0C113KUF1X5487 Polk audio mc80 2-way in-ceiling 8″ speaker (unmarried) built-in best for humid indoor/enclosed areas lavatories, kitchens, patios,white

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  • experience dynamic built-in sound with the in-ceiling mc80 speaker, ideal for multi-quarter audio systems. Precision tuned to create splendid ambient acoustic performances with terrific element and natural musicality, even at low extent
  • ready with dynamic stability generation & advanced additives – a eight” midrange and zero. Seventy five” purpose-geared up swivel tweeter offer smooth, huge-variety reaction and clear, certain highs, ensuring a uniform sound insurance in large rooms too
  • concentrate in your favourite tune in any indoor or enclosed space including a toilet, kitchen, sunroom, or a covered porch with the speaker’s moisture-resistant layout providing rustproof chrome steel hardware and sturdy butyl rubber surrounds
  • easy setup – clean one-cut, drop-in set up with best suit templates, a precision flange, pre-construction brackets (offered one by one), and rotating cams to relaxed the speaker and ensure vibration-loose efficiency with none greater assembly
  • polk’s unwavering dedication, reliability, and craftsmanship has made it one of the maximum relied on names in home audio. Bring out the great in surround sound structures and acoustic excellence, so that you can take a seat returned, loosen up and concentrate together with your heart!

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enjoy rich, engaging sound from speakers that disappear into your room. Polk’s mc80 speaker installs flush for your ceiling for a graceful, attractive appearance. The 3/four” tweeter lets you aim the excessive frequencies for the clearest sound for your room. The 8″ woofer provides smooth bass and mid-bass. In particular tuned for splendid ambient overall performance, with high-quality element and herbal musicality, even at low extent. The mc80 is right for multi-area audio structures and offers more uniform sound coverage even in larger rooms. And this speaker’s moisture-resistant design means you could enjoy it for your kitchen, toilet, or maybe outside, mounted beneath the eaves.

Product Dimensions

10.6, x, 4.2, x, 10.6, inches

Item Weight

3.5, pounds





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4.7, out, of, 5, stars, 268, ratings, 4.7, out, of, 5, stars

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#12, 559, in, Electronics, (See, Top, 100, in, Electronics), #21, in, Surround, Sound, Systems

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February, 15, 2010

7 reviews for 0C113KUF1X5487 Polk audio mc80 2-way in-ceiling 8″ speaker (unmarried) built-in best for humid indoor/enclosed areas lavatories, kitchens, patios,white

  1. Jose C

    Received on right time and package was well protected. Quality is good. Value for money spend. Its my 2nd year I have been using this. No issues so far. I do recommend this sincerely. Appreciate much if you could provide a response if you feel this review is helpful. I’m trying to be honest in my review.Read more


    I actually have put five MC80’s in my family room ceiling and the sound is fantastic! Crisp clear high and low tones and I do not believe that there is a need for a sub woofer IMHO. Listening to the start of the BRDVD Transformers “Revenge of the fallen” is breath taking; absolutely the right thing to do in my opinion. The ability to move the Tweeters 15 degrees and have the tweeters point (directional) to the correct location between two sofa’s in our family room is great for flexibility. I use a Sony receiver STR-DN1030 which allowed for higher DB based on each speaker which allowed for even more control and satisfaction with the sound produced by these speakers. Everyone who has heard my setup are totally blown away with the clarity and sound.BR DVD Amadeus sound (Orchestral movie) through to high end action HD TV programs and BR DVD’s is outstanding!•Frequency response 50-20,000 Hz (-3dB)•3/4″ aimable silk dome tweeter•8″ Dynamic Balance® woofer•Handles up to 100 wattsRead more

  3. Francois P.

    Dolby Atmos adds a new dimension to movie sound and these speakers are a nice way to showcase that sound. Since we were building a new home, we bought the Polk-recommended fixtures for this speaker model and nailed them to the ceiling beams before the dry-wall was put on. Attaching the speakers to the fixtures was easy using the built-in fixture attachment.Read more

  4. bbman

    I bought 5 for my Onkyo 5.1 surround receiver to replaced my Boston acoustic speakers(still using the powered sub).I did not put them in the ceiling but built my own speakers boxes integrated into some custom Furnature I designed out of popalar.Works great as a bookshelf speaker…made a wood box with an integrated speaker for the wood stove….an eight ft behind the couch rolling cabinet with 2 integrated pop up speakers and a low profile center speaker behind the wood stove. Covid 19 gave me the time….stay safe and busy1. Versatile2. Great price for the sound3. They crankRead more

  5. Amazon Customer

    Installed this in my ceiling i tried a couple of different ways to modify the sound/increase the bass produced using insulation. First, i stuffed Denim insulation in between the floor joists to create a complete seal about a foot from either side of the cutuot for the speaker. This didn’t seem to change the sound. Then i formed a seal with insulation on the sides, and above the speaker. This also didn’t seem to change the sound. The sound quality is excellent. This speaker is very loud and very clear up to any volume that i could imagine a person wanting to listen to. If turned up, this speaker alone will shake the entire floor above the speaker. My daughter commented that she could feel it in her feet even with her feet off the ground. I think it would probably have a decent amount of bass if installed in a wall, with the wall providing a complete sealed enclosure.I installed this as a rear center and installed two Polk MC65s for side surrounds. The MC80 is definitely louder and has more bass, but none of them have a nice full bass sound when installed in the ceiling. I had to turn the MC80 volume down on my receiver setup due to too much noise upstairs when this speaker was at the same level as the other speakers – the MC65s don’t penetrate the ceiling floor as much. I have actual polk bookshelfs installed as the front speakers, and a subwoofer, so for the complete setup, the sound is very good. The surround speakers do what they are supposed to and voice match the other polk speakers. Voices sound like you are hearing them live in concert from both the MC65s and MC80s, however if i hadn’t already bought the MC65s i would have bought all MC80s after hearing the slightly fuller sound they produce.Read more

  6. James Craig

    Good sounding speaker for the affordable price. Even painted, the grill appears very gray against a white ceiling, but if you’re particular about it, installing some sonically neutral white fabric behind the grill might improve the color a bit.FYI the rim is branded “Polk Audio” which looks a little tacky in my opinion (this brand is not on the cheaper, shallower RC80), but it isn’t too noticeable on high ceilings. Noting in my photo here because the main product photo doesn’t show it very well. I didn’t notice til I opened the box.Read more

  7. SixString

    These are awesome! I mounted them in the living room ceiling for music and to also complete the surround sound system. The mountings are included and the actual mounting installation is easy. For me it was the preparation that took a while. I needed to figure out where exactly to mount them, the separation, which way were the ceiling joists running, at which points to cut into the ceiling and wall to minimize holes and patching, how much cabling was needed, etc. I did have to rent a hammer drill and I bought a 54″ extension for my drill bit. (ended up getting the extension for free- I returned it because it snapped in half right when I was finishing the last hole).It was definitely a weekend project. That included, cutting through ceiling and wall, drilling through a few joists, running the speaker cable through the ceiling and down the inside of the wall to the receiver, mounting the speakers, patching the wallboard and some touch up painting and I also did the project solo, but if you’re handy and plan it well it shouldn’t be a problem. I spent the extra cash and purchased premium speaker cable too. I mean if you’re going to go through all that work why cheap out on the cable? All said and done it was a project I was very proud of. 🙂 You know its good when even a couple years later you still stop and go “Wow, these sound great!”. Anyways, they fill the room with sound and along with 2 front, one center and sub Polk’s that we have it really completes the surround sound experience and music sounds awesome too. Once in a while we’ll really crank these babies up and they handle everything we can throw at it.Read more

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