0C113ZQT7U7595 Micca m-8c 2-way in ceiling in wall speaker, 8 inch woofer, 1-inch pivoting silk dome tweeter, nine. 4-inch cutout diameter, each, white

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  • 2-manner in-ceiling speaker, nine. 4-inch cutout diameter, with a excessive tour eight-inch poly woofer and a 1-inch smooth dome tweeter
  • perfect integration between the tweeter and woofer is accomplished via a 6db crossover network
  • easy and herbal sound signature with sturdy bass output for impactful listening enjoy
  • designed for premiere performance in a extensive style of domestic enjoyment programs
  • smooth to install and may be painted to blend into any décor

from the producer

picture indicates speaker with and without grill established. Speaker is sold for my part and now not a pair.

micca home audio merchandise focus on delivering unbeatable value, with each product engineered to offer the most overall performance at a rate factor.

proudly designed within the america, constructed with carefully decided on additives and rigorous design, micca speakers supply great sound high-quality and are properly reviewed by way of owners and critics.

micca m-8c 2-manner in-ceiling speaker

the m-8c is a 2-manner in-wall speaker with a excessive tour 8 inch poly woofer and a 1 inch smooth dome tweeter. This combination provides the maximum flexibility in phrases of configuration and suitability to distinctive styles of audio tastes. From providing comfy historical past tune to a excessive impact multi-channel domestic theater system, the m-8c is constructed with cautiously decided on components and rigorous design to supply first rate price and performance.

simple to install and paintable to fit existing wall shade, the m-8c is a perfect way to add high best sound to a room without taking up any additional area.

  • carefully selected additives and rigorous design yields notable overall performance
  • easy to put in with basic hand gear and paintable to fit any decor
  • available models in extraordinary configurations and dimensions for a flexible and complete home audio answer
  • similarly to smooth and natural vocals, the eight inch woofer is able to strong bass output, allowing the m-8c for use without the need for a subwoofer in lots of packages.

    the 1-inch silk dome tweeter generates plentiful detail and readability, projecting a strong and focused photograph for all sources. Pivoting design way the tweeter can be aimed for a spacious sound stage.

    perfect integration among the tweeter and woofer is achieved via a 6db crossover network that ensures coherent transition within the vital top midrange vicinity.

    use the included template to mark and cut the mounting hollow with a drywall knife. Integrated mounting tabs make set up a breeze. Requiring best a screw driver, the mounting tabs securely snatch onto surrounding drywall.

    micca speaker sizes of “eight-inch”, “6. Five-inch”, and “5. 25-inch” are primarily based on enterprise fashionable exercise of approximate woofer size. Please do no longer depend on this size to determine if the speaker will healthy a install place.

    to pick the proper speaker size on your mission, please refer to the product dimensions, wall cutout dimensions, and mounting depth indexed inside the table above.

    the m-8c and m-6c shares common additives and design with different m-collection in-wall/in-ceiling speakers, making for a perfect tonal healthy while blended and matched. For a given set up vicinity, it’s miles usually encouraged to put in the largest m-collection speaker model with a view to suit. Doing so offers the fullest sound and best performance at all playback degrees. Where large m-8s and m-8c speakers will now not in shape, the smaller m-6s and m-6c speakers may be used instead. The m-8c/m-6c can be hooked up in-ceiling or vertically in-wall in situations in which the square m-8s/m-6c fashions do now not fit.


    6.5-Inch In-Ceiling, 6.5-Inch In-Wall, 8-Inch In-Ceiling, 8-Inch In-Wall, MTM In-Wall

    3 reviews for 0C113ZQT7U7595 Micca m-8c 2-way in ceiling in wall speaker, 8 inch woofer, 1-inch pivoting silk dome tweeter, nine. 4-inch cutout diameter, each, white

    1. Cornelius Qualley

      Let me start by saying that I own a production company and have (and have used) a LOT of very high end audio equipment. When it comes to high output production sound systems, the quality of the speakers makes a huge difference, especially when you’re talking about running your speakers at or near their maximum rated power. Home theater systems (which is what I’ll be talking about here) are an entirely different story! Here are a few tips, as well as how these speakers perform:(1) Power handling for home theater speakers really isn’t that important. There are so many other factors related to “loudness” other than how many watts a speaker can handle. The fact of the matter is, most people will never come close to the maximum rater power of a home theater speaker and most will be more than sufficient for home theatre applications. These speakers are no exception. They’re plenty loud, I’ve not even come close to running them near their maximum rated power and they handle it with no problem.(2) Nearly every in-wall speaker is going to provide better overall sound than a typical sound bar. Of course, there may be exceptions in the very high price range. But, when you’re talking about anything in relatively the same price range, in-wall speakers are always going to win out. Why? Simply put, because they’re bigger. No, bigger isn’t always better, but when it comes to low end frequency response (a.k.a. bass), larger speakers are always going to outperform smaller speakers. These are no exception, nice large woofers for good low end response.(3) The larger 5.25″ woofers in the center channel helps, you’ll be pleased with the sound! The larger woofers in this center channel (vs. a smaller drivers or a sound bar) will simply produce more low end. We’re not talking subwoofer frequencies, but more kick and punch than you’ll find in a smaller woofer. These have nice low end response and sound really great.(4) In-wall is worth the time effort. I really debated doing in-wall speakers in my most recent renovation, I kept thinking about a sound bar because of the simplicity. But, I’m REALLY glad I changed my mind. The sound from these speakers is so far superior to my sound bar it’s ridiculous. What’s more, I was able to keep them out of reach of the kids and free up a little more room (and paint the grills to match).(5) Buy an affordable speaker and save your money for something that matters. Yes, there are tons of speaker options and price ranges. In the end, buying a more affordable speaker (like these) will leave you with a lot of extra cash and still have a great sounding system.I’m really happy with these speakers, they sound great, install nicely, and are super affordable. I’m very happy with my purchase.Read more

    2. John

      I ordered these speakers because of the glowing reviews and prices i am lucky enough to live in a single story home where its very easy to move in the attic. Installation was hell because of the fireblock in the wall to fish my cables down but the template that came with the speakers were spot on and can even be cut out more to fit inside the speaker so you can paint the exterior which is very thoughtful. I have them setup in a 5.1.2 setup utilizing Atmos with my LG Oled and Onkyo 676 and it blows me away how clear they are. The firefight scene in Afghanistan on Netflix’s punisher literally had me ducking. They are huge but that is in the description, the construction is great on the housing and the tabs are just like cut in electrical boxes but no where near as cheap. Great product, highly recommend, and very well packaged.Read more

    3. TMF

      Just installed four of these as my front/rear surround sound speakers. The in-wall installation is straightforward and once you get over the initial “OMG there’s a hole in the drywall I have to cut perfectly ” attack you’ll see they are pretty forgiving in terms of installation. My speakers are mounted in a wall that has the back side accessible through my attic. It helped that I was able to see the stud spacing which wasn’t always 16″ on center. I was also removing the existing speaker jacks and mounting blocks that were installed when the house was built.I used a combination of drywall tabs that are provided with the speakers and the tip provided by a reviewer that used a 1 x 2 screwed to the 2 x 4 stud and then replaced the drywall tabs with a #8 x 3 fine thread drywall screw. (this sounds convoluted but search the reviews and you’ll see his technique complete with pictures).There was existing 12 AWG copper wiring run to each of the speaker locations so that was a real plus in getting the best performance with minimal losses. Nice! I will be adding an enclosure over the back of each speaker since I can easily get to them through the attic. I think it will help with bass performance although they are not bad now with a response down to 40 Hz.I couldn’t be happier with the sound quality and the ability to handle a lot of power. These things will hurt your ears. I have them coupled with an Energy Take 5.2 center channel speaker and a Sony STRDA2-ES receiver right now. I will be installing a Micca center channel speaker when I get the new TV and new furniture.For the money about $200 or so for four speakers I couldn’t be happier!Update March 19th 2018: I added my Energy Take 8.2 subwoofer to the system and ran wiring back to the receiver. Then I spent a couple of well invested hours understanding how to setup my surround sound speakers correctly and tune them using the settings on my receiver. Wow what a difference. My wife didn’t care for the sound when I first installed them but after tuning for distance, speaker size, crossover Hz, etc. the speakers sound amazing. The subwoofer really beefs up the bottom end without sounding boomy and the clarity of the system is just amazing. My idea of upgrading my receiver just got scrubbed! I’ll use the money toward the TV purchase.Read more

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