. And to get to those speakers is not easy so I left them in. I figured I go with the Boss speakers because I have a Boss BV9967B stereo which is great. You know keep it all matching. Very disappointed. I’m not even going to put the door speakers in. Shame on me I should have know better by the cost of them.Read more

    5. Ivan

      I installed in my GMC pick up which was alot of work to get to the old speakers. They sounded great for about 2 weeks until one started to go in and out also making a crackling noise until it went silent then 2 days after that the other one was completely out. Once I checked and saw my connections were solid I saw the problem is the wires that go into the cone. The wires look very cheap and connection is not very durable at all like they say in the description. Very very very disappointing.Read more

    6. Not Sure

      We’re not easy to install, sound quality is terrible and they blew after 2 weeks. Trash.Stock speakers these replaced sounded better and one of those the coil was missing…Read more

    7. Tori Shaw

      The speakers fit perfectly in my 94 Suburban. I did not use the grills it came with as they did not fit well over the stock covers. The screws it came with fit well and easier to install so I discarded the socket stock screws. The speakers sound well for my intended use which is to replace the junk stock speakers that blew. I have an amp and two 12″ kickers so I’m just using these for Mids/vocals. I actually turn my subs off to hear the Boss 4×10’s without my subs and front speakers on. They sounded clear but not are crisped as my front pioneer 4×6 and tweeters. However, they help add balance to provide a surround sound effect to my truck and will provide a better sound for back seat riders rather than hearing the subs just blasting lol. I’m not pushing much bass from my pioneer 50×4 watts head unit so hopefully, the Boss 4×10’s last long. On the downside, I expected better tweeter highs since they are 3-way but overall I would recommend for the price.Read more

    8. PTB

      I installed these speakers in a 94 GMC p/u. As far as the speakers, everything went in perfectly. Getting to that point was a little more difficult (GM issue). Hit the power and sounds great! Much better than stock! Changing the head unit for an upgraded system/tech. New technology, ol Truck! Lovin it!Read more

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