0C113VM5ABZ641 Indoor / out of doors pa horn speaker – 8. 1” portable pa speaker with 8 ohms impedance & 50 watts peak power – mounting bracket & hardware included – pyle phsp8k

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  • clear & loud sound: this heavy duty pa speaker is an ideal tool if you want to make your voice or song louder. It functions eight ohms impedance & 103bd output, making it ideal for out of doors & indoor spaces
  • brilliant frequency response: efficient enough to reap your desired response, this 8. 1” electricity horn can enlarge up to 400 hz – 6 khz
  • 50-watt electricity score: increase your sound with readability with this heavy obligation pa speaker gadget. It produces powerful 50 watt sound that is enough to attain your favored loudness
  • heavy duty speaker: the 8. 1 inch abs horn is made of aluminum cloth to ensure durability. The durable housing ensures exact performance and functionality in spite of any climate circumstance
  • mounting bracket protected: mounting bracket & hardware are covered to make set up less complicated. The strength horn handiest weighs 2. 69 lbs & measures 8. 1” h x eight. 1” w x 7. 9” d
  • aluminum housing – mounting bracket & hardware included
  • electricity/load rating: 50 watts – dimensions: eight. 1” h x 8. 1” w x 7. 9” d
  • nominal impedance: 8 ohms – colour: white
  • frequency variety: 400 hz – 6 khz
  • spl(@ 1w/1m): 103db

product description

eight. 1” indoor / outdoor pa horn speaker

8. 1” indoor / outside 50 watt pa horn speaker

  • aluminum housing
  • electricity/load score: 50 watts
  • nominal impedance: 8 ohms
  • frequency range: 400 hz – 6 khz
  • spl(@ 1w/1m): 103db
  • mounting bracket & hardware included
  • dimensions: 8. 1” h x eight. 1” w x 7. 9” d
  • the pyle eight. 1” -inch pa horn speaker is used for indoor / out of doors sound projection. Excessive-powered 50 watt speaker output affords clear audio alert and notification through related speaker receiver systems. Integrated mounting bracket for customary wall-mount set up. Used for home, office and business applications.


    6.3-Inch, 8.1-Inch

    8 reviews for 0C113VM5ABZ641 Indoor / out of doors pa horn speaker – 8. 1” portable pa speaker with 8 ohms impedance & 50 watts peak power – mounting bracket & hardware included – pyle phsp8k

    1. Nick Carrigan

      Simple to install and its construction is of very high quality. The components are weather-resistant. Despite the weight, the aluminum body adds to its strength and probably its longevity over the next few years.When mounting, I recommend using stock bolts if at all possible. I was lucky to find one bolt inside the engine compartment. After removing this bolt (a zero-day bolt) I cleaned it thoroughly with a degreaser and allowed it to dry completely. I then slathered on a thick coating of red Loctite so that it won’t move under vibration.As another user stated, the Pyle horns have “PA” audio-quality. This means that the mids and highs are focused rather than the lows — so there’s virtually no bass; however, despite it’s small size (6″) it still can put out serious volume given the proper radio and/or amplifier.Very nice add-on piece to my Kenwood VHF mobile radio. Even at maximum volume there’s zero distortion.Read more

    2. Darrell G.

      Good Sound Quality. I use if for my PA System and it’s really loud with no distortion. The product came in a rag-tag box with a few dents here and there. Where I’m using it you will never see it so I’m satisfied with it. As long as it works, I’m OK.Read more

    3. Matt S.

      I purchased two of these speakers to build a DIY electronic game caller similar to the commercially-available FoxPro units. I am very happy with the result.PROS:- The output is VERY loud, if you supply the correct wattage from an amplifier.- These speakers are made of coated metal and look to be very weather-durable.- The speaker comes pre-wired with a positive and negative lead (approximately 12″) which makes connections easy for most small projects.- The mounting bracket is very durable as well, and the angle of the speaker in the bracket is adjustable.CONS:- If you’re trying to build something to play music, this may not be the best option. These speakers don’t seem to be designed for playing music, as I don’t think they have a very full audio range. They do handle speech and animal sounds without issue, but music sounds a little flat.- As they are made of metal, they’re a bit heavy, but not so much as to be problematic.OVERALL:- Very good quality, especially for the price.- Would recommend for any type of PA-speaker type project.Read more

    4. Dan Dailey

      Put on truck for PA from CB. Love it!Read more

    5. Guy K

      Nice and loud.Read more

    6. thadius carter

      Mounting bracket broken, just poorly manufactured all around.Read more

    7. N.E.C. Inc.

      When i use the pa on my cb, i have to speak a little slower than my normal speed, or else its hard to understand this speaker, but it’s not like you hold a long conversation with them. For the price, they are a great deal, would buy again!Read more

    8. David K. Banker

      OK for some applications, but virtually no base at all. It does not seem to do anything below what I would guess as maybe 500 hz.Read more

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